Pettine says he’s still gathering information on Manziel report


With Browns coach Mike Pettine likely soon to be out of Cleveland, he may never have to deal with the report that quarterback Johnny Manziel was in Las Vegas on Saturday.

“I don’t know,” Pettine told reporters as to whether Manziel was in Las Vegas. “I wasn’t. To me, when guys are — we have a protocol for them if they’re inactive. I don’t have all of the information on that yet, but my biggest concern was the guys that we’re going to be out there today getting prepared for the Steelers.”

What if it turned out that Manziel was in Vegas?

“Let me gather the information on it,” Pettine said. “It would be disappointing. I’ll leave it at that: Disappointing.”

It’ll be especially disappointing given that Manziel apparently tried to cover his tracks with a social-media post that created the impression he was in Cleveland. It’s similar to the deception Manziel apparently used when a video emerged during the bye week of Manziel partying in Texas; he reportedly lied to the team about when the video was generated, and he also reportedly recruited others to support his chicanery.

Pettine has far bigger fish to fry, especially since his goose is likely about to be cooked. But Manziel by all appearances is trying to get out of Cleveland. Soon, both Pettine and Manziel may be.

50 responses to “Pettine says he’s still gathering information on Manziel report

  1. if Pettine wasn’t so concerned about Manziel’s social life and just played him all year he would probably still have a job!

  2. I get the feeling that Pettine has wanted to try to get Manziel either to grow up and be a professional all season and has been undermined by the higher ups.

  3. I think Cleveland needs to get rid of its baggage and start fresh it’s obvious Manziel wants out so just let him go to Dallas he does nothing but stir up negative publicity. Go draft someone and bring in a bridge qb or start McCown and rebuild. Manziel obviously has showed he’s not dedicated to helping them win so get rid of him.

  4. spittake1 says:
    Jan 3, 2016 6:50 PM

    What the hell does it matter to him, he’s about to be fired.

    See, to me, this is a reason why Pettine should get considered for work elsewhere, if not as a head coach. He’s been hearing for weeks how he’s going to get fired, for the past few days it’s been all but official… hell, the GM got canned this morning. He knows what’s coming. But he’s still doing his job all the way until he gets the official call into Haslam’s office, treating it as if he’s still running this team long term. To me, that’s a good sign- the kind of dedication that other teams should pay attention to for job openings in the future.

    Really, best thing that could happen to Pettine at this point is getting as far away from Cleveland, Haslam, and Manziel as he possibly can.

  5. This kid is a self entitled dope how do you do anything like that knowing the amount of scrutiny you’re under. Maybe he’s doing this to get shipped to Dallas making it easier to cut ties bc this doesn’t make any sense at all.

  6. If Manziel really was in Vegas how is it possible not one picture of him has shown up on Twitter or InstaFace?

  7. The Cleveland Clowns. Owner is a clown. GM is a clown. Head coach is a clown. QB is a clown.

    What do you expect when you have a bunch of clowns in an NFL organization… a clown circus.

  8. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Johnny Football had a lookalike and it was actually that guy impersonating Johnny at all these parties to cash in on the comps and chicks?

    But nah… no way would God make two guys who look that goofy.

  9. Old news is old. NFL Network (Andrew Siciliano) already reporting Pettine is fired. Let the next Browns coach worry about Johnny Affluenza.

  10. Is it too late. book johnny on Celebrity Rehab? Or is Intervention still on? What a waste.

  11. “If Manziel really was in Vegas how is it possible not one picture of him has shown up on Twitter or InstaFace?”
    1. no pictures allowed in the Casino
    2. no one cares about the town drunk anymore.

  12. Attn Browns administration: do you know how to determine if an addict is lying? Their lips are moving. Manziel, if guilty, is clearly an addict who doesn’t know he reached rock bottom long ago.

  13. Jimmy doesn’t want anymore bad PR for the organization or the guy the homeless man said to draft. SO because he wants to save face, Coach will be canned before anything is really found out.

  14. Hu3m4n says:
    Jan 3, 2016 7:06 PM

    Maziel won’t be in the NFL next year.


    Hahahaha…arm chair expert at its best

  15. You Cleveland fans are crazy. You have a coach who wants discipline in his players and the owner want screw up.

    What coach would want to coach in that pile of crap? You just lost a guy who was fixing the revolving door of chaos.

    Hope next in the 2017 year that you’ll be happier with a number 1 vs the 2016 number 2

  16. What – couldn’t wait 48 hours for the season to end to start the party season?

    Might as well face it – Johnny is an adult intent upon impersonating a child for as long as he can get away with it. Next year he’ll once again prove to be fairly worthless – impersonating a first year player for the third year in a row.

    He won’t take the game seriously, and he won’t work on improving his craft – and although I’m not a Brown’s fan – I’m pretty sure Cleveland deserves better.

    With the second pick in the draft, the Browns might as well invest in a franchise quarterback – Manziel is not going to be the answer.

    Perhaps their idiot owner can finally hire a good personnel man … who can then hire a quality head coach – who will hire a quality coaching staff – and let them do their jobs.

    Haslam should concentrate on cheerleading from the owner’s booth – and trying to stay out of prison.

  17. It’s always weird when Florio goes for cheap laughs when reading between the lines its obvious the guy knows he’s about to get fired and doesn’t care anymore. Say what you will, his players played hard for him right til the end.

  18. Not his problem anymore, let the next guy so desperate to be a head coach in the NFL that he would be a part of this dumpster fire of an organization worry about it.

  19. The reason he made this comment? He’s a professional, and his job is his job until it isn’t.

    Something Manziel never learned, which cost his HC, and GM their jobs.

  20. It’ll be especially disappointing given that Manziel apparently tried to cover his tracks with a social-media post that created the impression he was in Cleveland.

    Johnny l33t haxor

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