Report: Eagles to pursue Sean Payton if he’s available

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Saints coach Sean Payton is meeting with General Manager Mickey Loomis tomorrow, and he’s going into it with at least one suitor.

According to Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News, the Eagles plan to pursue Payton if he becomes available Monday.

Of course, the hypothetical price of a second-round pick was floated in the initial report of the Payton-Loomis meeting by FOX’s Jay Glazer.

The problem the Eagles might have is they don’t have one, having sent it to St. Louis for a Sam Bradford rental.

Whether that lack of pick is a deal-breaker remains to be seen. The Eagles have already interviewed running backs coach Duce Staley (satisfying the Rooney Rule), so they could ostensibly make a move at any point. Owner Jeffrey Lurie mentioned the importance of getting a head start when he fired Chip Kelly a week ago, so this one could be moving quickly.

56 responses to “Report: Eagles to pursue Sean Payton if he’s available

  1. Well yeah the instant Payton comes on the market he is the big get and everyone else is a consolation prize. Assuming you want to give up the pick (s) of course.

  2. If they think he’s ‘the coach’ a second round pick is well worth it. The Saints may not want to wait a year for the 2nd round pick though.

  3. Just what Philly needs to improve that defense…another head coach whose defenses consistently ranked anywhere from #30 -#32 in the league!

  4. The trolls sound nervous. Funny how I couldn’t find nohopeleft on the Giants eagles article.

  5. Please, sweet-baby-jesus make this happen. This has been my dream signing since Tuesday. And what if Brees comes with him? Holy moly!

  6. Dallasux – we don’t fear you. If you haven’t noticed, both of our teams are the division bottom feeders now.

  7. Payton and Bradford would have interesting potential. Hiring Payton would also require getting a very good GM who can build a strong defense.

  8. Anyone else find it interesting that Chip Kelly is on the market (and has been for 5 days) and isn’t the “Big Name Guy” that people will be/are going after? That says a lot in my opinion.

  9. I prefer defensive coaches because that’s where my teams (Pittsburgh and Alabama) have found their greatest success. Otherwise, I’d run after Payton. He’s a great motivator, offensive strategist, and QB coach. He hasn’t fully recovered his footing in New Orleans since his suspension, but with a fresh start, he’ll most likely deliver. He knows the division from previous coaching gigs with the Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys. I’d certainly take a Super Bowl-winner over someone like Chip Kelly any day.

  10. If Sean leaves, anybody that thinks a 2nd round pick is gonna cut it is on crack! That 2nd round pick along with the Doug Marrone rumor makes me want to barf!! I personally don’t think he’s gone anywhere! But if he does, it’s gonna cost a whole lot more then a 2nd rounder!!

  11. autoriot

    Exactly true. With all the hype of how great he was, you think his agent would be dropping stories left and right about certain teams picking him up. Good observation.

  12. It’s the Eagles so no although Byron Maxwell would probably remind him of the Saints secondary…he’s probably headed to Miami nicer weather…better qb….and already has a pretty good defensive line…and an owner that would probably be nutty enough to give him full control some Jeffrey Lurie probably wouldn’t give to any coach at this point

  13. I don’t see it lining up with Payton.

    The Eagles certainly won’t give up their 1st round pick to get him, although they do have two 3rd round selections and two 4th round selections.

    Neither of those will interest the Saints, and quite frankly other coach-needy teams (49ers/possibly Colts) could offer more compensation. This seems like someone leaking the story who wants to continue increasing the interest level in Payton.

    The Eagles also need a coach that has a history on the defensive side of the ball. That’s where they have the ground work laid to assemble an elite unit.

    I’m hoping that Sean McDermott gets an interview. We will see.

  14. Definitely should go with Duce.. that way when he’s fired next January, the headlines can read “Eagles drop the Duce”.

  15. I am for Payton if he gets a legit DC to come in also. He has always been a great HC and gets the most out of his players.

    Id prefer Holmgren, Cowher, Payton as my top 3 preferences as a lifelong Eagles fan.

  16. Sean Payton: “Eagles don’t have a QB, unless I’m allowed to bring Drew [Brees] with me for a hefty price (snicker).”

  17. First off, the Saints are not going to get rid of Sean Payton. Second, if they did, it would be at least a 1st round pick and likely would take that plus another pick (2nd or 3rd), Anyone that thinks that the Saints would let him go for just a 2nd round pick is crazy.

  18. Panther pro- his last name is Payton. Go to Dallas and replace Garrett, who is terrible. I’m 3rd generation San Franciscan, the Niners getting him would be cool with Brees, but as a Dallas fan it would be awesome if he chose the Cowboys

  19. roddoliver says:
    Jan 3, 2016 10:48 PM
    They would pursue Andy Reid if he were available.


    Dear god, please stop with the Andy Reid comments. People who keep mentioning Andy Reid are neither original, nor funny.

    I’d rather give McDermott a shot than pursue Payton.

  20. @eagleswin: agreed on Reid. People forget so quickly what a depressed, stagnant mess he had become by the time Lurie put him out of his misery in Philly. He needed a change, a fresh start. It was time to move on from Philly, and it was time for Philly to move on from him. If he doesn’t land with a team that has Dontari Poe, Justin Houston, and Eric Berry on D, we’re all singing a different tune about him, anyway.

  21. pantherpro says:
    Jan 3, 2016 10:28 PM
    Come to SF Peyton. Philly is a dump!


    Go to SF? What so he can get murdered in the parking lot?

  22. Eagles are the best job available, but I’d rather have a Defensive coach. Just so glad Chip got canned and hopefully he takes all the garbage duck players and fans with him.

  23. saints have opened the door; they want to clean house; brees with 20mm cap hit next yr is the next to go; benson’s wife is running the show now

    if i was nawlins, i’d take a # 2 for sean and run and then release brees

  24. Adam Gase or Sean McDermott with A STRONG Head of Personelcalling ALL THE SHOTS!!! Lurie has his little little jailhouse snitch Roseman always there to undermine every person in the building. Lurie doesn’t trust himself without an inside man giving him the inside scoop. Problem is Roseman lies and is incompetent. Can’t win the big game that way.

  25. After being an Eagles fan for 60+ years I think a lot of my fellow Eagles Fans are delusional. Sean Peyton will NOT come to Philly.. nor will any other quality coach .. Lurie poisoned himself with his behavior and worse with his keeping the biggest cancer in the franchise HOWIE. Maybe after Howie is gone.. but in the meanwhile get used to being the East Coast Version of this years San Francisco 49’er. Lurie and management disgust me and a lot of other fans. Forget a Super Bowl.. we will be lucky to get into the playoffs before 2020. Sad but true and it makes me sick to my stomach.

  26. Don’t understand giving compensation for a coach. Only thing that separates good coaches from great coaches is talent. Andy Reid was a QB coach he did pretty good. Do you really think Bill Belichick is who he is without Brady. Tony Dungy, Bill Cowher, Sean Payton without talent their nothing special. Look at Payton now. Give me a good personnel guy and let him pick his coach.

  27. I love how smug the “Eagles should kept Reid” geniuses are. The same Andy Reid that made the OL coach defensive coordinator. The same Andy Reid that lost 11 of his last 12 games as Eagles coach, and they were a disaster. The same Andy Reid that threw numerous people under the bus to cover for his ineptness. The only mistake Lurie made was not firing Reid a year earlier.

    The Chiefs 10-game winning streak doesn’t all of a sudden change history and make Andy Reid a better Eagles coach than he was. And we will see how smug people are when Reid is outcoached in the playoffs yet again.

  28. Saints fans are delusional in the picks they think they will get for Payton. If the Saints want to move on, teams will simply wait for them to release him. I don’t see you getting more than a 3rd round pick, if that.

  29. Dream on Eagles fans. To even hear any talk of Payton leaving new Orleans is laughable. You have no idea how much he means to the city and the saints organization and fans. He is not going anywhere. It would be like us talking about getting JJ Watt, Gronk, Adrian Peterson, or whoever your best player is. Don’t believe the stupid press stories. It’s like listening to someone talk about how they are going to steal some dudes supermodel girlfriend cause they heard the two got in an argument. ….

  30. compensation could mean more than draft picks,,,if im fielding offers for payton,im going to demand you eat some of our dead money,each of the next 2 years,,might just be more important to the saints than draft picks

  31. I would prefer a defensive minded coach but Sean Payton would fit the Eagles perfectly. The pieces they have on offense would make his scheme work instantly. He would need a good defensive coach but the pieces are there. Jordan Matthews is similar to Marques Colston, Zach Ertz is similar to Jimmy Graham and he likes a stable of running backs which the Eagles have.

  32. Payton probably won’t go anywhere. Why would he leave one of the greatest towns in the country. But if he does, Indy has a dome and a pretty good qb!

  33. If the Saints let Payton go it will be the biggest mistake in the history of pro football. Payton is a genius superstar coach. If I owned the team I would never consider letting him go. New Orleans offense is absolutely the most fun offense to watch in the NFL. Please hold on to him Saints!!!

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