Report: Manziel seen in Vegas on Saturday despite concussion

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After Johnny Manziel’s Christmas activities spawned his latest viral video this week, Browns coach Mike Pettine said that there were “problems” that quarterback Johnny Manziel needs to address during the offseason.

Pettine and the Browns didn’t have to deal with the question of whether to discipline Manziel this week after he reported concussion symptoms. Manziel was diagnosed with a concussion and ruled out for the game, but he’s still going to be a topic of conversation for the team on Sunday after reports placed him in Las Vegas on Saturday.

USA Today reports that employees and patrons at the Planet Hollywood hotel and casino in Vegas saw and interacted with Manziel on Saturday. Manziel posted a photo of himself and a dog on Instagram late on Saturday that was tagged with the location Avon, Ohio and a Browns spokesman had no comment to the paper about whether Manziel was in Cleveland.

There’s nothing salacious about an adult having a meal and playing cards, which is the extent of the report of Manziel’s activities in Vegas. There are better looks than going to Vegas the night before a game that you’re not playing in because of a brain injury, though, and that kind of decision-making is likely part of what Pettine feels Manziel needs to address before the 2016 season gets underway.

If there’s anything to deal with as a result of this report, it looks like neither Pettine nor General Manager Ray Farmer will be the one dealing with it.

78 responses to “Report: Manziel seen in Vegas on Saturday despite concussion

  1. May intentionally be trying to force the Brown’s hand in order to get out Cleveland. The other option is that he really is this incredibly devoid of any sense of judgement and personal responsibility.

  2. Johnny Football may or may not have a concussion, but he is surely a headache for those in the hierarchy.

  3. I thought if you were coming off a concussion that you weren’t suppised to fly? Cleveland to Vegas and back is a helluva road trip. Looks to me like Johnny Football knows that everyone he was supposedly accountable to is going away for good very soon so he’s just gonna keep doing his thing. Good luck Haslam finding ANY legit coach that will take this gig until and unless your hand picked punk QB is no longer part of the package.

  4. Well,he has a concussion,so maybe he thought he was actually in Ohio… and the dog was drinking alcohol,not him. In any case, a team would really have to be crazy to sign him if the Browns cut him.
    “Johnny,it’s Jerry Jones on line one.”

  5. He doesn’t care. He’s paid. He owes nobody anything. Cleveland is a decaying piece of garbage.

  6. He wants out of Cleveland, and at this point, who can blame him.

    -Browns fan (sadly)

  7. Oh yeah shouldn’t have been doing that thing he’s allowed to do.

    Should have been cramming for that game he’s not allowed to play in.

    Treat him like everyone else and you might just have yourself a football player. Dude is criticized for everything.

  8. Manziel’s brain injury came long before his “concussion”. Sad to see someone with that much talent self-destruct.

  9. So Manziel needs a hall pass now to go anywhere. It’s not like Cleveland knows what to do with him anyway, playing this childish game for two years now. They might as well let him go so that he has half a chance to build a football career with another team that isn’t going to lord over him like a toddler.

  10. Imagine what this fool does to a locker room.

    He is the biggest present problem on the team, worse than the coach or GM.

    He needs to go ASAP. Trade him, cut him, whatever, but get rid of him.

    Loyal Brown’s fans deserve a QB that puts his team FIRST. This isn’t your guy.

  11. Although there is nothing wrong about going to Las Vegas and playing cards, posting a picture with your dog and tagging it as if it was taken at home should certainly be a cause for concern.

    It should be obvious to the Browns that this is an attempt by Manziel to “Bad Boy” his way out of Cleveland.

  12. I always thought that loud noise and flashing, bright lights made concussion symptoms much worse. I actually think Johnny Goofball wants to get released. I’m sure he has, again, boosted his stock among his teammates.

  13. Just Doesnt Get It. Millions of dollars at stack for this young man. His rich parents should have taught him better about money you would have thought. Assuming they did, this guy needs rehab and his actions like this are on par for an abuser. Good Money Manziel or whatever childish baar nickname you want. Good effin luck dude

  14. It’s possible Johnny doesn’t get it (expectations of his employer), doesn’t care (about public perceptions), or both. Even with a new coach or team, I’m not sure there are modern day versions of Parcells, Gibbs, or Walsh who could get through to Johnny. And Johnny clearly lacks the maturity to recognize the errors of his ways.

  15. Whoever the Browns new GM will be, his first move will be to get rid of Johnny CFL. This clown doesn’t get it & never will. And I’m sure we’ll have plenty of comments on here about how “other players party” or “Johnny was already ruled out for this weekend’s game, so what’s the big deal?”…
    The problem is that Johnny has no interest in learning all he can, being there for the other guys on his team, or a drive to be great. Johnny’s drive is to blow all his money on…well, blow & booze & boobs…

  16. I’m not a doctor but I would think the air pressure from flying is not good for brain injury and highly discouraged.

  17. Is anyone surprised to hear this? Johnny Busto is a coach killer and he’ll never change.
    If the Browns are smart, they’ll send their GM, HC, and Manziel all packing.
    They need to bring in a real football guy as their GM and start completely over.

  18. To have a concussion doesn’t mean that you’re stuck at home lying in the fetal position and in a vegetative state.

    I don’t like Manziel one bit as an NFL QB, and yet even I see this as a non story!

  19. Big deal. The coach quit on him before the season even started, I for one love seeing him quit on this same coach.

    Put a coach in there with an ounce of professionalism and Manziel will flourish.

  20. I’m so tired of reading about this idiot. I’m a Browns fan and want to must move on from the hourly Johnny watch. Just cut him, what difference does it make.

  21. I’m sorry ….
    What’s the big deal?
    He won’t be playing Sunday…..
    And there is no treatment for a cuncussion except not getting hit

  22. If this is true, it clearly shows that Manziel doesn’t “Get It”. To try and cover up by posting an Instagram picture is ridiculous. To abandon your team and not be with them to finish the season and yet think that you will be the leader of that team next season is mindboggling. If Johnny cannot wait a week to go to Las Vegas and begin his offseason he clearly has his priorities out of order. Poor Browns fans.

  23. Its clear he more than checked out on browns. He obviously wants out. Sucks because guys drafted him knowing he’s spoiled and he will demolish team from inside out. Adios head coach and gm

  24. @dzimas61

    Its not that he needs hallpass to have fun. Nfl is only 16 weeks. Why not do it after season? He’s clearly not putting 5eam as the number one priority and you can have fun johnny but remember guys will lose their jobs because of him. and for god sakes he was in rehab if i can recall.

  25. dogfromduckhunt says:
    Jan 3, 2016 9:17 AM
    Gronk — Lovable frat boy

    Manziel — Has issues

    Double standard much?


    No double standard. Gronk is not the leader of the team. The QB is the leader. Gronk is a receiver, they are different.
    If Brady, Palmer, or Newton acted that way, then you’d have an arguement.

  26. So, is Manziel such a tool that he doesn’t have a group of friends to hang with without having to fly to Vegas to party? With his money, he should have no shortage of people to party with privately and not always have to be “caught” in public. Yet, he is always in public, which suggests no one that actually knows him wants to hang with him, so he has to go to public places so random people can flock to him and feed his ego.

  27. I miss the days when Joe Namath could party all week, and Kenny Stabler could smoke before the game and it was just guys being guys. Now they would have face the onslaught of a bunch of metrosexual and dorks living in mom’s basement, criticizing them online.

  28. From a person who has alcoholics in his family, Johnny is an addict will never survive the temptations found with fame and wealth. Unfortunately one contact and he will be broke and out of a job. It is sad to watch when he needs major help NOW

  29. Maybe Johnny should watch Bull Durham sometime. “If you win 20 games in the show, you can have fungus on your shoes and people will think your colorful. Until you win 20 games in the show, it just means you’re a slob”.

  30. Hmmm let me think back in recent history. Can anyone remember if Brady, Mannings, Rodgers, Brees, Luck, Newton, any of the “elite” and possibly HOF qbs were out partying like Manziel? The only one I can remember is Rothlesburger in bars, etc, much.
    Self discipline is a major factor in being successful at ANY occupation. Lack of that is a sure fire way to fail miserably. Success in your chosen occupation comes from primarily damn hard work and self sacrifice.
    How many on this blog would put in 16 hour days, 24/7, busting their ass to improve, if they were offered the opportunity to be one of 32 starting qbs in the NFL?

    Other than an entitled few in Mom’s basement, I suspect all of us would.

  31. This could just be a false rumor, but if it’s true, then Johnny is saying he wants out of Cleveland. That’s a sign that his head injury is cured.

  32. Just another member of the yolo, look at me, I’ve arrived, social media, immature, the world owes me, entitled, you just hating, pound sign# generation. Who was told everyday of his life you can do anything you want but didn’t tell him you have to work for it.

  33. Manziel is an insult to the NFL and it ways, another example that rookies should not get the big bucks when they sign, they have taken not one snap and this is the type guy that ruins it all for the class of the NFL.

  34. You people actually believe that he has a concussion?

    And they say that Manziel doesn’t get it.

  35. “I miss the days when Joe Namath could party all week, and Kenny Stabler could smoke before the game and it was just guys being guys. Now they would have face the onslaught of a bunch of metrosexual and dorks living in mom’s basement, criticizing them online.”

    The difference is that Namath and Stabler took care of their business, had the support of their teams and were leaders. Johnny is a spoiled little boy looking for attention.

  36. Gronk is a HOF player who studies and works hard. After the season he parties, and he’s earned it.

    Manziel isn’t that. He sets a bad example as the team leader.

    Gronk — Lovable frat boy

    Manziel — Has issues

    Double standard much?

  37. From a person who has alcoholics in his family, Johnny is an addict will never survive the temptations found with fame and wealth

    Unfortunately one contract and he will be broke and out of a job.

    It is sad to watch when he needs major help NOW

  38. Plans for the weekend:

    A. Play football against the Steelers who badly need a win and will be looking to rip my head off on every play.


    B. Call in sick and party in Vegas.

    “Yo, coach, my head hurts”

  39. 6 people on here actually defending JM. If 95% or more of the people disagree with you, you’re the problem.

    But hey, if JM had lead his team to the playoffs, but wanted to travel on the bye week, no problem. He’s done nothing in the NFL. He’s an “all pro” of the rehab clinic.

  40. Football in the technological age puts everyone under a microscope. If Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler were coming out of college today they wouldn’t have a chance!

  41. Mommy State conspiracy to run the guy out of the League. You’re okay to carry on normal activities within a day or 2 of a concussion, you just wait to play football. His critics are such ninnies.

  42. When are they going to get past the “needs to address” stage to just canning his butt.

  43. And who is to really say that he wasn’t really in Ohio on Saturday night? Did any of the folks in Las Vegas post a picture of him?

  44. He will most likely get cut and picked up by another team only to be cut again because he does not learn lessons. He really hasn’t amassed a significant wealth from his contracts, is a big spender, and in time, will squander the family wealth when football is over because he lacks boundaries. At least dude doesn’t have a bunch of baby mamas chasing after him.

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