Report: Tom Coughlin to “ride off in the sunset”

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There’s been speculation for weeks about whether the Giants will be among the teams looking for new head coaches this week and it’s looking like they will be on the list for the first time since 2004.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Coughlin is expected to “ride off in the sunset” after the Giants finish out their third-straight losing season at home against the Eagles. Glazer’s report comes a couple of days after his colleague Mike Garafolo reported that “a lot of people are talking as if it’s an inevitability that on Monday [Coughlin] is going to resign.”

Multiple reporters at MetLife Stadium have passed along word that Coughlin had a lot of family members on the field during pregame in a change from usual operating procedure on gamedays.

If it is the last day of Coughlin’s tenure, it’s one that will remembered for two Super Bowl championships attained through unexpected runs through the playoffs that culminated in thrilling wins over the Patriots. While things haven’t broken his way recently, those rings ensure Coughlin a highly celebrated place in the long history of the Giants franchise.

47 responses to “Report: Tom Coughlin to “ride off in the sunset”

  1. that’s “ride off INTO the sunset”. riding in the sunset would require tom to be on the sun first. come to think of it, he sometimes looks like he’s been riding on the sun, so maybe that quote isn’t so implausible.

  2. Coughlin is one hell of a coach. Turning the expansion Jags into contenders and winning two rings with the Giants. The man deserves a bust in Canton. Tough to see him go out like this. He’s working with leftovers from the scrapheap.

  3. I only hurt one other time when a coach left that was Fred Shero,, Tom your the second ! WELL DONE TOM ! AND YES IAM A FLYERS AND GIANTS FAN !

  4. i find it hard to blame the last few years on coach.
    jerry reese has done just a deplorable job in drafting players recently. a patchwork line, NO defensive players who strike fear into anyone. no pass rush, no linebackers forEver.
    coach should be a gold jacket wearer in yrs

  5. If at the beginning of this season… the media just harped/attacked/nagged/pointed fingers/accused Tom Coughlin of being on the way out… he would have won the Super Bowl like he did in the other seasons the media put his reign of life support.

  6. I really wish he was given 1 more season. Just let it be known he will ride off at the end of next year, and finish with a winning record.

    NY fans should worship this guy instead of whining about his play calling.

    I don’t like the way NY Fans treated Coughlin the past two years.

    I hope he is retiring on his own terms. Any team would be begging for this man.

  7. Thanks Tom Coughlin for those two Super Bowls win they were unexpected but were great and beating the Patriots made it worth more.

  8. if the giants force him to resign he’ll end up with bruce arians and all those other old gezzers in arizona. the giants are going after belichick with a blank check book.

  9. Well I’m a Bengals fan and I dont understand this. I’d snatch Tom up in a heartbeat if it were up to me. Hell, I’d love just a playoff win, but two unexpected rings (based on their seasons) would be amazing.

    Sigh. At least as an Ohio guy I have OSU.

  10. NY hasn’t owned Boston since the century started. Anywho, hall of fame coach who made a for himself at Boston college, BTW. He deserves to do whatever he wants

  11. There is no one better out there for this team.
    He has done so much more with so much less than most coaches during their careers. A man of nothing but grit and determination.

    Tom, you will be missed. Let the countdown begin until your induction.

  12. His house has been on the market for a month or longer already. Good coach and like most older men dealing with a new generation of kids, retirement is an excellent option.

  13. Sure wish the G-men would keep TC around and get rid of Reese. TC has had some pretty bare cupboards to work with the past two years.

    Not faulting the G-men or TC for the past two years. Give TC some help and they would win another ring.

  14. No. Give him the final two years of Eli’s prime, fire Reese, replace Reese with Chris Mara until the end of the TC era and make it clear from day 1 that is the plan.

    Chris Mara is widely respected but the Tisch/Mara family don’t want a family member in that role. This provides continuity and allows for an exit back to their traditional power structure.

    In so far as the product on the field, here is what I know… The Giants have the pieces in place for a wonderful offense and can rebuild a defense with their $50m+ in cap space.

    If we end up in salary cap purgatory and have to rebuild later, no Giants fan will complain. We get it.

    The roster is TERRRRRIIBBBBLLLLEEEE…. Look at what TC has done with this years CFL defense. He didn’t have players in the front 7 and was on his 9th string safety.

  15. Coughlin earned the right to go out the way he wants. Reese shouldn’t just be fired he ought to be curb stomped for the teams he’s handed TC the last couple of years.

    Coughlin was winner as an assistant and he put B.C. and Jacksonville on the map. Congrats on a great career!

  16. Two Super Bowls, and how many seasons when his team rolled over and died? He will be remembered fondly for two fluke years.

    Sometimes you get lucky.

  17. I realize that a change is needed, but just look at teams like the Browns, Dolphins, Raiders and others who have a new HC every few seasons. Giants are going to miss Coughlin, finding his replacement is not going to be easy

  18. I remember Coughlin yelling at Lawrence Tynes on live TV after he missed TWO field goals in the NFC championship game.

    That’s when Coughlin earned my respect right then and there.


  20. zeke2517 says:
    Jan 3, 2016 1:43 PM
    Two Super Bowls, and how many seasons when his team rolled over and died? He will be remembered fondly for two fluke years.

    Sometimes you get lucky.

    I am a Pats fan and even I find that insulting, Coughlin’s defensive game plans in those SB’s were outstanding. Over the years he could easily have sued Reese for lack of support and won. If there was any luck involved it was the Giants front office that got lucky having Coughlin for a coach

  21. @fmc651:

    Thats basically what this article is saying. He is going to RESIGN on Monday.

    Funny though, its easy to mix up resign (as in quit) with re-sign (as in expect another contract!)

  22. Coach TC has always been and will always be a top notch, classy human being. Never compromised his solid principles like so many other folks coaching in the NFL.

  23. Don’t quit, Tom! Your whole team was depleted this year. Get the boys healthy, draft some franchise players, and keep going. Some Giants fans are spoiled rotten and have to grow up. They’re probably also Yankee fans.


  24. For those who bash him we all know you wish you had as right now one coach is better and that is the one with more Rings Bill B

    Tom Thank you for 12 great years what do in the future I hope is full of happiness and joy

    True Giants fans will miss you as will your players

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