Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis meeting tomorrow

Getty Images

For all the dominoes that may or may not fall in the NFL this offseason, there may not be a more interesting situation than New Orleans.

And we may have some clarity on that sooner rather than later.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX, Saints coach Sean Payton is meeting with General Manager Mickey Loomis tomorrow to discuss the coach’s future.

And this one isn’t as simple as stay-or-go, as Glazer specifically mentioned the possibility of whether a team is willing to give up a second-rounder to acquire Payton as an element of the upcoming conversation.

That’s an awfully specific tidbit of information, and it’s also unlikely that it’s being dropped accidentally.

Payton has said publicly he wants to return, but it may not be entirely his call. And with salary cap problems on the horizon than to contracts for Drew Brees (and others), the Saints might prefer to rebuild with a high pick and another coach if the rebuilding is inevitable.