Vikings-Packers streams on NBC Sports Live Extra


Soon, the NFC North championship game kicks off on NBC. But you don’t need a TV to watch the Vikings take on the Packers.

You simply need a computer, a laptop, or a tablet.

The game can be seen at NBC Sports Live Extra. You also can watch the game by downloading the NBC Sports Live Extra app.

The winner becomes the No. 3 seed. If the Vikings win, they’ll host the Seahawks in the wild-card round. If Green Bay wins, Minnesota and Green Bay will do it again next week, with the winner advancing and the loser going home.

9 responses to “Vikings-Packers streams on NBC Sports Live Extra

  1. Green Bay would be better off throwing this game i.e. Resting starters. If GB wins they’re playing the Vikings again next week, and it’s hard beating a team 3x in one season. They lose, and GB gets Washington on the road and sends Seattke to Minnesota..

  2. I don’t get why everyone thinks goin down to play Washington is gonna be a cakewalk……they have been dominating teams. I can’t wait to see whoever they play get dog walked. Skins are better then they get credit for.

  3. contra74 says:
    Jan 3, 2016 8:46 PM

    So the vikes get called offsides but raji didn’t?

    here we go against the refs again
    You can do this all game, all day, with every game.

    But if you’re going to do it, make sure you show some objectivity and note when the Vikings’ get calls as well.

    For instance, Matthews deserved the roughing call, but Mike Harris essentially tackled him before that, but no holding was called.

    Calls are missed on nearly every play. It’s the same for both teams. If you’re honest with yourself and objective, you’ll see that there is no conspiracy- and it absolutely makes no sense that there would be.

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