Week 17 playoff permutations: The Jets


Amazingly, the Jets have won 10 games this year. Even more amazingly, they still may not make it to the playoffs.

So what needs to happen, or not happen? It’s simple, it’s clear, and it appears in the very short video that appears below.

I guess I could just type it up. But then what would I do with the video that already has been produced?

14 responses to “Week 17 playoff permutations: The Jets

  1. You on a “video roll” this morning Mike? There’s a scenario by which it’s possible the Jets could be the #5 playoff seed so I wish you had covered that instead of simply rehashing what every Jets fan has known all week.

  2. Jets will promptly get bounced in the Wild Card game.
    Watch the Chiefs roll to Super Bowl 50

  3. The NFL needs to go a similar playoff format of the NHL so the teams with the highest winning record are rewarded not a team from a weak division

  4. “Amazingly, the Jets have won 10 games this year.”

    How is that amazing? Combine an easy schedule with a terrific offseason along with the addition of a great leader in Bowles and it’s not surprising at all that this team has won 10 games and is fighting for a playoff spot.

    Gotta bash the Jets at least once in every article they are featured in on this site.

  5. best record should determine playoff participants, not division winners.

    A team only plays 6 games against its division opponents, and 10 games from across other divisions and conferences.

    So a division title isnt really a measure of importance.

    Say a team wins its division with an 8-8 record. The other 3 teams in the division finish under .500. The winner went 6-0 in its division, but went 2-8 against all other opponents.
    now suppose one of those other opponents won a head to head matchup by total domination, but misses the playoffs with a 11-4 record…

    That is messed up. Playoffs need to be fixed

  6. “Watch the Chiefs roll to Super Bowl 50”

    Lolz Chiefs aren’t going into Foxboro and coming out victors. Can’t blame you for believing in your team though.

  7. limakey says:
    Jan 3, 2016 11:39 AM

    It will all depend on which Bills show up.


    Having said that our schmuck coach who destroyed the league leading sack defense will now begin to dismantle that defensive line tomorrow when they release Mario Williams who had 38 sacks his first 3 years in Buffalo before the BAFOON arrived. Just keep throwing money at it Terry and Kim just like you did with our cellar dwelling hockey team…..

  8. I am giving Rex another year. I did not think the Bills were going to make the playoffs this year. There were many positives to this season. I do not blame Rex for the piss poor tackling or the penalities. I think this year was another year of the Bickering Bills. And for the Sabres, I expect nothing of them this year. Next year, I expect plenty.

  9. Today might be the first time in my life I’m actually rooting for the Jets. I just want to see Rex Ryan beaten and humiliated.

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