Bengals-Steelers gets prime time Saturday slot

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The NFL announced kickoff times for its first two playoff weekends late Sunday night.

Both AFC wild card games are Saturday Jan. 9. The Chiefs play at the Texans at 4:30 p.m. ET to start off the weekend, and the Steelers-Bengals game follows at 8:15 p.m.

Sunday starts with the Seahawks at the Vikings at 1:05 p.m. The Packers play at the Redskins at 4:40 p.m.

ESPN has the Chiefs-Texans game with a simulcast on ABC, while CBS has Steelers-Bengals. Sunday, NBC gets Seahawks-Vikings and FOX gets Packers-Redskins.

The following weekend, the Patriots will play on Saturday Jan. 16 at 4:35 p.m. ET, with the Cardinals hosting the Saturday night game. On Sunday Jan. 17, the Panthers will play the lowest remaining NFC seed followed by the Broncos playing the lowest remaining AFC seed.

79 responses to “Bengals-Steelers gets prime time Saturday slot

  1. If the Bengals lose, marvin lewis needs to be fired. He’s been there how long and nothing to show for? Pure loser. He must be blackmailing ownership.

  2. Prime time? Perfect time for the Red Rifle to turn into the Pop Gun in his yearly transformation tradition.

    Barring a miraculous Rookie of the Year movie type moment with the cast coming off of course…

  3. So not only do the Bengal get to do their annual first round one and done, but they get to do it at home…against the Steelers. I’m pretty sure doom and gloom has already set in for a lot of Bengals fans.

  4. The steelers are already planning how to take out the bengals key players. I expect nothing less from this low class organization. Theyll gladly eat a flag or two to get a competitive edge

  5. Interesting that the Cardinals will be getting the benefit of playing a team that will be on the road and playing on short week. No other team with a bye is getting that advantage.

  6. Congratulations Bengals for knocking off the Steelers TWO years in a row! That has to feel great.


  7. Steelers in prime time! In the playoffs, anything can happen, and the Steelers are a very good team when they play well and don’t make many mistakes. Hope Williams can play. Steelers had no running game at all yesterday, again causing Ben to have to put the offense on his shoulders. I think that causes him to push too hard at times, take chances and thus causes some mistakes. When they have some pass/run balance, they run up the score with ease.

    Go Steelers!

  8. We’re four years removed from Goodell’s promise to quit scheduling west coast teams for early games. He did it in front of a Seattle crowd, no less.

  9. I’m happy the Steelers made the playoffs, but I don’t have high hopes for this team when Tomlin continues to run Blake out there at starting corner. I just don’t get it.

  10. Bengals win IF Pacman, Dre and Burfict can keep away from the 15 yard retaliation penalties. Also would help if Mike Mitchell didn’t concuss anyone. Time for a real football game, that crap last month wasn’t football.

  11. Bengals fan here, and I try to remain optimistic, but… it’s hard. I think we can beat the Steelers – did once already this season, after all – but I think it’s going to be a very long shot if we look like we did yesterday.

    We need Dalton back. McCarron is not currently the kind of quarterback who will win the game for you, and we will need a QB who can win games against the Steelers. And in the rest of the playoffs, for that matter.

  12. Beware Vikings ! Seattle, who lost all their running backs and their all-star tight end for the season, has suddenly become the favorite to beat all comers. I wonder what secret potion was added to the brew to suddenly accelerate them to world beaters? Wasn’t Graham: he’s gone. Wasn’t running backs. Offensive line is the same as the .500 team. Could it be the same thing that makes the Hawks players uncontrollably jump around? Could it be the same tablets that make Sherman an uncontrollable loud-mouth? Hmmm…..

  13. I’m always curious why fans of that team in the Northeast always make appearances on pieces that feature that team that wears black and gold. The man(?) that leads the team from the Northeast has looked a bit subdued when speaking with members of the group that reports such things.

  14. As a Bengals fan, the game should be good. Both teams need to keep their composure since everyone lost it last time.

    Should be close, even with McCarron the Steelers secondary is weak, Green should have a good day.

    Steelers O is scary good too though. If Williams is out I believe it will hinder the Steelers too much. But if Kirkpatrick can’t keep up with Brown it won’t matter.

    Tough one to figure out.

  15. steelerfanjo says:
    Jan 4, 2016 9:11 AM

    Steelers = Ratings.

    That’s because a lot of people love seeing a team who have won zero legitimate titles – as in without PED cheating or paid off officiating – lose.


  16. @shovelhunter: It’s absolutely true. They head hunted Tyler Eifert in the last game because he is such a huge mismatch for them.

  17. Do you think Ben will finally get the monkey off his back….

    …. and FINALLY get an academy award nomination for all of that injury embellishing that he loves to do in front of the cameras?


  18. Bengals and Steelers round 3. Do you think they will eclipse the $139,000 in fines for both teams like they did in their last matchup? I’m picking the over. Either winner has no chance to beat Denver or NE because there will be damage done to the roster after this blood bath. This is Definately must see television

  19. and let me guess bonnie, Burfict just plays hard through the whistle, the type of clean player to be celebrated. Sheesh, you sound like a ridiculous baby.

  20. The good news for the Steelers is Tim Tebow doesn’t play for the Bengals.

    That guy is a tough playoff out for the Steelers.


  21. @crownofthehelmet: That is an apt user name you have there for a Steelers fan. That’s how they win. Helmet hit to the head. They will go after Eifert again early in the game.

  22. Steelers are an old elephant looking for a grave site, stick a fork in them. They will go to their old tricks of trying to bait the Bengals (it worked last time without Pacman playing) but if Cincy keeps its’ cool, this one won’t be close.

  23. there are two AFC games on Saturday because they wanted to give the worst of the four time slots to the Texans/Chiefs and the best of the four time slots to the Bengals/Steelers.

    when i say best, i’m referring to the tv time slot and expected tv ratings. as a fan attending the Texans game, a 3:30 saturday afternoon game is perfect for me. plenty of time to recover from the pre- and post-game partying after we trounce the chiefs (or to drown my sorrows if we don’t).

  24. Bengals are doomed. Prime time slot and the playoffs. That’s a double whammy. lol They can’t seem to win in either situation. Now they’re in both situations at the same time?!?! lol

  25. bettis3636 says:
    Jan 4, 2016 5:38 AM

    GOOD!!!! Steelers vs Bengals has turned into what Steelers vs Ravens was… PRIME TIME MATCH UP!!! DING DING DING!!!

    The Bengals-Steelers will NEVER equal the Ravens-Steelers.

  26. Is it only me are all of these NFL games getting really hard to watch? I watched the Seattle-Arizona game. On one drive there were 19 replays. On all most all of the replays, the telecast barely got back to the next snap and on 3-4 occasions the ball had already been snapped. The commercials are endless. It seems you see the same commercial over and over again during the course of a game.

  27. The hatred on this site is disgusting from a lot of the commenters. I am assuming a lot of you are still young and have yet to realize football is just a game. Here’s to hoping you key board vigilantes grow up sooner then later and to an exciting playoffs.

  28. One team from the west coast needs to travel east,,,let’s make them play at 10AM,,, of course they did.

    Go Hawks, wake up early and kick some butt early and often. Show em it doesn’t matter!

  29. I just read a comment from a salty packer fan saying division titles means nothing. It is how you do in the playoffs. Now while not all together true I do find it funny this fan found some solace in the fact that the packers play Washington. And the Vikings play the Seahawks.

  30. bengalsdouche1 says:
    Jan 4, 2016 10:12 AM

    Bengals are doomed. Prime time slot and the playoffs. That’s a double whammy. lol They can’t seem to win in either situation. Now they’re in both situations at the same time?!?! lol

    You ever heard of a double-negative? Those two cancel out, which is a guarantee that the Bengals will win.

  31. steelcurtainn says:
    Jan 4, 2016 11:29 AM

    I wouldn’t expect the Big Ben to throw two interceptions this game. He won’t! The bungles better put up more then 25-30 points this game or their losing.

    And McCarron hasn’t thrown any since that last game against Pitt, so something is going to give. Take out the Pick 6 and it’s a pretty good game. I just hope it’s a football game this time rather than a fight.

  32. If Antwon Blake starts, whoever the QB is for Cincinnati will put AJ GReen directly on Blake and score at least 6 points in that match up in the first qtr. Then like all 16 games this season Tomlin will realize, “oh my gosh, Antwon Blake sucks, and I traded a draft pick for Brandon Boykin, let’s put Boykin now”.

    Antwon Blake leads the NFL in missed tackles.

  33. “Fourth and long for the Bengals, this is their last chance. Dalton in the shotgun, calling signals, takes the snap, looking downfield, he’s got time, great blocking, he’s got a man wide open at the goal line … and … it’s intercepted!! … Steelers win!!”

  34. korthjw says:
    Jan 4, 2016 2:24 PM

    “Fourth and long for the Bengals, this is their last chance. Dalton in the shotgun, calling signals, takes the snap, looking downfield, he’s got time, great blocking, he’s got a man wide open at the goal line … and … it’s intercepted!! … Steelers win!!”

    Except Dalton probably won’t be playing, so that won’t happen.

  35. My concern is not for a Bengals loss, but instead for a Steelers targeting of players for injury.

    Nothing angers a PIT man more than suggesting his team is not the best, or angers a PIT woman more than hearing the buffet is closed. Either way retribution will be planned against the perceived slight.

    I hope for a good and safe game for all. CIN wins 21-17.

  36. bonniebengal says:
    Jan 4, 2016 9:55 AM
    @crownofthehelmet: That is an apt user name you have there for a Steelers fan. That’s how they win. Helmet hit to the head. They will go after Eifert again early in the game.

    Silly Bengal fan… Burfict makes Ndamukong Suh look like a choir boy. Lol

  37. gotitan says:
    Jan 4, 2016 8:32 AM

    Let the real football start. I have my popcorn ready. Where are the 19-0 blowhards?

    You are the only 19-0 blowhard around here. You bring it up all of the time.

  38. jim699 says:
    Jan 4, 2016 8:29 AM

    De facto AFC championship game.
    That’s cute. Too bad the REAL AFC Championship game will be NE @ Denver.

  39. Steelers: 0 playoff wins since Dr Rydze was indicted and therefore making his “assistance” unavailable.


    That of course includes a game where they got beat – no – PUNKED by Tim Tebow. LOL!!!! Funny what happens when the cheating stops.

    I look forward to that 0 being preserved. Go Bengals!


  40. Is this scheduling an indicator that RG1 still thinks Aaron Rodgers is the best QB that ever lived and so he must be in the last game? Why else would teams from the Central and Pacific time zones be in the early game and teams from the Central and Eastern time zones be in the late game?

    I will watch all of them, because I am a football addict. I will have no rooting interest, especially in the NFC games, because the Panthers have already beaten ALL of the teams that they might play in round 2.

    We fear no one. Keep Pounding!

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