Browns may have made it harder to hire a G.M.

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Apart from the reality that giving lawyer-turned-football-executive Sashi Brown final say over the roster will make the Cleveland G.M. job less attractive to G.M. candidates who are at the top of the G.M. industry, the decision to elevate Brown to the top non-coaching football position within the Browns will make it harder to hire someone currently under contract with another team.

Because Sashi Brown has control over the 53-man roster, the Cleveland G.M. position doesn’t qualify for the portion of the tampering policy that allows a team to hire as G.M. someone currently working for another team, without permission from that team.

Which means that if the Browns target an up-and-coming scout or director of college scouting or director of pro personnel or any other person under contract with another team, the other team can refuse to let the person be interviewed and hired.

It means that the Browns will either have to hire someone that another team doesn’t want to keep, or they’ll have to hire someone who currently isn’t employed.

Whether the Browns thought that specific wrinkle through remains to be seen. If they didn’t, it definitely could put a crimp in their plans for interviewing G.M. candidates.

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  1. That’s hilarious that you would think that the Browns would have thought anything through at all. Ever.

  2. Another Browns screw-up. I’m sure that that moron Jimmy Haslam had no idea of the ramifications of his idiot move. Color me unsurprised.

  3. What does a gm do if they don’t have control of the roster? Hire the coach and run the scouting dept. I guess. Once again the Browns screw it up.

  4. I remember when Jimmy Haslam purchased the Cleveland Browns it was reported he had been a lifelong fan of the Steelers.

    He must still be.

  5. I’m sure Jimmy’s wife, Dee was aware of that– NOT.

    Most clueless owner in NFL history.

  6. Bill Barnwell. What have they got to lose? Precedent for media turned GM has already happened. Instant relevance and interest. Plus, I think he’d be decent.

  7. Poor Cleveland fans…

    Why take probably what is already the least attractive available coaching/GM position and make it even less attractive?
    I can’t really see any qualified candidate with other options wanting to work for Cleveland, especially knowing that they will only get 1-2 years to correct the problems there. Then add on the fact that they gave a lawyer final say over the roster and plan to hire a coach first and then a GM… I don’t know I just don’t get it.

  8. “It means that the Browns will either have to hire someone that another team doesn’t want to keep, or they’ll have to hire someone who currently isn’t employed.”

    Then that’s a bad move by the potential candidates current team. Good organizations prepare their people for success to perform wherever. Because if your people are not getting promotional opportunities – then you are not doing something right and if you are withholding them from promotional opportunities then your organization will grow stale and others will leave on their own accord eventually. Best to let your people go and show that your organization is competent and can easily replace any person that leaves. Always remember – “Next person up!”

  9. Another red flag. Hard to remain a fan of this iteration of the Cleveland franchise as the owner keeps making mistake after mistake after mistake. It’s pretty simple, really… just model the operations of other successful franchises like New England and Carolina. Do the same things they do and get the same or similar results. How hard is that?

  10. These owners are making a mockery of the process. Sashi has absolutely NO football decision making experience but he gets the keys to the franchise. Jeff Lurie made Chip Kelly the GM because he was enamored with his ability to coach. While Sashi is apparently a talented executive and certainly Chip didnt forget how to coach football overnight, but why would you give these guys final say to pick players when they have absolutely no experience doing so??? Its an entity of its own. Its a slap in the face of scouts and other personnel men who spend years working their way up to get an opportunity.

  11. Remember, this guy was also with Jacksonville before coming to the Browns and they still haven’t recovered from the mess the last regime left them. Then he goes on to be Farmer’s right hand man which was horrible and rewarded with the GM position.

  12. The Cleveland Browns need an experienced proven NFL general manager we can then pick his head coach. Instead we have a new owner who doesn’t know what he does not know.

    So here the Browns go again , by not hiring an experienced NFL guru to right the ship, Again will flounder through another couple years I again. Will not be able to get the top tier of coaches or GM’s ,and they just won’t know what they don’t know.

    Why is it so hard for the owner to find the guru and let the guru right the organization ?
    This style has not work for Cleveland Browns ever since they let go of Paul Brown, and even Bill Belechik

    Doesn’t Jimmy Haslam know any of the Cleveland Brown’s history? To not know The history might mean that you’re doomed to repeat it again
    With another unproven management staff and coaching staff

  13. Our GM will have no control over his roster or HC. The owner makes draft picks when he feels like it. I imagine it’s quite the battle to get to the front of the line for this job.

  14. Buccaneers fan as I’m a Tampa native and we hired Lovie before the GM. They must have their coach already and think it will be a trade for Peyton or another “huge” name coach. The next few weeks should be interesting.

  15. Lets be real, what up and coming GM would want to go into this situation in Cleveland?

    What Cleveland has set up is a position that an old GM would like. Come here with a guaranteed 4-5 year contract, get fired after 2 years, and collect the remainder of your contract as severance as a retirement package.

  16. Breaking news ……. The Browns just hired Saul Goodman as their new GM. Better call Saul !

  17. Certainly we can be confident Mr. Haslam sought the professional legal advise on this matter. One must assume that advise didn’t come from Mr. Brown himself.

    “Oh…so Jimmy. How about making me in charge of the 53 man roster? You know…because I’ve done a lot of work in that area and after all: I’m Mr. Brown.”

    “Gee wilickers, I hadn’t thought of that, Sashi. What a great idea! Only, will I still be allowed to hire a second almost-but-not-quite-as-qualified-as-you person to be the face of the General Management position?”

    “Sure, Jimmy. You do what you want. Sign here.”

  18. Imagonna make it really simple, Jimmy.

    General Manager: Assembles team, including the head coach. Manages the draft, the acquisition of free agents and the contracts/payroll of the existing players under contract. The general manager builds his front office team to assist in this effort and he answers directly to you. He is generally accountable to you and you alone for “the team” that is the players, the coaches, and everyone who helps him manage that group.

    Head Coach: selects his assistants and has final say over which players make the 53-man roster. His job is to take the players the GM provides and build a winning team that plays on Sundays between August and January. In a perfect world, that extends to February on occasion.

    To conflate the situation with a “Head of Football Operations” who isn’t the GM, isn’t the coach, but somehow influences (or decides!) who is on the team is to “hogtie” the other team members, confusing matters when nothing works.

  19. I’m a Browns fan, but I watched just three games this year. Guess I picked a good year to become totally disenfranchised. I’m getting in line early to pick a similar spot next year, too: this is an absolute train wreck and while I’d say I don’t think it can get much worse…they’ve proven me wrong before.

    You know a great way to spend Sunday afternoons in the fall in Cleveland? Scouring the Appalachian Hardwood Foliage with family. Those are the only brilliant oranges and browns you’re going to be seeing in this area for a while. And in August the lake is almost as blue as the sad faces of the fans in the stands.

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