Chargers keeping Mike McCoy, but staff changes are coming


Wherever the Chargers play their home games next year, Mike McCoy will be coaching them.

According to Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Chargers officials told McCoy this morning he was safe for next season, though other changes to his staff were likely.

McCoy is entering the final year of his contract, and the combination of a 4-12 season and the team’s own uncertain location made his status reasonable to wonder about, especially considering General Manager Tom Telesco was given an extension.

But the newspaper reports “substantial changes are coming to the coaching staff,” which could happen as soon as today.

McCoy is 22-26 in three seasons, having gone 9-7 in each of his first two seasons. They made the playoffs and beat the Bengals in his rookie year.

41 responses to “Chargers keeping Mike McCoy, but staff changes are coming

  1. Since no one knows where the Chargers will play next year, some stability at HC will be a good thing.

  2. Commitment to mediocrity. The only “continuity” this will bring the Chargers is that they will continue to trend down. 4-2 in the division in year 1, 2-4 in year 2, and 0-6 in year 3.

    I guess it can’t get any worse at least.

  3. Health fixes everything. Don’t be stupid. Coaching a third-string team makes any coach look bad. At least, there was effort. Ask the talented Jets about effort.

  4. Crap. Another year of ultra conservative play calling. At least fire Frank Reich. His “run out of the shotgun” 90% of the time mentality is ridiculous. U draft a RB in the first rd then give him a crap OL and no fullback? I can give McCoy 1 more chance. Even Pagano. But fire Reich. Yesterday. Inarguably the WORST OC in the NFL

  5. The Spanos family are the worst owners in the NFL. Fired Marty Schottenheimer after he went 14-2, yet kept Norv Turner despite the decline and they’re doing the same with Mike McCoy.

    What a pathetic franchise.

  6. “Marty went 14-2 and they fired him” is the oldest lamest line ever. The only ppl that still use it have no idea what went on in SD. I’m not supporting the Norv hire at all. But who thinks the next season Marty was going to lead that team to a super bowl? Anyone? Hello? *crickets*

  7. The reason was simple: McCoy was under contract for next year and Spanos is too cheap to pay two HCs.

    Furthermore, this solidifies the fact that the Chargers will be playing in San Diego next year. There’s NO WAY that this milquetoast head coach leads this team into the LA market. He’s not the coach to generate excitement and hope with Chargers fans in LA – wherever they may be hiding.

  8. This next season is on Tom Telesco. If he owns the draft and McCoy loses he knows he’s fired. As he should be. But if Tommy blows the draft and whifs again in the first round (while his 2nd rd picks look good, Perryman has potential Da U!) fire everyone!

  9. I wish Dean Spanos would just sell the Chargers and buy his boys a new toy to play with so they’d quit destroying the team to which I’ve linked my fandom.

  10. You can’t lose that many starters to injury and expect to maintain a playoff pace.

    Get them healthy. Have another good draft. Get back on the horse again next year. 9-7 is a reasonable rebound bar.

  11. 1) Telesco is far more to blame than McCoy. His free agent acquisitions: Orlando Franklin, Brandon Flowers (re-signing) Jacoby Jones, Stevie Johnson largely a disaster. The players he brought in from his days with the Colts: Connor, Donald Brown, Ricardo Matthews, Jaheel Addae, cover your eyes. The fact that for three months he let Trevor Robinson play center without even trying to upgrade the worst performance at center in Chargers’ history is beyond reproach.

    2) Get rid of Frank Reich as offensive co-ordinator and bring back Ken Whisenhunt, who actually did a good job.

    3) if your fire John Pagano as defensive co-ordinator, do NOT -I repeat- DO NOT promote Mike Nolan from linebackers coach. It would be worse than having Greg Manusky back.

  12. McCoy is not the answer.

    Go ahead an fire the OC, DC and ST, because they were all bad at their jobs, still McCoy is not the answer.

  13. You can’t lose that many starters to injury and expect to maintain a playoff pace.
    I have never played a lick of football, but I have been watching it for a very long time. I have a pretty good idea of what it supposed to look like.

    From what I have seen of the Chargers the last few years (been a fan for 30+ years) many of the players get hurt because of poor technique and/or being out of place on a play.

  14. Telesco is to blame for the OL which was the source of most of the problems.

    Chris Watt was a bust at C You think they would have brought in someone in after going through 5 Cs in 2014.

    They need to spend some more high rnd picks on the OL There is a reason King Dunlap, Chris Hairston, Joe Barksdale etc were 3rd rnd picks or lower

    No more money ball w projects and low rounders Get real players.

    They need to focus on a few good DL too. Lisamore is not a NT and is always hurt.

  15. Both McCoy and Telesco should have been shown the door.
    I have never seen a head coach make so many excuses for poor play in my life. Imagine if this poor excuse for a team didn’t have Rivers..That’s the guy I feel most sorry for.

  16. Not sure if McCoy is the guy but no coach in the league would have succeeded with the injuries on that team combined with the very limited defensive roster.

  17. This could be a good decision or a total bust. Considering they have the 3rd pick in the draft. They need to protect Rivers better. They’ve got weapons on the offensive side. Beef up the secondary and that D line. I think he deserves one more season. If no playoff appearance, then make a change.

  18. My main thought on why the Chargers kept him (beside $$$):

    McCoy didn’t lose the team. Despite losing so many close games and going 4-12, you didn’t hear any negativity from the locker room (The Weddle stuff is with the GM, not the coach). They played hard and didn’t quit. Compare that to some of the other coaches getting fired.

    Can’t think of any other reasons that don’t involve naked pictures of Spanos and Telesco.

  19. Ken Whiz is a terrible head coach, but he is a very good OC. Rivers has a great year when Whiz was his OC. They should bring him back.

  20. Reasoning is that keep the football side reasonably the same due to the circus going on in the operations side. Of course this is unsound logic as the one continuous thing is that the ownership has not changed, still hiring people not right for the job, not hiring people who are actual leaders instead of schemers who continue to lose. Excuse is the injuries but everyone has them. No matter where they play next year they won’t get above 6 wins anyway. And the long suffering San Diego fans continue to suffer.

  21. A bad idea. I might be talked into (after A LOT of talking) giving McCoy one more year, especially depending on who we could get. If it’s nothing but bad choices, might as well stay the course.

    However, under no circumstances should they let Pagano go. Game after game, it was the same thing. The defense did their job, they got stops, they kept us in so many games, but because the offense couldn’t do anything, by the third or fourth quarter, the defense had nothing left to give. Our defense just needs to gel a little more, and a big time pass rusher or a Jamal Williams type wouldn’t hurt. But there’s not enough wrong with the defense to warrant a change there.

    I’d rather see us get a new head coach. But if we’re forced to keep him, don’t make us go 1-15 by firing our defensive coordinator. He’s been the one bright spot this year.

  22. The Chargers special teams, had combined return yardage of 1 yard as of November 2nd.

    1 yard. That’s total for the entire months of September & October. And they gave ex-Raven Jacoby Jones a Jones a $1.6 million signing bonus to get that one yard.

  23. Maybe he should check Rivers arm. Looked like he couldn’t throw more than 30 yards the other day. He’s looked like crap all year long. Time to say adios pardner!

  24. If they don’t fix their offensive line, it makes no difference whether this stiff or any other stiff is their head coach.

    The GM is a stiff too, just like the owner so it’s a match made in hell……..

  25. As a Bolt fan, I read ‘Chargers Keeping McCoy….’

    I stopped reading cause it really doesn’t matter what else they do with the roster and the staff. But the head coach situation is not the problem with this organization and Charger fans know it.

    The real problem is ownership.

    //Re-sign Eric Weddle and let John and A.G. Spanos go in free agency instead.

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