Chip Kelly reaches out to the 49ers


Chip Kelly wants to keep coaching in the NFL, and he’s letting other teams know that he’s interested.

Kelly has reached out to the 49ers to tell them that he’d like to coach them, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

One of the things that could make Kelly an interesting candidate in San Francisco is that his offense could be a good fit for the skill set of Colin Kaepernick, who once looked like the future of the franchise but was benched this season. If 49ers owner Jed York and General Manager Trent Baalke think Kelly is the coach who could get Kaepernick back on track, that would make Kelly a strong candidate.

On the other hand, Kelly was a disaster in 2015 in Philadelphia. It wouldn’t be surprising if the 49ers give Kelly a polite, “Thanks but no thanks,” given his results last year.

The 49ers announced yesterday that they fired Jim Tomsula after one season, meaning they’re now looking for their third coach in as many years.

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  1. Kelly, York and Baalke in the same room would surpass the dysfunction of Miami and Cleveland combined.

  2. Kelley was a disaster and that’s why it would be surprising if the 49ers accepted him as coach? Actually, it would be surprising if they passed. One disaster deserves another.

  3. “Jed, it’s Chip Kelly on line one.”
    “Oh boy! Hand me the phone.”
    “Hey, this is Chip – you guys suck! *click*”
    “… Well, he’s got us there.”

  4. Hopefully Chip is using this time to update his playbook and realizes that part of his problem this year is that he was running the exact same 7-8 plays that they ran in 2013.

  5. Chipper begging to be hired….saw an interesting yesterday……”Anyone else find it interesting that Chip Kelly is on the market (and has been for 5 days) and isn’t the “Big Name Guy” that people will be/are going after? That says a lot in my opinion.”

  6. But but wasn’t he supposed to have had 4 or 5 interviews lined up already? Lol not only are NFL teams not interested but colleges with openings are looking elsewhere too.

  7. Certainly be a good fit with Kelly and Kap, but who knows what’s up with that organization.

    I had been thinking, before Kelly was fired, that Kap would be an Eagle next season. Kelly may be coaching him afterall tho…

  8. Jed York shouldn’t be planning the menu for family week let alone heading up another coaching search.

  9. My issue with Chip is two things. 1) Can he adapt to adults in the NFL and understand the importance of chemistry not just X’s and O’s. 2) Can he adapt his X’s and O’s to the NFL. I think the guy truly knows offense. But, he’s got to learn to burn more than 12 seconds off the clock when his team leads by 24 points. He’s KILLING his defense. They are wore out. Particularly by week 6 or later. It would be very interesting to see him and Kap together though.

  10. Props to Navarro Bowman for leading the NFL in tackles. Great comeback story that seems to have gone unnoticed. I think Eric Berry gets CPOY, but Bowman is a very close second.

  11. Oh and this season was not just defined by losing Harbaugh (though that had a lot to do with it). Baalke not re-loading didn’t help. Letting Iupati go to a division rival was not smart. And lets face it. If Harbaugh or another strong coach was in there does Patrick Willis/Justin Smith/Anthony Davis retire? Maybe. But, Iupati and Davis would have looked real good on that line this year.

  12. Chip the body isn’t even cold yet stop beggin to coach somebody’s football team ! Chip want some advice take that money Lurie owes you and get a life !

  13. Goodbye, Mr. Chips. The Niners didn’t like playing for the guy who went back to college. Chip is from the same school, but without the people skills.

  14. Chip the Niners have their Christmas Party on a Monday is that OK with you ?

  15. Doesn’t it make more sense for Chip to want the Cleveland Browns job? They’re looking for a HC and a personnel guy. I don’t have a problem with Chip. I think he made some good moves and bad moves. Good move: get rid of an overrated McCoy. Bad move: bringing in an overrated Murray. When it wasn’t as easy as it was in Dallas for him he quit. Period. As a 49ers fan I’d rather have Sean Payton from New Orleans. I think SF has more talent than the Saints and Drew Brees covered up a lot of their blemishes.

  16. Kelly will get the Tom Thibedeau treatment from the NFL. His personality disorder will hurt him.

  17. The greatest football genius in American history is already jingling his tin can out on the street corner.

  18. The only reason Kelly wants to go there is because he “thinks” he has a chance to be the personnel guy there as well as coach.

    Kelly is an ego maniac; He thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room all the time.

  19. Ha! Chip thought the Titans job was a slam dunk! He’s panicking.

    His next job will be OC at Wagner College in Staten Island if he’s lucky.

  20. Niners probably shouldn’t close the door on any candidates. Working for the York/Baalke regime isn’t exactly an enticing opportunity for top tier coaches. While Kelly was a dumpster fire in Philadelphia, he is a significant upgrade over Tomsula.

  21. Over the last three years Kelly had a better record as HC than 21 other teams. 11 teams finished with a worse record than the Eagles. So I wouldn’t call it a disaster.

  22. They’ve reached Cleveland status if they’re already firing coaches after 1 year…Why hire him in the first place?

    They claim he’s been with the organization for almost 10 years and yet they didn’t know what they were getting when they chose him for the position? Otherwise give him a chance; what’s the alternative? Fire every coach that doesn’t produce a winning season his first year? Heh Heh…

  23. Back when my Hawks were in the AFC, the Niners were my “second” team. I remember DeBartolo owning the team and he was both very visible but also very saavy at making decisions from at the top. This new ownership really doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing and then when they actually got something going (Harbaugh) they threw it away because they didn’t seem to understand that sometimes quality isn’t friendly or patronizing. I can’t see Chip Kelly being anything better.

  24. Hey Dork lets see what you have done lately:
    Fired Harbaugh. Blew That
    Promoted Tomsula. Blew That
    Kept Baalke. Blew That
    Kept the 49ers. Blew That
    If you hire Kelly put another Blew that on your resume

  25. Headline: I have reached out to Jennifer Lawrence, to show her my interest. I expect I’ll get the same response as Chip will get from the NFL.

  26. I think Gase is a better fit, they’ll have a young QB coming in that needs the proper tutelage…Gase is probably spurned though

  27. Does chip submit a cover letter & resume? And, if so, is he just blasting these to all teams with openings like a recent college grad?

  28. Doesn’t it make more sense for Chip to want the Cleveland Browns job?


    Lol, not even Tomsula wants the Cleveland job.

  29. his offense could be a good fit for the skill set of Colin Kaepernick…

    Yes, “make first read, then run” is pretty close to Chip’s system…

  30. When are NFL owners and GMs going to realize that the college game is COMPLETELY different than the NFL and a college coach with little to no NFL experience is almost always a disaster as an NFL head coach !!

    Chip Kelly needs to be an OC in the NFL for a few years and learn to be good at that before he is ready for an NFL HC job again !!

  31. Let this control freak go back to bossing kids around at a college. He has no clue what it means to be part of an organization of professionals from the cooperate front office to the players. Let this guy wander the wastes and eventually run out of time to beg a college to adopt him.

  32. Say what you want about Chip, but two 10 win seasons out of the three seasons he had in philly isnt too shabby. He obviously has to change some things but its not like the guy has no clue at all.

  33. dejadoh says:
    Jan 4, 2016 9:02 AM
    Over the last three years Kelly had a better record as HC than 21 other teams. 11 teams finished with a worse record than the Eagles. So I wouldn’t call it a disaster.

    If all you see are basic numbers and can’t analyze trends, I guess you would be right. When a coach has three years in a system and his best year is his first year and his worst year is his third year, most people would understand that to be a very bad thing.

  34. If Alex Boone thought Harbaugh pushed him too hard, what would make anyone think he’d take to Kelly’s conditioning program?……

  35. Good fit for Kap… Terrible fit for the entire rest of the team. Give me Payton even if it means eating Kap’s comtract for a year.

  36. liongator says:
    Jan 4, 2016 11:09 AM
    A winning record in the NFL, yet people say he can’t be an NFL coach and his offense is a gimmick.

    Chip, you’ve been Tebowed.

    Actually, that’s a great analogy. When Tebow first came into the league no one knew what to make of him. He was able to scratch together a bunch of wins before the league got tape on him. After that, they completely figured him out and his career went into a downward spiral.

    You know, just like Chip Kelly.

  37. Kelly was a “disaster” in 2015??
    He went into Foxboro and whipped the Patriots a month ago. I didn’t hear you calling him a disaster then.
    You should write for the National Enquirer.

  38. Most of the Eagles organization, including players, badmouthing Kelly probably won’t help his cause in landing another job. It will be interesting to see just how in demand he is. As long as he sticks to coaching and not personnel management, he should be OK though.

  39. <>

    If not for an extraordinary special teams effort, that win would have been a loss. Even as it was, the Eagles had to hang on by the hair of their chinny chin chin at the end to win.

  40. I think Chip will catch on as an OC at a minimum. Maybe after he has eaten some humble pie he will make adjustments to his approach.

    He sucks as a GM but he had moments as a coach. He got destroyed by refusing to adjust his system week to week.

    His reputation as a smart guy from some of the top people in the game is not unjustified. He is an innovator and works really hard.

    It would not surprise me at all if he has a lot of future success in the league either as an OC or head coach.

  41. I just don’t see it happening = Chip to San Francisco.

    Current ownership of the 49ers is so tight when Ned York steps down to pick up a quarter, the eagle screams. I assume the idea here is to replace Jim Tomsula, a nice guy who had little or no control over his roster, a great guy with a suspicious flatulence issue; replacing Tomsula with Kelly, who resembles a bull strutting through a china shop.

    I just cannot see it. Maybe the Niners need to start with new ownership, then work downward from there. This is just sad – the 49ers once were at the top of the NFL and well-respected. Now THIS.

  42. Maybe the rest of the NFL finally took a look at Chip’s resume and noted he had a grand total of 4 seasons as a head coach prior to the Eagles letting him run everything into the ground.

    Four total seasons running a big-name college program where 10 wins is almost guaranteed given their talent level isn’t anywhere close to proof you’re ready to run an NFL team. It’s not just that he crazily somehow had personnel control in Philly, it’s that he really wasn’t ready to run an NFL team even strictly as a coach.

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