Colts, Chuck Pagano agree to new contract


Black Monday’s most stunning news is about a coach who didn’t get fired.

Chuck Pagano will return to the Colts and has agreed to a new contract, the team announced this evening.

That news comes as a total shock. It has been widely believed for months that Pagano would be gone at the end of the season even if the Colts made the playoffs. When the Colts fell short of the postseason, Pagano’s exit seemed to be a mere formality.

But when Black Monday came and there was no announcement of anything other than a meeting between Pagano and Colts owner Jim Irsay, it began to raise questions about whether Pagano had saved his job. And now it’s clear that he has.

Whether Pagano, Irsay and General Manager Ryan Grigson can all work together for the long term remains to be seen. But Pagano will get another shot, and will remain the Colts’ coach.

104 responses to “Colts, Chuck Pagano agree to new contract

  1. That’s crazy. I wonder if Grigson is the one in his way out now. Good for Pagano, I like that guy.

  2. Considering Irsay is still drunk, why not extend the best GM in the league Sir Ryan Grigson also?

    With this move, I guess it’s “more probable than not” that many NFL fans are “generally aware” that with these moves the Colts will continue to stink. Roger be thankful I said that for you, I heard Ted Wells charges quite a bit.

  3. Wow this is actually a surprise. I am not a Colt’s fan but even from afar it is obvious that Grigson is not a good GM and that he is the problem. It makes me wonder if Luck used his leverage and made Irsay keep Pagano.

  4. Good news. More needless drama wasn’t going to help this squad, who wants to play for Pagano! Glad he’s still on board. Now about that meddling GM..

  5. Oh man, I thought for sure you would want to pin this on Aaron Rodgers for hating cancer survivors

  6. Is this one of those Steve Harvey type jokes where he really was fired, but maybe from a cannon. There’s no way that guy didn’t get canned. No way! 🙂

  7. Best case scenario would’ve been Chuck stays and Grigson goes. I’m sure the Colts will draft Treadwell in the first round next year now. But happy for Chuck as a Broncos fan. He seems like a good guy.

  8. Problem with Pagano is that his teams always lay an egg in the first half. They are always down and relied on Luck to make crazy comebacks in the 2nd half.

    If your team is always losing the first half, thats on coaching. Your halftime game plan is scrapping everything you tried doing in the first half and letting Luck just chuck it and hope for a comeback.

    I like Chuck as a person, still not sold as him as a coach.

  9. While I despise everything about the Indy Irsays, Pagano is all class. If this is what he wanted, then I am very happy for him. He deserves it, & is a damned good coach.

  10. Congrats to Coach Pagano. Your owner is a drunk and should be in jail for his crimes. You were always above board and deserve to show what you can do assuming competent management arrives and the owner finds a nice big tree to drive into.

  11. Irsay on the blue pills and Jack Daniels today. Chuck was lucky it wasn’t red pill and Wild Turkey day.

  12. Few teams, if any, could have gone 8-8 with four different quarterbacks starting for them, especially a team so centered around the passing game. Grigson’s off season moves did not work, but none were worse than Todd Herrmann at guard. The line depth led to Lucks injury. Pagano is a good coach; I’m not saying he is an elite one but Saban was a pipe dream and there were few more attractive candidates out there.

  13. Good for Chuck. He’s a good guy. They just need an offensive coordinator. I’ve always thought the rumors about Grigson and Pagano having a bad relationship was just stuff put out by disgruntled ex-employees who blamed Grigson for their own failures, and who have a lot of time on their hands to hit the blogs. From what I understand, Grigson has one of the better reputations around the league.

  14. Jed York take note! This guys is a solid NFL coach and I’m glad they worked out their differences like grown men. Jed York take note you useless little elf.

  15. This is a good move. Pagano’s done nothing but win in the time he’s been there, and the QB injuries this year were hardly the result of coaching. Seems better to stay the course and be consistent in the current system (which has been good up until this year) than to blow things up, bring in a new coach/system that will take some time for adjustment and may or may not turn out to be better than Pagano to begin with.

  16. Good luck Chuck. Now all you need is an offence, a defence, and special teams. You’ve got your participation banners tho!!!

  17. When you consider the fact that the Colts PR department had prepared for a post-firing press conference, which was set up in the Colts media center today, the forgone conclusion that Chuck would be fired was not a matter of the media getting it wrong. Where’s there smoke, there’s fire and that fire was started internally at the Colts offices. Someone there leaked info that put Chuck on the defensive, resulting in a story line that the media followed. Shame on the Colts.

  18. Unfortunately it looks like Grigson is staying. Good thing about Chuck staying is Chud will be back (I assume). A change to his system will be an upgrade over Pep’s.

  19. Another example of how the media hype is just that: HYPE!!!

    Imagine if you had a job and the “rumor” was “out there” that you’d be fired. How would you like it?

    How would your family like it?

    The media exists for itself and ratings.

    Every person who wrote about the Pagano “rumor” should resign.

  20. They NEED to get rid of Ryan Grigson. He has no idea how to build around Luck. NONE.

    Pagano won 8 games with a 40 year old Hasselbeck and servicable play from Josh Freeman AND Ryan Lindley with virtually no running game. Took this team to the AFC championship game with no impact defensive players. He is a good coach, he needs some actual talent and the Colts may become an elite team.

  21. BigGuyForYou says:
    Jan 4, 2016 9:59 PM
    Confirmed that Grigson is staying too


    Don’t know why I got 7 thumbs down. Check Rappaport’s twitter you lemmings, Grigson is confirmed staying.

  22. Oh boy. Grigson will probably send their First Rounder to Haslam in exchange for Jonny Eightball.

  23. BOOM.

    Didn’t see that one coming. Good for him. As I said this morning: 40-23, 8-8 this year with a QB situation so desperate that JOSH FREEMAN started yesterday, and it’s a no-brainer that he’s going to be fired because he doesn’t get along with a GM who may also be fired?

    With a healthy Andrew Luck and hopefully a new GM that actually understands how to build an offensive line and the Colts are right back in this thing.

    Good to see one team thinking long term and not just knee jerking.

  24. Didn’t see that one coming. Good for him. As I said this morning: 40-23, 8-8 this year with a QB situation so desperate that JOSH FREEMAN started yesterday, and it’s a no-brainer that he’s going to be fired because he doesn’t get along with a GM who may also be fired?

    With a healthy Andrew Luck and hopefully a new GM that actually understands how to build an offensive line and the Colts are right back in this thing.

    Good to see one team thinking long term and not just knee jerking.

  25. Chuck is a blathering moron!

    I love the Colts!

    Please tell me that I didn’t dream “The Funt” play that he called against the Patriots! The funniest 5 seconds in sport’s history couldn’t have been a dream….but how could the coach that called that still be employed? I’m so confused!

    The Colts play in the AFC South, right? THE AFC SOUTH where all of the teams suck, right? And they didn’t even make the playoffs, right? Wow!

    Participation banner, Indeed!

    Look, I’m glad that the guy beat cancer, but he is home-made stupid!

    At least he can’t be eaten.

    Tennessee is the only team that the Colts will be above in next year’s AFC South. No playoffs again.
    Irsay is hitting the hard stuff again!

  26. If Grigson stays and the Colts draft anything other than O-Line or any defensive players, then the guy must be a loon.

    Well, at least in the first three rounds. A late round RB with raw ability and a big possession WR around the 5th-6th would make sense.

    I was shocked they didn’t take Landon Collins at the end of the first last year.

  27. Just curious, but how bad was the Irsay / Polian breakup back when it happened? Only asking because with all the talk about Manning and Polian going to do a front office tag-team somewhere, wouldn’t Indy be the logical first choice if they rightfully bounce Grigson? It would be great for Indianapolis football and great for the league. Pagano has his faults, but in a league where Lovie Smith and John Harbaugh can tread the waters and be successful being mediocre coaches with good GM’s picking groceries, I think that a Pagano / Manning / Polian operation would probably be nothing less than successful.

  28. Pagano is a nice guy, but I don’t see him leading this team to a championship. I think this move was more a reflection of the potential candidate pool to replace him rather than his strength as a coach alone.

    Aside from Sean Payton and Hue Jackson, the candidate pool is mediocre at best. If Grigson stays, I don’t see how this will work though.

  29. Chuck said he’d fight for his job. Anyone got the pics of Irsay with a shiner or two?

  30. The media and football fans speculated about his position on the team, nothing wrong with that. This is after all Black Monday. Congratulations for him on not getting fired.

  31. I think it’s good for Indy to establish consistency. Pagano is a good coach. Tough injuries and attrition are for the GM to consider in putting together the team.

  32. As a patriots fan I must say – great move by the colts. This assures the patriots have one less competitor in the AFC for years to come.


  33. It’s getting real difficult to root for this franchise. If I’m Luck, I absolutely do not re sign here. What a horrible, horrible decision.

  34. Smart move. He went 8-8 having to start QBs that probably wouldn’t even be good enough for backup on most teams. Put this in perspective Colts fans; the Chargers just retained a guy that went 4-12 and 0-6 in the division with Philip Rivers at QB for 16 games.

  35. Fox NFL insider Jay Glazer proclaimed on The Herd that Pagano was “definitely OUT” of Indy.

    Sooo, let’s hear it for the man-child Glazer!

  36. Nothing amazes me about the decision to keep Pagano.

    What does amaze me is the amount of idiots in this forum who either don’t understand how football works, don’t understand that the Patriots were the ones that cheated, don’t understand that the Colts went 11-5 in all other Pagano seasons except this one, or those that think that, after almost 2 decades, the Jags, Texans or Titans will all of a sudden become a powerhouse next year……best of luck with that, unicorn hunters.

  37. They got smart and figured out that a Luck/Pagano combo will be better than anyone else in the division can put together for a while

  38. Maybe all the “reporters” should stop gossiping and doing people’s bidding in the media. Grigson is the person most responsible for any troubles they’ve had.

  39. Total shock? Chuck Pagano’s record speaks for itself and the coach EARNED the contract he just received. Fortunately Jim Irsay didn’t reduce Chuck’s career to one poor play like you folks did here at PFT.

  40. Colts feared him disclosing information regarding injury cover ups! Please remember he was terrible even with healthy roster! HUGE FAIL

  41. Right up until today, every single person in the NFL world, with the exception of Jim Irsay, knew that the problems with the Indianapolis Colts have all been because of Ryan Grigson. Who told Irsay???

  42. Finally, I got one right. There was no reason to fire the guy.
    The silly punt play was just an aberration.

  43. all the other teams that would have finished 8-8 with their 2nd and 3rd and 4th string qbs starting half the games should make fun of the colts .
    I live in the heart of colts country and was hoping to see the colyts implode like the niners have this season but they actually fought like hell to compete and have decided to bury the petty differences and soldier on. I have seen many teams give lip service to the coach they attempted to get fired but the players poured out their guts for chuckstrong …. almost forced irsay to keep the coach. Grigson should sleep with one eye open and he had best have a solid draft of guys that contribute from the jump .

  44. Whyou mess with something that is going so well? You can’t get this mediocre with just any coach and GM combo. Stay the course and more losing banners will be coming your way.

  45. tonebones says:
    Jan 4, 2016 10:04 PM
    From what I understand, Grigson has one of the better reputations around the league.

    lol, Mike Lombardi certainly loved him.

  46. The shock at news that Pagano is not being fired is a product of the ears of the media listening to the voices of the media. Had the Colts quit on the season the way the Cowboys did when Romo was shelved, then maybe there would be a football reason to move on from Pagaon. But the Colts did not quit. Their record was respectable, even impressive considering the flawed roster and significant injuries.

    Pagaon had already proved three times over that he could take the team to the playoffs. Now he’s proven that he can keep the team focused under very adverse circumstances. PFT made Pagaon the poster child of its coaching hot seat feature. The shock is more about the media having its wings clipped than about football.

    Grigson is another matter entirely.

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