Colts say no announcement regarding Chuck Pagano on Monday


Reports that the Colts had decided to move on without head coach Chuck Pagano on Friday were met with a quick response from the team saying that they hadn’t made any decisions regarding the position.

It appears the end of the regular season on Sunday and a meeting with Pagano on Monday hasn’t gotten them to that point. According to multiple reporters in Indianapolis, the Colts announced on Monday afternoon that the team would have no announcement or press conference regarding Pagano’s status before the day is out.

Pagano, who turned down a one-year contract extension before the season, said last week that he planned to “fight my ass off” to remain the Colts’ coach.

The lack of a decision about the future is also true for General Manager Ryan Grigson, whose personnel moves and reportedly poor relationship with Pagano have been seen as part of what wrong for the Colts this season. His position in the organization has been portrayed as stronger than Pagano’s at points this season, but the delay in making a move makes it hard to read exactly what the Colts are going to do this week.

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  1. Fire Grigson!
    There’s not one coach worth his salt that would come to Indy with a GM who’s dictating lineup decisions to make his failed draft choices look better!

  2. I’m not sure how good Pagano really is but a lot of the Colts’ problems seem more related to injuries and personnel than anything I’d call coaching issues.

  3. Wouldn’t you hate to lose your job because of a disaster like Grigson?

    I know it happens all of the time, but it being Grigson makes it sting more.

  4. Just keep Pagano and fire Grigson. Pagano did the best he could given the circumstances this year. I’m not sure how much coaches would’ve done a better job

  5. If, by some luck, he ends up staying, the story needs to end with him hoisting the Lombardi, because Hollywood.

  6. Wonder if it is like Ali-Frazier III Thrilla in Manila (last man standing wins), Ali-Foreman (Rope-A-Dope), Douglas-Tyson (stunning knockout), or Cobb-Holmes (whack, whack, but the challenger keeps coming and doesn’t drop).

  7. Pagano went 8-8 WITHOUT ANDREW LUCK. And won with Matt Hasselbeck, Charlie Whitehurst, and Josh Freeman.
    Not to mention a broken O Line.
    Fire Grigson
    Hire an actual Front office executive with experience
    Keep Pagano
    Stay out of Football affairs
    Keep Andrew Luck
    Fix the Online

    Here me Irsay

  8. Coach Pagano is a leader of men. His players will die for him. His players want Grigson to die. I think we know who the problem is. Ryan has got to go. He has not done one thing to earn his paycheck. Bad free agent signings. Bad picks. Forcing the biggest running bust in history on this coach. Not allowing coach to coach and micro managing. Grigson wont find another job in a head office if he is fired. Pagano will coach next year regardless is its with the colts.

  9. I don’t know why a guy would even want to be an NFL coach these day’s. Even coaches with winning records are getting fired. Better off staying in college.

  10. They are negotiating a new contract for Pagano. The Colts are keeping Grigson for now to drive down Pagano’s price. CP’s insistence that Grigson MUST go will be the final piece of the contract.

    Pagano signs for 3 years and Grigson gets the heave-ho ho ho.

  11. Coach Pagano should just walk away, they don’t deserve his talent. Luck can have a future, but will be limited by ownership.

    They are that dumpster fire you drive by at midnight.

    Framegate karma continues !

  12. I would think firing GM/Puppet Grigson would be the junkie owners first priority and see if the new GM wants to keep him.

    But thats not the way they do things in INDY.

    Irsay will hire/fire the HC first, have Grigson run the draft and then fire him and hire a new GM/Puppet.

    I hear the Cowboys HC/Puppet Jason Garrett is on thin ice. Jerry Jones son/Puppet, Steve Jones, said yesterday that Garrett was safe. Oh uh!

    Oh the Colts will also hang another banner. “2nd Place AFC South” or maybe “AFC South Participant”.

  13. Pagano is a above-average coach. Not counting the owner, the problems with the Colts lie with that fat head in the front office- Grigson. Fire Grigson, keep Pagano and give him some good assistants, bring in a new GM that make good draft/trade, then in two years, the Colts will be a very competitive team.

  14. The sensible approach would be to keep Pagano. His overall recored with the team is very good. On the other hand, the Colts are likely needing a head on a stick to satisfy their owner’s sense of entitlement, so they shouldn’t be expected to take a sensible approach.

  15. Does not scream managerial excellence when you have a meeting at season end and have not already figured out what you’re going to do.

  16. I get the feeling Pagano may have told Irsay some things about Grigson that weren’t completely on the table. I agree with the sentiment here, for Pagano to go 8-8 with that QB situation, that offensive line, and that stinker of an offseason is incredible. If the Colts don’t retain Pagano, they’ll regress.

  17. Forever 8-8.

    Luck is not the savior and even if he was he’ll always have Texas sized Asterisk next to his name because the Indianapolis Dolts cheated to get him.
    So at least you go that going for you INdy.


  18. People act like he went 8-8 in a good division. That division makes a lot of coaches/QBs look way better than they really are or were. *uhum Peyton Manning.

  19. The Colts will announce Chucks fate in typical Colt’s fashion. Similar to announcing the selection of a Pope by the color of smoke the Colts will raise a black banner if Pagano’s fired or a white banner if he stays.

  20. Since they came into today with Pagano’s contract expired, held meetings most of the afternoon and announced NOTHING, it seems more like a negotiation for a new deal as opposed to relieving someone of their duties…

    What makes no sense to me is that Grigson and Pagano reportedly get along about as well as Republicans and Democrats discussing Obamacare… Keeping them together will do no good for the team..

  21. Probably better stated by badphish24 but simply put: If both Grigson and Pagano lose their jobs, who is going to be hired first? Pagano in a heartbeat. Grigson will have to work his way up again, assuming he wants to be in the NFL at all.

  22. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. Irsay needed another day to work off the New Year’s Eve bender.

  23. It’s a shame luck has to play for this pathetic organization ! Poor Andrew he really has no luck !

  24. I suspect Irsay’s Twitter account is exploding reflecting dissatisfaction with Grigson and support for Pagano. No decision is a decision to move on from Pagano since his contract goes only another two months. Delay only hamstrings the Colts from interviewing the A list coaches which is just what Grigson wants! Irsay needs to eat crow and fire Grigson or endure a year of angry fan tweets.

  25. Pagano isn’t HC material. Honestly, I think he is a position coach who lucked (no pun intended) into the job. He was DC for like a year. Nice guy, but clueless.

    Also, Grigsons refusal to shore up oline I’d grounds for automatic termination.

  26. Indy keeps this up and Luck is liable to get fed up with getting beat up and jump ship.

    Let’s see. Houston. Excellent defense. Decent running game. Gets to beat Irsay twice a year.

    2017 will be here before you know it.

  27. I think the Colts have done well. Grigson and Pagano took over 4 years ago and made it to the AFC Championship game last year. This year, their star QB got hurt. I remember just last year a lot of people thought Carolina should clean house, and this year they came back to go 15-1. I’m thinking the Colts will be that team next year. I hope Pagano is around to ride in the Parade.

  28. Without him the Colts will have a tough time winning another AFC Finalist banner.


    That is “Mr. AFC Finalist banner” to you.

  29. If Indy wants Pagano to stay – send messages to Irsay’s Twitter account – bombard it! Grigson is your problem – Dorsett instead of an offensive lineman to protect Luck? Are you kidding me? If you don’t convince Irsay tonight, enjoy the next ten years of mediocrity, Luck’s wasted career and watch Pagano become the next head coach in Arizona to win Superbowls in a few years when his good friend Bruce Arians retires.

  30. BTW. Steve Mariucci said it best tonight. This is on the organization if they let Pagano go. To offer him a contract at 50% of head coach pay? This is on Irsay. Grigson should be GONE!

  31. Wonder if they’ll keep Pagano just long enough for him to miss another couple job openings. Wouldn’t surprise me.

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