Dolphins, 49ers ask permission to interview Hue Jackson


Hue Jackson is busy this week — and he hopes for the next several weeks — but Jackson will eventually get interviews for head coaching jobs.

The Dolphins have requested permission to speak with Jackson, a source told PFT, and Mike Silver of NFL Network reported that the 49ers have done the same. Jackson, the Bengals’ offensive coordinator, could do interviews as soon as Sunday.

The Bengals play the Steelers in a wild card game Saturday night.

Jackson, 50, was the Raiders’ head coach in 2011. He’s been with the Bengals since and in his second season as offensive coordinator.

43 responses to “Dolphins, 49ers ask permission to interview Hue Jackson

  1. I hear Dolphin fans whining about alot of the candidates that Miami is interviewing especially Mike Shanahan. He has won 2 super bowls and had many winning seasons even after Elway retired. He would bring instant credibility back to the organization and would help to make Miami a popular free agency destination. Let’s worry about super bowls 3 or 4 years from now once we actually start making the playoffs again.

  2. Rooney rules candidate but he got shafted in Oakland. Would love to hear his play potentially for Kaepernick and or Gabbert situation. And who he’d want with the 7th overall pick.

  3. Not enough black coaches around to fulfill the Rooney requirements? Bet there’s a janitor nearby they can bring in. It’s cheaper than flying a guy in for the show.

    It’s a sham. Meanwhile qualified minority coaches are ignored in favor of retreads, who have failed over and over.

  4. Dan Campbell deserves a real shot at coaching this team for the next three years. He did very well considering he was thrown into the fire with one week to prepare and had no experience as a head coach, which he now has. He had no say in building the program he was asked to coach and did a stand up job. He’s a leader of men! The players love him and want him as their coach. You won’t find a more passionate motivator. This is a no brainer. Not signing Dan Campbell will haunt the Phins for years to come. You can take that to the bank.

  5. So it looks like Dolphins and Niners already know who their next guy is and are trying to get the Rooney rule out of the way before more teams get in line.

  6. Darn it… you said Hue Jackson, not Hugh Jackman.

    I think Wolverine would be a terrific head coach. No trouble motivating. Might be hell on the equipment though.

  7. Dan Campbell simply not ready to be a Head Coach yet. Not to take away the respectable job he did this season under the circumstances. But he made mistakes and essentially admitted that he wasn’t ready for this.

  8. Hue Jackson will be an excellent head coach. I miss him in Oakland.

    Just keep him away from the personnel decisions and it’s all good.

  9. I too am a Bengal fan and hate to loss Jackson but deserves another shot at HC. Bengal coordinates Jay Gruden and Mike Zimmer and both made the playoffs this year due to team success recent years. Let’s
    Get some playoff wins now. Who dey!

  10. Hue Jackson would make a great Head Coach. He is no Rooney Rule interview. The last two Bengal coordinators ( Zimmer and Gruden ) hired as head coach’s have teams in the playoffs this year.

  11. The Rooney rule is so dumb. If tony dungy or mike Tomlin were available they would get hired. If I was running a comedy club and I had a choice between Chris rock or some hack comedian you’d obviously hire Chris rock. On the other hand let’s say Vince Lombardi was out there and wanted to coach your team. You’re not allowed to bypass the Rooney rule to hire the guy the championship trophy is named after? In my opinion it’s racist to have the Rooney rule. If an owner won’t hire you because you’re a minority trust me you don’t want that job. So stupid.

  12. Hue Jackson would be a good hire, but Dan Campbell should get the job. He is a leader and motivator of men. They never laid down while he coached, including the last game against the Pats when nothing was on the line. His coordinators had zero NFL experience (partially his fault for elevating them (mistake), and partially the circumstances of getting the HC during the season when coordinator talent was thin). Give him the team and the off season. Been a Miami fan for 40 years (painful), but he will be the next Bill Cowher and if we let him go , we will be very sorry. He has more upside than Todd Bowles, and letting him go was also a mistake.

  13. If he’s smart, he turns all of these jobs down this cycle unless there is a job not open yet. There will be better jobs with better management situations opening up a year from now more than likely and he’s got a pretty stable gig in Cincinnati to allow him to wait.

  14. Hue actually did a fair job with Oakland. The only issue is when Al Davis died there was a vacuum at GM which allowed an inexperienced Jackson to step in and trade multiple draft picks for Carson Palmer who at that point had sat out of football due to I guess the Bengals being pathetic most of his career. Now Jackson was eventually proven right in his belief of Palmer years later but at that point of his career he had no business making that trade.

    In any case he’s a great offensive mind and earned his opportunity.

  15. You peeps trashing on HJ as a Rooney rule puppet are complete idiots. From a Raider fan, that cat was the best thing that happened to our team in over a decade. Any team that lands Hue as their head coach is going to be riding his jock by seasons end, and that’s a lock. Al put this dude in a complete no win situation and he still almost made our team a contender, with a bunch of nothing to work with. HJ is as aggressive a HC as you will ever find, and will not hesitate to stomp on the other teams throat when the chance. IMO, he’s in the mold of Arians in AZ; he don’t care what you think, he’s gonna go for the throat every time. JDR is fine, but most of Raider Nation would take HJ back in a heartbeat. He’d have Carr headed to the Pro Bowl AND playoffs. Dude is a GREAT HC candidate. You sacks will be singing a different tune about HJ at the end of next season, I guarantee it.

  16. Jan 4, 2016 10:02 PM
    Didn’t HJ go undefeated in the division his last season with Oak, but missed the playoffs? bad luck.

    Actually Hue was the OC under Cable that 2010 season. At 8-8, Cable declared “We’re not losers anymore” Al Davis disagreed, fired Cable and handed the job to Hue. The following season Al died, Hue traded two first rd picks for Carson Palmer, the Raiders lost 4 of their last 5 to finish
    8-8 , and Hue was fired by the new GM.

  17. If I was hiring an nfl head coach, Hue Jackson would be my top choice. He did a Great Job with the Raiders and they did the Raider thing and let a good thing go. Someone will get a good one if they hire Hue.

  18. Always made me wonder what could’ve been if Jason Campbell didn’t get hurt that year. Jackson had the team playing well and the roster was low on talent to say the least.

  19. footstepsfalco says:
    Jan 4, 2016 10:02 PM

    Didn’t HJ go undefeated in the division his last season with Oak, but missed the playoffs? bad luck.

    No, that was Cable. That’s when he gave his infamous “we’re not losers anymore” speech. HueJax’s downfall in Oakland was his mortgaging of the future with his “greatest trade in history”. It took 3 years to recover from that debacle.

  20. ‘Phins would be best for Hue Jackson, since Ryan Tannehill is a lesser Dalton, of sorts.

  21. I’d love it if Marvin were put up in the office over personnel and Brown would give Hue the HC job in Cincy. But that won’t happen. Marvin is here until he says he isn’t. Brown will never get rid of him.

  22. All of you commenting on the Rooney rule are either racist or very uninformed, or both. Jackson was a casualty of Al Davis dying. He was butchered for the Palmer trade, which sure looks a lot different now that Palmer is at a near MVP level. He had one season at Oakland, and it wasn’t terrible (actually better than this year, which for some reason Raiders fans are pretty happy about). This guy will be a good coach somewhere. As a Cincinnati Bengals fan I hope it’s here and Marvin becomes a GM.

  23. No, that was Cable. That’s when he gave his infamous “we’re not losers anymore” speech. HueJax’s downfall in Oakland was his mortgaging of the future with his “greatest trade in history”. It took 3 years to recover from that debacle.

    Had Jackson been given another year or two, and Palmer got to the level he’s at now, everyone in Oakland would be calling it the best trade ever. Palmer wasn’t going to be the savior when he spent the first 8 weeks on his couch. A few years in the system and he would have been the stud he is now. Carson Palmer’s play should do nothing but strengthen Jackson’s candidacy.

  24. It seems that there’s a lot of enthusiasm for Hue Jackson due to some wishful thinking – or rewriting of history.

    Jackson did NOT improve the Raiders record in his year as HC. They finished 8-8 which was the SAME record as they had the previous year under Tom Cable. Furthermore the Raiders under Jackson lost 4 of their last 5 games after which Jackson tried to deflect personal accountability by blaming the players. And then of course there’s the trade of several high draft picks he made for Carson Palmer shortly after Al Davis’ death (when there was a power vacuum). That trade screwed the Raiders up for years. And like Chip Kelly he wanted to retain GM-type control over personnel which was the primary reason he was fired.

    On the plus side (as if there is any) of hiring Jackson, he will provide a lot comedy through his moronic quotes, much like Rex Ryan. It was Jackson who came up with the ‘building a bully’ quote before Ryan used it too.

    So to those fans of teams who want Hue Jackson as their next HC… careful of what you wish for.

  25. Anyone saying that this is a Rooney Rule interview clearly has no clue what they’re talking about considering Miami is already also scheduled to interview Teryl Austin and Anthony Lynn.

    Plus the fact the HJ is deservingly bound to be a HC sooner rather than later.

  26. I’m all in favor of moving ML to GM and HJ to HC. Even though PB has never had a GM its a move that might appeal to his strong reliance on loyalty and continuity.

  27. @brianav036 you must be either a Patriots, Jets, or Bills fan. Mike Shanahan would be a terrible hire.

    Not at all he has the most prior experience (lacking from Fins last hire in the year 2000) and has the edge they need.

  28. “Meanwhile qualified minority coaches are ignored in favor of retreads, who have failed over and over.”

    Name them?

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