Dolphins to interview Mike Shanahan


Mike Shanahan is hoping for one more ride in the NFL, and the Dolphins may give him the chance.

Shanahan will interview with the Dolphins for their head-coaching vacancy on Tuesday, Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reports.

The 63-year-old Shanahan had an outstanding tenure in Denver, winning two Super Bowls. But his other two head-coaching stints, with the Los Angeles Raiders before Denver and in Washington after Denver, both were largely unsuccessful.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has delegated the coaching decision to executive V.P. of football operations Mike Tannenbaum, and it will be Tannenbaum who decides if Shanahan has enough gas left in the tank to lead one more team.

100 responses to “Dolphins to interview Mike Shanahan

  1. OH BOY! If he ends up hired the fireworks are going to be amazing for everybody besides Dolphin fans.

  2. Shanny is the only coach in history that made me cringe facing him and his team.

  3. The rise of Kirk Cousins and Shanahan’s insisting on Drafting Kirk may be what gets him another job.

  4. flash1287 says:
    Jan 4, 2016 8:42 AM

    Yes! Please hire him!

    To be honest I think the Dolphins would do well to sign him. Never enjoyed facing the Broncos with him there.

  5. “Hi, my name is Mike. I flamed out at my last job and accomplished nothing at the previous one without the HoF QB I inherited. I can’t pick a QB that doesn’t have one issue or another. I would like the opportunity to flame out with your franchise!”

  6. Well,

    Shanahan will give them more structure then they’ve had in over a decade. He’s a step in the right direction but I don’t think he’s the answer to them getting a championship.

  7. Super Bowl winning coach with the foresight to draft Kirk Cousins after getting saddled with RGIII by Dan Snyder? Snicker all you want but this would be a tremendous hire.

  8. noteamforlosangeles says:
    Jan 4, 2016 8:41 AM

    Please take Kyle with you…We’ll even throw in a ham sandiwch!

    Yours Truly,

    Falcons fans


    Kyle Shanahan is not the issue in Atlanta. Gladly take him.

  9. Another dumpster fire headed to Davie the guy has done nothing since Elway retired please please hire him .
    AFC East

  10. Will Ross ever wake up and see that Tannenbaum is the problem, not the Head Coach?

  11. Stupid remark from PegulaBucks, don’t waste your time on here if you can’t do better.

  12. Unless Shanahan has a Way Back Machine or a flux capacitor that’s allowing him to bring John Elway and Terrell Davis in their prime along with him, this is a total waste of time.

  13. One thing we know to a moral certainty, Mike Shanahan is available, no other team has poached him ahead of us…….

  14. If Shanahan can make RG3 the best statistical QB ever as a rookie and also know Kirk Cousins is the answer his 2nd year. When RG3 believes he is Aron Rodgers. I think he can coach.

  15. Mike Tannenbaum…. Why is he still calling the shots in Miami. He couldn’t handle the job when with the Jets. And please don’t hire Mike…he hasn’t showed he can coach when with Washington.

  16. Name recognition – Check
    History of giving Belichick a hard time – Check
    Completely useless against everyone else with a guarantee of causing a giant internal mess and burning down the whole organization for years to come…. CHECK!

  17. Shanny Shanny Shanny! There was a rumor Shanny wanted to stay put and draft Tannehill over RG3 but Snyder insisted giving up the barn. He’ll know how to use him.

  18. Supposedly Shanahan was very interested in Tannehill more-so than RG3 during the draft. Snyder wanted RG3.

    Shanny’s success may be in the long past, but this guy is leagues better than any HC in Miami for the past 10 years, and would assemble a competent staff unlike Philbin could.

    Him with Dan Campbell as Asst. HC would be cool to see.

  19. I love you guys that blame Tannenbaum. The dude has been there a year. Shanny was not the problem in Washington. Like Miami, the owner was. Shanny isn’t my first pick but I don’t think it’s a bad pick.

  20. Shanahan has a lot of supporters, mostly athletic. I think he collected them along the way.

  21. I can’t believe anyone is interested in hiring Master Splinter again.
    Maybe the dumpster fire in Miami is bigger than we thought.

  22. He’ll last about 5 minutes with today’s athletes, who were about 5, when Elway and Davis made him relevant.

    How can any team look into the future by looking to the past for answers.

  23. And the rumors of RG3 going to Miami start now.

    For the person who referenced Suh, Haynesworth got run out of town once it was obvious that he only wanted to get paid. Suh would straighten up.

    Of the open positions, Miami has the most talent. Suh, Wake, Misi and Grimes on D, Landry, Matthews, Miller and Pouncey on O.

  24. “…an outstanding tenure in Denver, winning two Super Bowls.”
    An outstanding tenure? Cheating the salary cap to win two SBs qualifies as an outstanding tenure?

  25. Dolphin fans, if he is hired prepare for all your locker rooms dirty laundry to leak to media. Also be prepared for him to blame everyone but himself when he fails. When he coached the Redskins there were constant leaks to Schefter and Sally Jenkins. When he got canned, they leaks stopped. Only Shanahan can have total control of football operations and not claim responsibility for the football operations.

  26. A lot of people are giving Shanahan credit for drafting and speaking highly of kirk cousins. Well he also said John beck and Rex Grossman were starting quarterbacks in the league. Moreover he said “I’ll stake my reputation on that.”

  27. I’m just picturing the relationship between Shanny and Suh being like Haynesworth 2.0. As a Redskins fan, living through that debacle in the local media was so exhausting. It was like the only thing people focused on back then. There are better options out there than this guy.

  28. Washington was sure a mess, but not sure who that is on. The owner seemed to force his hand not only with drafting RG3, but making sure that he was the starter. Then all the media circus, and everything else surrounding that situations.

    He did draft Cousins when everyone thought it was crazy after they had just given up so much for RG3. That seems pretty impressive to me now.

    I would be interested to see if he can still coach without all of the RG3 circus following him around all the time. Although maybe there still would be with Miko Grimes in town…

  29. There isn’t a better coach than Shanahan, as long as he has a strong organization. Oakland wasn’t and Washington wasn’t, Denver was. I guess you could say the same thing about any coach. If the Dolphins are going to keep their current personnel staff, Shanahan will be gone in a couple years. If they get the right personnel guy to team with Shanny, they have a great chance.

  30. Glad to see so many of you are concered about the Dolphins. I knew we were a popular team, but…

    Are you all really serious? You know the “real” candidates are current OCs and DCs right now working through the Playoffs. This nonsense and just part of the game. Give me a break!

  31. He would be better than anything the Dolphins have had in quite a while. I remember some clashes with players but I don’t remember him ever being clueless on game day. The players he had issues with all seemed to be guys that placed themselves above the team. He has the ability to hire a decent staff and his running game has always been good. He is also not afraid to play young guys. Miami has talent but they lack leadership. Shanahan can fix some of that. I like Dan Campbell but I don’t think he is ready yet.

    Of the guys available, Shanahan, Mangini, Jackson, and McDaniels would be decent choices. Shanahan may be able to keep Miller.

  32. Everytime there is a Shanny story, at least 75% of the posts bash him. I think that shows those posters’ true football intellect.


    He won 2 Super Bowls as a Head Coach, and a 3rd as an OC.

    He got the best seasons out of the following QBs: Steve Young, John Elway, Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler, Rex Grossman, Robert Griffin. Think about that for a second. He designed successful, and even Super Bowl-wining offenses, around all of these different styles of QBS, from pocket passers like Elway & Griese to more mobile guys like RG3, Cutler and Plummer. Some of these guys were Hall of Famers, some were backup quality. But he designed successful offenses around many different styles of QB.

    He also to the Redskins to the playoffs, the only time they made them since 2007…at least before this year. And look at this year’s Redskins team. A lot of e key players were acquired by Shanny, from Trent Williams to Kirk Cousins, Alfred Morris, Pierre Garcon, etc.

    So, Posters, keep bashing Shannahan because he is such a bad coach. I’m sure there are 100’s of coaches out there that could’ve accomplished all this, right? Riiiiiiight.

  33. Give him 5 years in the sun, he maybe a prune when done, He fixes Tannehill.. they could be 11-5 next year easy.

    btw – Jarvis Landry is every bit as good as Antonio Brown, I’d take him over any guy in football based on what he did to Butler yesterday. Owned him. Tough as nails, Shanny will get him 8-10 touches a game.

    Shanny in Miami, makes the AFC East the league beast.

  34. Shanahan is a good coach, not a great coach. Same thing with Kubiak, Del Rio, John Fox and Fisher. Somehow they always have jobs while others never get a chance. Interesting.

    Shanahan does not get credit for Cousins or RG3 imo. Both Shanahan and Gruden gave Cousins 20+ games to play terribly before finally turning it around. Most Qbs don’t get that chance, not even RG3. And last I checked RG3’s knee is messed up because of Shanahan and his negligence for keeping him out there while already injured. He gets a pass for that and I find it appalling. Also, Kirk won the NFC East at 9-7 and hasn’t beaten a quality opponent all year. If he wins a playoff game or can beat the NFC East with Romo and a competent Eagles/Giants I’ll buy it

  35. maestro1899 says:
    Jan 4, 2016 10:34 AM

    Everytime there is a Shanny story, at least 75% of the posts bash him. I think that shows those posters’ true football intellect.


    He won 2 Super Bowls as a Head Coach, and a 3rd as an OC.

    He got the best seasons out of the following QBs: …..
    Believe you are right on … Shanahan is well respected by coaches around the league, IF he and the organization are in sync, he wouldn’t be a bad choice … that’s a big IF.

  36. Sweet, Dolphins are not giving up on being the most dysfunctional team in the league and I thought Cleveland was hands down winner after yesterday… if only they hire him, he gets his son to join him then makes a trade for
    RG3, not sure Cleveland can top that…..

  37. I don’t think he has the chops for it, but then again he can just swap out for bigger teeth if needed.

  38. Mike is a PROVEN coach & a known offensive mastermind & will get the team back on track if IDIOT Ross will get him!!! Now if we could just find a team to take over Suh contract & keep us out of cap Hell!!!

  39. Before we crow too loud about his accomplishments in Denver, let’s remember that after Elway’s retirement he had ONE playoff win there (2006 I think it was against New England). That’s not exactly reassuring.

    Give Shanahan a franchise QB to work with, and he’ll make life interesting on an opponent. If he doesn’t have one (Plummer, RGIII, etc.) he struggles. Which brings up the Ryan Tannehill-sized elephant in the room…

  40. Pros:
    -Won a division with a QB he didn’t even want to draft.
    -Won two Super Bowls a loooooongggg tim ago.

    -Has ONE playoff win in his last 14 years as a head coach, and in fact has only won playoff games in 3 of his 20 seasons.
    -Probably brings his son with him. See: Falcons season, second half of

  41. I think he’s vastly overrated. After his disaster in Washington, where he destroyed his QB who finished his rookie season with the 4th highest QB rating, I don’t see how he can talk about coaching again with a straight face.

  42. To all of you wanting Shanahan, take it from a 30 year Bronco fan..He was a good OC at one time…like Gary Kubiak. But their conservative approach will not make it in today’s NFL. Elway & a dominant Offensive line..along with an elite running back & some now outlawed chop blocking made him famous! Shanny is a has been who will only get you to mediocre.

  43. govtminion says:
    Jan 4, 2016 11:57 AM
    Before we crow too loud about his accomplishments in Denver, let’s remember that after Elway’s retirement he had ONE playoff win there (2006 I think it was against New England). That’s not exactly reassuring.

    Give Shanahan a franchise QB to work with, and he’ll make life interesting on an opponent. If he doesn’t have one (Plummer, RGIII, etc.) he struggles. Which brings up the Ryan Tannehill-sized elephant in the room…

    It’s been widely reported that the QB Shanny wanted in 2012 was, in fact, Ryan Tannehill. And he wouldn’t have had to trade up to get him.

    Snyder obviously overruled him, and the rest is history…

  44. Seems like the dolphins are looking to add to their coaching staff and make a deep run in the playoffs. Oh wait the Dolphins haven’t been in the playoffs since 2000.

  45. Unless he brings in John Elway and shoots him up with Fountain of Youth juice, this will end badly.

    Probably won’t go down though….Tannebaum is probably just polishing up his interview skills on the old geezer for when they chase after some other team’s TE coach.

  46. I’m not against coaching re-treads (see Belichik, Bill), but I’m not sure this is the right guy. If Shanny was frustrated with the situation in Washington, he’d absolutely hate Miami, with layers upon layers of built-in bureaucracy all the way up to ownership. We need someone who can play nice with the leadership but motivate players (the main thing Philbin lacked), oh and also be a good x’s and o’s guy. If we’re talking re-treads, I think Hue Jackson would be a better choice – he did a decent job in true ownership hell, and can get decent play out of average qbs.

    My first choice from any potential pool of coaches is David Shaw, but I’d be OK

  47. Someone above said “there isn’t a better coach than Shanahan.” The guy won 2 Super Bowls with a HOF QB and several key players that he inherited. Oh, and a roster in violation of the salary cap, for which the Broncos and Pat Bowlen were stripped of draft picks and fined.
    Since Elway retired and without an illegal roster, Shanahan won exactly 1 playoff game while making several poor draft and personnel decisions and butting heads with his players.

  48. For those too young, or those with bad memories, Mike Shanahan used to walk on water. He was Bill Belichick before Belichick. He had the HOF QB and was winning multiple super bowls. There was no doubt in anybody’s mind that Shanahan was the best of the best. If Belichick suddenly became available, wouldn’t every team be after him? Well, Belichick is available. His name is Mike Shanahan.

  49. He needed a great QB to win, no crap. Did you guys see who wins superbowls. Hint teams with top notch defenses or teams with really good QBs. Brian Billick Offensive genuis won one. His offense was ok, his defense was great. News flash talent wins.

  50. Most likely a terrible hire. Things change. It’s amazing the inability of these billionaires to actually find someone with the right intellect, emotional intelligence and raw talent to coach a sport. Instead they act like every hoarder does, with as little risk as possible, and as little reward as possible. He’s talent with an insurance policy attached. It’s pathetic.

  51. Shanahan is a small step up from a guy like Mike McCarthy. Like McCarthy, Shanny wins when he has his HOF QB (Shanny also had a HOF tight end Sharpe, HOF O-linemen, all-pro and maybe HOFer Rod Smith at WR, all-pro Ed McCaffery at WR, other all-pro O-linemen, and he still didn’t win big until he got all-pro Terrell Davis at RB). He is the Mike McCarthy of coaches, a guy who a HOF QB can overcome and make look good, but doesn’t do much without the HOFer. Having said all that, I will repeat that he is a step up from Mike McCarthy.

  52. “Kyle Shanahan is not the Problem in Atlanta” Gladly take him.

    @iammrbinky- So whose fault was it that the Falcons could average only 19 points in two games against one of the worst defenses in NFL history? But hey, if Kyle’s your guy, I’m sure Falcons fans will approve.

  53. Someone above said “there isn’t a better coach than Shanahan.” The guy won 2 Super Bowls with a HOF QB and several key players that he inherited.

    1995–2008 Denver Broncos (head coach)
    Won SB 97 & 98 how is this possible?

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