Eagles owner wants John Harbaugh, probably can’t get him


In firing Chip Kelly last week, Eagles owner Jeff Lurie set himself up to make a quick move.

But his top target probably isn’t anywhere close to being available to him.

According to Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News, the name atop the Eagles owner’s wish list along with Saints coach Sean Payton is Ravens coach John Harbaugh.

While that seems to come out of the blue, Harbaugh has deep ties to Philadelphia from his 10 years there as an assistant, so the feelings are strong.

But there has been no indication the Ravens want to part ways with Harbaugh after this year’s 5-11 campaign, and a league source tells PFT it won’t happen.

But the report notes that Harbaugh has two years left on his contract, and that Raavens General Manager Ozzie Newsome “doesn’t seem to have any interest in letting him out of the final two years of his contract, even if the Eagles were willing to offer a compensation package and Harbaugh was willing to go.”

It could be that Lurie’s years-long wish list is just now being known, because to target another team’s coach would be poor form. Or it could be that someone close to Harbaugh is hoping the Ravens realize there might be interest in him elsewhere, and perhaps adjust his compensation accordingly.

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  1. Eagles = Only Team In NFC East with No Super Bowl Rings (The other teams have MULTIPLE SUPER BOWL RINGS)

    Cowboys 5 Super Bowl Rings
    Giants 4 Super Bowl Rings
    Redskins 3 Super Bowl Rings

  2. Hotseat Harbaugh might want to jump before he gets pushed. Flacco probably won’t be right until later in the season, and even when he is he can’t beat the Bengals.

  3. With all of the injuries taking playmaker after playmaker off the Ravens roster this season, the only reason they showed up each week with guys ready to compete is because of Harbaugh. He is not going to Filthadelphia.

  4. Eagles should go after Pagano. He’s a good coach that can motivate and got a raw deal. As a Redskins fan I’d hate to see him there. Weird that they are more worried about coaches still employed and they can’t have.

  5. Ravens already overpaid their subpar QB. Might as well overpay their subpar coach too. They both just rode the coattails of a great defense with great veteran leadership. Once those vets got run out by Harbaugh’s ego and flacco’s protection clause… no wonder the team starts to flounder.

  6. Harbaugh for two 1st-rounders would have to be the starting point. But Ravens won’t do it. He’s a good coach.

    But maybe there’s an outside chance they do it, then hire Jim Caldwell if/when he gets fired by whoever the new Lions GM is.

  7. I don’t even seeing John & Philly mixing. Harbaugh + Philly = somebody getting punched in the mouth. That being said don’t see why he’d get fired for Ozzie going overboard on releases. You need some kind of continuity, you can’t just nuke most of it and expect to still be good.

  8. If Lurie wants a whiner in chief; that doesn’t know the rule book, makes excuses and blames everybody but himself, Harbaugh’s the perfect guy.

  9. Ravens fan here. If they are in a position to offer a 2016 #1, I say we take the deal. Having 2 #1s early in the round should go a long way to plugging up the holes this season tore in the roster. Ozzie can probably turn that into two lower #1s and say a two and a three.

  10. I feel that, like the article states, this is a play for more $$$. Harbaugh has a good thing in Baltimore, including great front office structure and ownership. Don’t get me wrong, Philly has great ownership, but why jump from a good thing?

    In fact, I feel bad for Philly because they have a great owner, just a run of bad luck/no franchise QB. It’s hard to win in the NFL without a serviceable QB and or a coach that can get the most out of said QB. Once Lurie can find his “Harbaugh + Flacco”, the Eagles will dominate the NFC East.

  11. As a Ravens fan I am torn, I think he is a quality HC but some of his decisions baffle everybody. If the eagles were to offer a 1st rounder and more for him, it would be hard to say no. Then target Sean Payton 🙂

  12. Tampa Bay traded 2002 and 2003 first-round draft picks, 2002 and 2004 second-round draft picks, and $8 million in cash for the Chuckster. And that was before he won the Super Bowl.

    Eagles, I’d imagine that’d be the start of negotiations – but I can guaruntee you’d have to throw in more draft picks.

  13. Harbaugh is going nowhere. He is already making a good sum with a great owner (read: hires and trusts others to make football related decisions) and a solid GM…both of whom he gets along with. And he has a quarterback who is around the 10-12th best in the league. He’s not going to have any of that to help him in Philly, especially the QB regardless of what the Flacco hate trolls spew.

  14. Philly- How about we give you Dean Peas and you give us a couple of cheesesteaks?

    If that wont work maybe go after Tomlin, every Pittsburgh fan was screaming for his release just a week ago….

  15. Someone made a joke about the city of Philadelphia being dirty and unsafe. The suburbs surrounding Philadelphia are some of the best places to live in America.

  16. He’s realizing that if they hadn’t held onto Andy Reid for soo long, Harbaugh was right in there building for the taking and they waitied too long and he went to Baltimore. To the guy who said he doesn’t mix with Philadelphia….he was a Special Teams for quite a few years already in Philly. Would mix just fine. I think Sean Payton is the guy they want….but I see New Orleans asking for a lot instead of just letting him walk

  17. Enjoy watching The Steelers in the playoffs while you sit on your dirty sofas, Ravens fans.

    Love ripping your hopes of spoiling the Steelers playoff chances away. It was truly the last glimmer of hope for a smile over your embarrassing season.

    You are irrelevant & forgotten

  18. Didn’t Lurie say he wanted a coach with emotional intelligence? Did you see this guy during the divisional round last year? He started crying like a baby about a legal play then went crying to the NFL. Then was so butt hurt he embarrassed himself, he told Mom and Dad the Pats were deflating footballs. Doesn’t sound like emotional intelligence to me.

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