Jed York: Trent Baalke remains 49ers’ G.M., will hire next coach


A day after coach Jim Tomsula paid for the 49ers’ disappointing season with his job, owner Jed York said the same fate will not befall General Manager Trent Baalke.

York says Baalke remains the G.M. and will hire the next head coach.

“Trent Baalke will remain the General Manager of the 49ers. Trent understands that I’m not satisfied with the state of this team. Trent’s role is to find the next head coach and continue to build this roster and get us back to championship form. Trent has the skills to do this,” York said.

The question, however, is how sure 49ers fans can be that Baalke really is the man to turn the 49ers around. The team had a lot of success under coach Jim Harbaugh, but York and Baalke decided they couldn’t work for Harbaugh any longer and sent him packing. They then hired Tomsula, whom they could work with, but not win with.

Now the 49ers need to find a coach they can win with. York was born into the family that has owned the team for decades, so he doesn’t have to worry about his job security. But he may have no choice but to fire Baalke if the next coach is as unsuccessful as Tomsula.

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  1. They may as well blow this puppy up at this point. This team is so disoriented now that this would be the best time to let go of Baalke and look for new management top to bottom.

  2. I think that it’s a perfectly understandable decision to keep Baalke and let him hire the next head coach–you know, because he did such an outstanding job this last time.

  3. I think it’s a good move. If you keep giving Baalke chances, he’s bound to blindly stumble into doing at least one thing right! Maybe?

  4. They went 5-11 with Kapernick/Gabbert as their QB’s. I dont think Tomsula was a great hire, but he wasnt a “fire after one year” bad hire. The once great 49ers are a mess!

  5. That’s going to be a great want ad.

    Wanted: Candidate desperate to be a head coach in the NFL, no matter how bad the situation. No prior experience necessary. Ability to spew cliches and divert blame from GM are positive attributes for candidates. Ability to win a few games is helpful, but not essential. Most important abilities are to 1) do whatever the GM wants; and 2) take the blame for GM when team loses.

  6. ugh, great, They’ll use the #7 pick to draft an undersized Safety from a small school… Or on a Lineman whose ACL was blown out last week.

  7. Jed York has to go. He is just terrible top to bottom, doesn’t know a thing about running a football team, and is driving this franchise into the ground with Baalke in the passenger seat

  8. He came out of hiding to show the world he’s a little Napoleon. “Trent understands that I’m not satisfied with the state of this team.”

    Slow down Dark Jed!

  9. can someone tell york there is a huge investment opportunity in a Mississippi river gambling boat in new orleans, all he need is the governors backing?

  10. After the Harbaugh debacle, York proclaimed that what happened to the team in the future was his responsibility.

    Looks like he’s doubling down on stupid.

  11. The only – and I mean only – thing that makes the Browns position more unattractive than the Niners is Johnny Football. The bottom line is that a coach would either have to be beyond desperate or a straight fool to sign on with either of those two organizations.

  12. So the guy who booted Harbaugh and put Tomsula in place gets to keep his job and pick the next coach to ?

    That has FAIL written all over it.

  13. I love York. Says he would be held accountable, then fired the coach instead of the gm. Hey boldin, sure you are gonna leave this off season?

  14. Exactly how many players from the 2012 draft class played for the 49ers in 2015? Thats right, ZERO.

    Thanks Trent Baalke.

    And Thank you Jed for raking in millions in profit from PSL sales only to turn around and low ball an incompetent coach.

    Thank you sir, may I have another.

  15. Anyone else have a bizarre image of Jed … and a goat … on an old polaroid … in Trent’s wallet?


  16. If Niners fans want to start a Crowdfunding effort to pay Eddie’s bail money for spanking Jed on the 50 yard line during halftime at SB50, I’ll chip in.

    A Seahawks Fan

  17. His press conference literally ended with the words: “We haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1994. Thank you, Happy New Year!” I kid you not.

  18. Whenever I see that pic, and think about how that team is being run, I can’t help but think of Adam Scott in The Secret Like of Walter Mitty…..

  19. Baalke stays because what other sane GM is going to want to work under Denise and Jed? He’s the best this team can do and they know it.

    Mediocrity continues…

  20. What a ridiculous press conference. This was all about him. He must have used “I” over 100 times and said several embarrassing, silly things (‘punched walls like his uncle’) and basically refused to answer questions directly. If I was a premium coaching candidate, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere near this team.

  21. Round 2 of the dumpster fire in Santa Clara starts with the 2016 NFL season. Who’s worse, SC or CLE?

  22. For everyone saying he hired the last coach, he really didn’t. Baalke wanted Adam Gase and was gonna keep Vic Fangio too. Jed wanted Tomsula. The only way I’m cool with this is if somehow they get Sean Payton and not Chip Kelly. I need a beer.

  23. Great leaders give all the credit away and take all the blame. They could have kept Harbaugh in there and let him run the team and be successful and let him take the credit. Egos got in the way.

    Listen to Kraft when he talks about what he learned from dealing with Parcells and how he applied it in how he allows Belichick to run the team. Let the football guys do their job and the credit will come to the owners later.

    Harbaugh acts like a jerk but all he cares about is winning. That’s the guy you want.

  24. I hear Baalke is making inquiries into the availability of human sock puppet, Jason Garrett.

  25. “…but York and Baalke decided they couldn’t work for Harbaugh any longer and sent him packing.”

    Maybe Harbaugh was sent packing because he thought York and Baalke worked “for him”?

    Just a thought.

  26. Coming from a big Cal Golden Bear. I can only pray that Jared Goff goes to the 49ers (or Cowboys). I’m not a fan of the Niners or Cowboys, but I know they have a history of being successful. I’d honestly be happy with ANY TEAM over the Cleveland Browns.. where franchise-quarterbacks futures go to die. It looks like rumors have Dallas going for Manziel (why?) so my only hope looks to be the 49ers. Hopefully they trade up if the Browns really are looking at Goff. If all goes well, the Browns will take Lynch with the 2nd pick, and the 49ers will get Goff.

  27. Good luck finding a halfway decent coach to come in and work under York and Baalke.

  28. Jim Harblaaaah is still smarting from all those Seattle beatdowns that his team took.I will never forget Richard Sherman eating that turkey drumstick at midfield at Levi Stadium.The niners will always be losers with the Jed in charge.

  29. I’d love to know what kind of blackmail material Baalke has on Jed York. That’s really the only way I can see him having kept his job, outside of a Faustian bargain or a Rasputin-like psychic hold over Jed.

  30. Thank you Jed…AZCARDS wish you all the best too. With Fisher in STL, Baalke and York in SF it looks likes good two team race for the next few years. Seattle and AZ look to be the teams to beat

  31. It all depends on if you buy into his admittance to his mistakes. If they are in fact willing to invest whatever is necessary to hire a top coach. Money always speaks the loudest.

    Jed will never have the answers we seek but his presser today was a world better than last year’s.

  32. Baalke has nothing to do with any of this. I’m sure him and Harbaugh weren’t best buddies, but this guy worked for Bill Parcells, so I doubt he was the one pushing people out of the door. He’s the fall guy for the cheap owner who didn’t want to pay Harbaugh, tried to get by on the cheap this year with the former DL coach was obviously in over his head, and will try to hire on the cheap again this year. Good luck with all that, 49er fans.

  33. I was listening to Jed and it sounded like he was thinking that the silver lining in the hiring of Tomsula was that now they get the 7th pick in the draft. I think Baalke controls Jed, rather than the other way around.

  34. To the commenters recommending Hue Jackson. That would be a horrible move … for Hue Jackson. Just say no, Hue!

  35. Also, for those that are banging on Balke for the Tomsula hire, it is well documented that Balke’s choice was Gase. York wanted Tomsula as the DC and Gase said “no”. Balke deserves a lot of criticism for many things but Tomsula was not his call.

  36. “Who’s got it better than us??” LOL It all went downhill from there….

    It could be a number of years until this team surpasses .500. I don’t see any coach who could have success with this team being able to work with Jed “Little Napoleon” York….

  37. Were reporters banging down the door demanding to know about Baalke’s future? We knew for a year that they were going to fire Harbaugh, and now we have known for a while (since the fart?) that Tomsula was a goner. Never for one second did I question Baalke’s status.

    This presser was just about York getting some airtime, and trying to turn public opinion his way. Usually comments from the owner are rare and welcome. But this guy exposes himself as more of an idiot every time he talks.

  38. Niners fans, I feel your pain. Baalke won’t last as long as Matt Millen did. Things will get better eventually. In the meantime, grin and bear it.

    Remember, this too shall pass.

  39. Baalke should just hire his cousin, Larry Appleton, to coach the team. Baalke owes Larry a favor for helping him get the mail room job. (Perfect Strangers reference)

  40. So when do we get to examine York’s psychological dysfunction that has Baalke with some weird control over the talentless boy king who wouldn’t be hired by a single company which surrounds his football team. You’ve got a problem when the bathroom gang fights are more interesting than what’s happening on the field.

  41. If York really forced Baaaaalke to hire Trashman Tomsula over Gase/Fangio this team is screwed until they sell. Given his “My family will own this team after I’m gone” comment its not looking good.

    When do pitchers and catchers report?

  42. No problem! The Niners are top five marquee team in NFL. Who wouldn’t want to work for them and turn this thing around? Great place to live, new stadium and great fan base that doesn’t
    A. Wear cheese on their heads
    B. Waive stupid terrible towels
    C. Lame 12th man garbage.

    Just five rings and two years removed from NFC Championship and a Super Bowl. This is the best opportunity in football to turn this around. I hear
    Pete Caroll wants to come home and get out of boring dreary Seattle

  43. At this point the best hope for Niners fans is somebody dummying up some Donald Sterling sort of comments so the NFL would force the Yorks to sell the team.

  44. I posted this on another article but it bears repeating:

    So long as the Yorks and Baalke remain it doesn’t make one bit of difference. For whatever reason, they (the Yorks) have hitched their wagon to Trent Baalke, despite the fact that his record as GM is abysmal.

    Either A) They retain him because he’s a sycophant and works on the cheap or B) they’re too dumb to realize what a horrible job he’s doing.

    Either way they deserve none of the loyalty the Faithful bestowed upon them during the Erickson/Nolan/Singletary years. This is a franchise that is willingly sabotaging the 49ers legacy.

    Screw ’em …. BOYCOTT!!!!!

  45. Many of you are eager to post (be aeen) than actually considering the facts. Jed has to back out of the search now because Tomsula was his bogard last year when Trent had Adam Gase signed sealed and almost delivered, until the “Tomsula has to be your FC” notation, likely from Jed and of course, Gase said no.

    Gase is way out of the league now — and Jed must now overpay for a good coach resulting from HIS (not Baalke’s) mistake.

  46. I feel bad for Tomsula. But he has himself to blame for allowing himself to be Jeddy’s puppet. With a roster so devoid of talent, there wasn’t anything he could do.

    Until Jeddy York steps down, this team will never come close to winning anything.

  47. And abysmal? Have you actually looked at some of the players Trent has drafted? Mike Iupati, Anthony Davis, Navorro Bowman (same draft), Chris Culliver, Chris Borland (since retired which no one saw coming), Aaron Lynch, Aldon Smith, Carlos Hyde .. abysmal? Hardly. They simply erred by appointing a guy who was in over his head to the job. The right guy will instantly turn it around. Coaching matters.

  48. McGloughan also had some pretty big misses .. BIG ones. Take a look at Baalke’s 2013 draft. Excellent top to bottom. Takes 3 to 4 years for a draft to even be rated .. the right HC will sort it out

  49. Who ever uses the phrase ” who has it better than us” is used up and corny. That was when Harbs was the coach. But yes this season was a disaster and not a suprise.

  50. Imagine the Titanic sinking, but before gets sucked into the icy depths of the sea, a flaming Hindenburg crashes into it.

    The 49ers are still a bigger disaster.

  51. As a Redskins fan, I feel for the 49er fans. Why? Because Jed York and Trent Baalke remind me of Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato. Snyder bought the team 1999 and we didn’t get a real GM until 2015. Good luck 49er fans, I fear you guys have a long road ahead.

  52. jkautz11 says:
    Jan 4, 2016 2:15 PM

    Coming from a big Cal Golden Bear. I can only pray that Jared Goff goes to the 49ers (or Cowboys). I’m not a fan of the Niners or Cowboys, but I know they have a history of being successful.

    Yeah, ancient history. More recently they have been mediocre in the case of the Cowboys, or blow up the only coach to lead them to a SB in Santa Clara.

  53. lemmetalkwouldya says:
    Jan 4, 2016 1:44 PM

    Didn’t he hire the last coach???

    No. Baalke wanted Adam Gase. 49’ers ownership, (mostly Jed’s Mom), wanted Tomsula. Now ownership has admitted, albeit indirectly, that their guy was not the right guy, and that they know nothing about football. Hopefully for Niner fans, Baalke knows a little bit more.

  54. Apparently it’s a requirement to have at least one NFL team in the Bay Area be over-the-top dysfunctional. As Mark Davis has proven to not be insane, er, highly eccentric, and Jack Del Rio is actually a good coach, it’s up to the 49ers to bring Crazytown to the good people of Northern California. You got a couple a winning years in time to get public money for your new stadium so now, who cares right?

    It’s great knowing the NFC West race will be a three team contest for several years to come. Thanks Jed!

  55. Should have dug deep and just paid for those high end $24 Dockers that Harbaugh wanted in his contract.

  56. Bearflagfan it’s a two team race between Arizona and Seattle. The Rams have Jeff Fisher aka Mr. Mediocrity as their head coach. The last he lead a team to the playoffs was when he was in Tennessee.

  57. problem now (besides Trent being such a big part of the problem) when they do fire him next year, do they also fire the HC so that the new GM can pick “his guy”?.. will Trent again pick someone low on the coaching ranks to ensure theres no power struggle?

  58. Fellow fans, let’s stop. As we all might or might not agree with the owners and GM’s at times, Jed and Tremt have actually done very well for us fans!! New stadium and a talent stacked team.

    The game plans were not good, the players may have played hard at times but mostly looked like they were going trough the motion, just unfortunately the wrong motions from game plans the coaches put together… Head coach responsibility there!!!

    Flip side is lots of new comers but agin, great talent…. Coaches responsibility to coach and position optimally– did not happen.

    Result – Head coach dismissed.

    Like Jed and Trent or not, they put the pieces together for a successful season and future. Coach did not deliver…

    Last time I’ll mention this… Harbaugh had team in decline to into a losing season.. It unfortunately through change continued spiraling versus turnaround…. Thus a coaching change again.

  59. I used to be a 49er’s fan ..boy , am I glad I do not have to make payments on a PSL or Season Tickets ! This Organization is running in the wrong direction..full speed ahead !…The GM has to go, along with the ” Sacrificial Goat ” Jim Tomsula, who was burned at the stake ! The little Napoleon …Jed York, needs to take a long Vacation in the South of France !

  60. Speaking as a Cards fan, thank you for ensuring that the 9ers won’t challenge for a division title in the foreseeable future.

  61. Look at the bright side Frisco/Santa Clara fans, you have the Giants and Warriors for the time being.

  62. Coming from a big Cal Golden Bear. I can only pray that Jared Goff goes to the 49ers (or Cowboys). I’m not a fan of the Niners or Cowboys, but I know they have a history of being successful.


    Yeah, ancient history. More recently they have been mediocre in the case of the Cowboys, or blow up the only coach to lead them to a SB in Santa Clara.


    The Browns ARE history. That’s the worst place for a franchise QB to be drafted. Speaking of history, I do agree, the dismissal of Harbaugh was the worst decision in 49er history.

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