Johnny Manziel spotted — actually in Browns facility this time

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Our long national nightmare is over — Johnny Manziel has been found.

The Browns quarterback was actually at the team’s facility Monday as they checked out for the year, after he was AWOL yesterday for the season-ending loss and mass firings.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, a Browns spokesman said Manziel wasn’t talking, since he was still in the concussion protocol.

Rookie defensive tackle Danny Shelton said he saw Manziel, but didn’t talk to him. Asked about reports he was in Las Vegas instead of being in town for the final game, Shelton replied: “He’s his own man. You can’t really tell him what to do.”

That seems apparent at this point, and the Browns have plenty of decisions to make regarding the former first-rounder, and even teammates who once professed confidence in him seem frustrated.

“If that’s a true report that’s obvious for him some things are more important than football and being a starting quarterback and that’s something that probably needs to be addressed in the offseason,” left tackle Joe Thomas said.

When asked what he’d like to see from Manziel in the future, Thomas replied: “Just a commitment to the game, that’s the biggest thing. I just want to know the Cleveland Browns are the most important thing in that person’s life.”

Owner Jimmy Haslam has already thrown down the gauntlet, invoking the fact the Browns have the second pick in the draft. Perhaps if he’s in the team facility today, he can tell Manziel in person.

But he better hurry.

75 responses to “Johnny Manziel spotted — actually in Browns facility this time

  1. Just think, if the Browns hadn’t botched their QB situation so badly last year, they could go into this year using their 2nd overall pick on their next franchise LT, trade Joe Thomas for a couple more high picks and be on there way. But as it is, they’re going back to the well to fix the same position that they’ve seemingly spent every high draft pick the past few years to address.

  2. It’s obvious that Johnny doesn’t even want to be there. The media put way too much shine on this guy. He’s an okay NFL player. He was taken too high, he plays on a bad team, and his coach had it out for him. I’m by no means a Manziel fan, but it’s time to cut bait with that dude. Johnny “affluenza” Manziel.

  3. The have to cut bait on Manziel. It’s a shame because he could be trying to wiggle his way on over to Jerruh’s Kids.

    Feeling sorry for the long suffering Browns fans.

  4. Maybe sending the message ‘I wanna get the hell outta Cleveland’ is not such a bad idea.

  5. “I just want to know the Cleveland Browns are the most important thing in that person’s life.”

    Johnny doesn’t feel that way………time for him to move on down the road.

  6. The Browns mismanaged the Manziel situation.
    Rather than publicly going after him, keep it quiet, and trade him.

    By publicly going after him they are lessening what they can get for him.

    Maybe they could have gotten a 3rd round pick? A 2nd round pick?
    Not anymore.

    Mike Pettine deserved to be fired for his public comments about Manziel, that hurt his own team.

  7. One can only hope that Johnny Manziel is taunted with that immature rubbing his fingers together money gesture of his for the rest of his days.

  8. Better not cut the dude, it is what he wants. Jones wants him and you could pull a 5th rd pick which could be a LB or DB.

  9. Goodness, how can anyone turn this team around with players just sitting around collecting paychecks?

    What kind of shenanigans are in store for 2016?

  10. He needs to come home to Texas. I’d love to see him in a Texans jersey after we dump hoyer..

  11. I’ve supported and defended this kid for the last two years. I’m done. If you truly love football and your team, you would be there to support them. McCown was visible every game since he has been hurt. With the second pick we’ll get a decent QB. Have a nice life Johnny.

  12. That’s the first mention of Danny Shelton in the news since he was drafted at #12. Wasn’t he supposed to be some great difference maker? What a bust!

  13. Where are the Manziel apologists and fanboys (eagleswin) now? They claimed he’s “not hurting” anyone and as an adult he can drink all he wants. Well, he’s hurting his team and their trust in him. That’s the problem with Affluenza kids from Texas. They have no accountability and think the world revolves around them. If he just wants to party, then he should just hang up the cleats, go to daddy warbucks for a bigger allowance, and move to Vegas.

  14. If I were a Browns fan, I would be hoping another team in the league is dumb/desperate enough to give a decent pick for this idiot. If the Browns want to be serious about football for a change this guy will be shipped out ASAP. Although if I couldn’t get anything decent for him, I would bury him on the depth chart and just make him sit. No sense rewarding this behavior with just cutting him.

  15. Funny how the fans for the absolute worst team in the league for years, has it out from day one for a high draft pick, without ever giving the guy a fair shot.

    Geez, I wonder why Cleveland sucks so much and why it sucks so much to be in Cleveland.

    I’m not a big Johnny Football fan, but it’s not like we’re talking about a good team or organization taking pot shots at a guy, like it’s his fault they’ve sucked for so long.

    Get over it Cleveland, if it’s not Johnny Football, you’ll be whining and crying about someone else; it’s the way it is with the Brownstains.

  16. Enough about this guy. Even outside of all of this off-the-field nonsense, his play on the field was unimpressive.

    I don’t believe he’s ready to start for any team, and it doesn’t appear he has the discipline required to be a legitimate back-up either.

    There was an article on not long ago that broke down one of his games, play by play. The verdict was that he sucked. Even on the plays where he looked great because he rolled out and made a clutch throw on the run, the author pointed out that if he had known the play as well as he should have, and had been looking around the way he should have, he should have been able to complete a regular pass from the pocket to an open receiver. Instead he blew the play and had to cobble something together on the fly, incurring a lot of risk of an injury or a turn over in the process.

    Cut your losses Browns. Trade him to some other desperate team for a draft pick and move on. Oh and another thing, try not firing your coaching staff every season. Do you really think you’re going to find some magic bullet of a coach who can instantly make the worst team in football a playoff contender in one season? Please. Get someone who has integrity and is reliable in there and give him a couple of years to do something.

  17. Pretty positive at this point he’s just doing what he can to get out of Cleveland… can’t say I blame him but he could be a man about it… at least a little!

    Johnny football is gonna be Johnny unemployable if he doesn’t A. get his personal life together, B. Commit to the game, C. Work on footwork. He’s got decent arm strength, great athleticism… but without better mechanics, he’s doomed at the pro level.

  18. Don’t forget, the Browns had not only their own expensive QB study warning about this guy, but a leaked Patriots scouting report that predicted all of this. But instead they listened to a homeless guy in the parking lot on the way to the draft. It might be time to let another team pick for them, like a designated driver for a guy under the table.

  19. With as much spotlight that has been upon Johnny and him being recorded in or around alcohol on all occasions, it simply HAS to be deliberate. Nobody could be that stupid, i believe he is truly trying to liberate himself out of Cleveland to land somewhere else. We are all just playing to his drama !!!!

  20. jpaq68 says:
    Jan 4, 2016 12:27 PM
    And I thought Justin Blackmon was a draft bust – wow.
    Justin Blackmon was a draft bust. Arguably more so than Manziel because he was a higher pick and because of his frequent arrests. Both of these guys have all the talent to be in the league (Manziel maybe not as a starter) but they have no self-control.

  21. I remember the look on Manziel’s face when he got the call that Cleveland had drafted him. He was nto happy.
    I don’t think that’s what all of this has been about since day 1, but it sure is now. And he makes sure everyone knows about it. No way could Pettine or the Browns keep this quiet with him Tweeting and Instagramming this stuff all over the web.
    He’ll con his way onto another team and pull the same crap. If Jones & Co want him fine. Just keep in Dallas and away from the Texans.

  22. I am so happy. Johnny is the reason we all love football. The playoffs don’t matter. Great achievements by Can Newton, AP, etc don’t matter to most of us. Please give us all more Johnny.

  23. Here is an idea for the Browns, CHECK out your players before you draft them! And when you settle for your 1st round pick… toss it, and choose the 2nd guy cause you never get it right!
    If you pick a QB get one from an NFL style Offense,
    Scramblers usually don’t make it in the NFL long term.
    If players have a reputation of being trouble in School
    guess what, they will most likely bring it with them.

  24. “So what if he was in Vegas”
    “Let him live his life.”
    “He has a right to party. He’s just a kid”.

    Spoken by people who have never had a job or any responsibility in their live.

  25. Browns traded up to move ahead of the Chiefs in order to draft him.

    Everyone in KC thanks you!

  26. “Maybe they could have gotten a 3rd round pick? A 2nd round pick?
    Not anymore.”

    The was projected by most teams as a 2nd or 3rd round pick coming out of college at his absolute pinnacle prior to injuries, rehab and looking average on a good day. Nobody was going to give up that good a draft pick for his sort of baggage. Particularly not when it was clear he wanted out of Cleveland so they’d have been able to negotiate directly with him once his rookie contract was up.

  27. Was the test Johnny skipped mandatory ? If so the league and NFLPA should have a serious issue with him blowing off a serious medical test,especially during a time the league and its players are under a microscope in regards to player safety & health. This becomes a bigger issue than just disrespecting the person signing your paychecks.

  28. Chris Carter said the best thing that ever happened to his life and career was when Buddy Ryan waived him. It was the wake up call he needed. Just sayin.

  29. I can sympathize with Johnny for wanting to get out of Cleveland. After all, not too many players want any part of the mess they’re in. However, he’s going about it wrong. Play out your contract. Do the best you can, in practice and on the field. And when your contract expires, test the waters in the free agent market. Not reporting to things that are required is a bad way of telling them that you don’t want to be there. Other teams see that and they ultimately won’t want him around either.

    I feel bad for Cleveland fans who have to put up with this train-wreck every year.

  30. The Manziel apologists are getting a little tiring!!!
    The guy is an immature self-indulgent clown posing as a legitimate NFL quarterback.

  31. The real person that should be fired was Jimmy Haslam

    It was his call to draft Manziel

    The browns paid a good amount of money for an in-depth analytics report to see what QB they should take

    It was Teddy Bridgewater. Haslam overruled the report and made the GM take Manziel.

    While Bridgewater has not been amazing, at least he shows up, seems to care about the game and is not spending his free time partying instead of learning the playbook. If nothing else he would have been so much less a distraction. And perhaps the Owner wouldn’t have created such a toxic situation with Hoyer by making the coaching stuff play Manziel when Hoyer was doing ok at times.

    The other draft pick was Justin Gilbert, apparently at the request of Pettine. If Manziel hasn’t been such a soap opera, then there would be a lot more reporting on how awful Gilbert has been. A 1st round pick, #8 overall and he can’t play Corner at all. Only 51 snaps this season.

  32. Manziel will most likely wind up next year on Jerry’s team in Dallas before he’s out of the league completely. Same pattern as Ryan Leaf (who’s final NFL stop was also with Jerry) , except that after the NFL is through with him, Manziel will avoid being destitute because his family is rich. And all that family $$$ may prevent him from doing jail time for awhile.

  33. Wonder what they could get in a trade for Manziel AND their #2 pick in the first round?

  34. Johnny Manziel is the Gary Coleman of the NFL . In a few years , nobody will be talking about him.

  35. Are you sure he wasn’t at the game? I was only watching via RedZone but thought he was on camera once or twice. Sure, I think the guy is whizzing away a great opportunity but at least you should play fair.

  36. No matter what we do with Manziel, cut, trade, keep, we have to remember the most important thing. Jimmy Haslam still runs our team. THAT is the enough to depress my football fandom regardless of Johnny’s fate.

  37. Quoting jpaq68:

    “One can only hope that Johnny Manziel is taunted with that immature rubbing his fingers together money gesture of his for the rest of his days.”
    YES! That creepy finger-rubbing has always made my skin crawl, and made me want to punch in the person’s face!

    But this moron doing it in the faces of guys who make more annually than his entire contract, no brains along with no class, honor or a shred of self-respect.

    Browns fans deserve a lot better, but with their moronic owner’s current plans they have years more suffering ahead.

  38. I thought the almighty lebron was supposed to be his savior and mentor hahahaha where are lebrons comments on this? You know if manziel was succeeding in Cleveland, egomaniac lebron would be talking about it during every press conference and taking credit for his success

  39. Johnny was at the Browns facility to personally thank them for losing to the Steelers yesterday as he flew to Vegas to personally bet the house for them to lose. Given that this guy checked out a few weeks back, I can’t think of any other reason he would be there.

  40. Quoting fallguy2006:

    Johnny Manziel is the Gary Coleman of the NFL. In a few years, nobody will be talking about him.

    LMAO, that was actually worth the pain of hot coffee shooting out my nose!

    “Johnny, for the last time, you cannot show up four hours late still drunk and covered in puke!”

    “Whatchoo talkin’ about, coach?”

  41. As a Bengals fan, I hate the browns and manziel just as much as anyone else BUT, the kid really never got a chance to do anything. He has terrible receivers, no running game, and an okay offensive line. How many years in a row have the Browns passed or traded a chance to get a top notch receiver? Sorry the Browns could have Tom Brady on their team and they couldn’t do a thing…Johnny will find the right team and be an okay QB.

  42. Wanting out of Cleveland is the sanest thought Johnny’s had in months. It took nearly constant boozing to make him stay there as long as he did.

    Can’t blame the kid for wanting to play for a real NFL franchise.


  43. 1. If the concussion thing was made up by the browns to keep him off the field and off the mike, then Johnny may have felt like he was calling their bluff by not showing up.

    2. I cannot imagine any new coach wanting to deal with this garbage from the previous regime.

    3. Question would he be an upgrade over the Cowboys current #2,3, and 4 eh probably no.

    4. I think Johnny’s NFL career is over and it is probably a good thing for him that it is. In a few years he can go and do whatever he wants as a rich kid and no one will really care anymore. He will like life better that way. No responsibilities.

  44. Browns fan here. If Jerry wants him, make us an offer. If it isn’t enough, then we should keep him for third string. And if our starter to be named later goes down, sign anyone else and play them instead of him. I don’t care if Manziel’s then inactive every game. He wants out, but there is no reason to just give him what he wants. That sets a bad precedent. But if Jerry really wants him, then fine, so long as he is prepared to pay for him.

  45. Grigson on line one is offering a 1st rounder for him.

    Oh wait, he hung up when he found out he could not save Ray Farmer’s job again.

  46. Just goes to prove that…the only happy people in Cleveland are those who crawl into a bottle and stay there.

  47. Johnny has only one thing to say – in the words of the great Ryan Leaf: “Don’t talk to me! Knock it off!”

  48. I’m glad I didn’t play in this era of over reporting. Way too much emphasis on off the field activity. Kenny Stabler was as wild of a party animal as anyone yet he performed on the field. Manziel likes to have a good time. So what! Cleveland pays way too much attention to all the social media crap. Give him the starting job, work him to death on repetition, and soon enough you’ll know if he can play or not. Quit being so driven by public opinion and social media.

  49. It’s really too bad for the rest of the guys who actually cared about the team that they had to put up with the distractions of this clown . It certainly didn’t help an already bad situation. The fans deserve better too.

  50. Could you imagine Broadway Joe playing now days, I wanna see someone wear a mink coat on the sidelines and look cool af while this kid can’t even have a beer in Vegas without all media hell breaking lose… Kid still has a shot at being good, just take the damn leash off him and let Johnny football be Johnny football

  51. Jim Plunkett was the #1 pick in the NFL draft. He failed in NE and he failed in SF. He went to the Raiders and won two (2) Super Bowls. Yes, it was a long time ago but who cares! The fact is you need a winning environment to succeed. Jimmy Haslam is not a winner, but there is hope for Jimmy. If he is indeed talking with Ron Wolf of Green Bay and Oakland fame then he is on the right track. Wolf is a winner. Don’t be surprised if the new GM has some Green Bay pedigree in him. Eliot Wolf might end up being that guy.

  52. If were the owner I wouldn’t give this piece crap what he wants by cutting or trading him! I sit his ass on the bench as a third stringer until his contract is up in two years and I would never let him dress!

  53. Hopefully this will be the end of this fiasco. God knows we got far more problems that need to be addressed without wondering when this kid is going to show up on video chugging a champagne bottle. This kid will crash and burn if he doesn’t deal with his off field demons. It’s only a matter of time.

  54. bassplucker says:
    Jan 4, 2016 12:22 PM
    Just think, if the Browns hadn’t botched their QB situation so badly last year, they could go into this year using their 2nd overall pick on their next franchise LT, trade Joe Thomas for a couple more high picks and be on there way. But as it is, they’re going back to the well to fix the same position that they’ve seemingly spent every high draft pick the past few years to address.

    Actually, Cleveland has under-invested in the quarterback position. The Browns haven’t bothered to use a top-10 pick on a quarterback since 1999, despite having a pick in that range nearly every year since the franchise’s rebirth. While Cleveland has selected quarterbacks in the first round three times since the Tim Couch selection, each of those picks was the latter of two first-round picks in those respective years, which helped them justify taking third-round values such as Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel in the late first round, because, well, the team already selected one bona fide first-rounder earlier in the draft.

    The failure to identify Roethlisberger, Rodgers, or Bridgewater with their early first-round selections has kept Cleveland mired in mediocrity.

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