Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia land on Dolphins coaching candidate list

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The Dolphins beat the Patriots 20-10 to close out the regular season and now they’d reportedly like to speak to a pair of New England assistants about their head coaching job.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Dolphins are requesting interviews with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. They would be able to speak with both coaches this week with the Patriots on a bye before opening their playoff run in the Divisional Round, but couldn’t schedule a second interview until New England is eliminated or in the week after the conference title games.

McDaniels spent parts of two seasons as the head coach in Denver before being fired with a 3-9 record in 2010. He had worked for New England before going to Denver and returned to the Patriots in 2012. Any team that hires him will be hoping that he learned a few things about how to make a second head coaching opportunity go better from Bill Belichick.

Patricia has never been a head coach and has been on the Patriots staff since 2004. He worked in various positions before making the move to coordinator for the 2012 season.

McDaniels and Patricia may not the only AFC East assistants on their radar. Schefter adds that they also want to talk to Bills running backs coach Anthony Lynn, who made the move to Buffalo with Rex Ryan after six years with the Jets. Lynn, who worked for Dolphins exec Mike Tannenbaum with the Jets, interviewed for the opening that eventually went to Todd Bowles last year.

57 responses to “Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia land on Dolphins coaching candidate list

  1. I’d put the likelihood of either of those two guys leaving New England to go coach a division rival (and a train wreck run by a former Jets GM) at about 0.00000000.

  2. I get that Josh McDaniels is again a “hot candidate” for Head Coach, but does anyone remember when he coached Denver and was busted for illegally videotaping practices of the opponent? I believe it was the Niners they were preparing to play. We all know of Spygate etc…but this guy to me is more of a product of the Belichick way than some bright mind that can take over a team and be a winner.

  3. Some people are just not cut out to be head coaches but they make genius OC’s or DC’s. Josh and Matt should stay right where they are. Why leave a winning franchise?

  4. Haven’t we seen this movie before, starring Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel? I guess the movie didn’t play in south Florida.

  5. After yesterday’s performance against the “nothing-to-lose” Phins, I am surprised that either of these guys are on Miami’s list.

  6. It would be very telling if they give permission to McDaniels, but not to Patricia…That’s what I would do if it were me. McDaniels is a clown, but Patricia is well-thought-of when you hear people talk about up-and-coming candidates.

  7. If anything, McDaniels is proof of the foul play that was going on in New England because of how he himself was busted for illegal videotaping of opponents when he was the Broncos HC. He’s the only one from Belichick’s tree that we know of who has also done that. He should just stay there in New England.

  8. cafetero1075 says:
    Jan 4, 2016 1:05 PM

    McDaniels was a failure in Denver. But Maybe he learned from his mistakes and could be successful.
    Yeah, he probably learned to be more discreet when taping other teams practices, which is the main reason he was fired in Denver

    #once a cheater always a cheater

  9. No chance, whatsoever. I bet neither interview. McDaniels is ready for a good HC job, and this time around, he’ll KILL it. Very much like BB, after his experience in Cleveland. But it won’t be with a divisional rival. No chance of that. It will be elsewhere with a young franchise QB. Indy? Titans? Or it might be with a legendary franchise. Giants? 49ers? McDaniels only moves for what he thinks is a perfect deal.
    Patricia has plenty of time to become a HC, and right now seems to be in a very good place. I recall a young DC who worked under BB failing miserably as a HC in two jobs, and having struggled since. A lot of lessons to be learned from Mangini, though I sense that Patricia is genius when compared to Mangini.
    My hunch is that BB will be very, very supportive of McDaniels this time around. And, that Patricia is going nowhere. He’s got the best DC gig in the league. And I don’t see the HC persona, and media savvy, etc. in him…..yet. He may not even want to do it at this time.
    BB stated, again, this week that he and Kraft have the best owner/coach relationship in pro sports. McDaniels must know how important that is. No way on earth will McDaniels work for Steve Ross, in that cesspool. So why take the time to even have a conversation? Doubt it happens.
    Fins might be in for a shock in terms of the number of people saying “no thanks.”

  10. Hire the Beard. I just want to watch that dude in pressers every week. And if Bill Belichick thinks he can handle the Patriots defense, then he must be pretty good. I don’t think McDaniels is really in charge of anything other than calling plays Bill wants him to.

    -Seahawks fan

  11. I think there is zero percent chance they are going to a division rival.

    After BB took McDaniels back after he failed I would very much doubt that McDaniels would do that. Giants might be the spot for him or maybe the 49ers, but NFC would make sense.

    As for Patricia, he might be the next NE coach in 5 years, so he might not go anywhere.

  12. Gotta a feeling Patricia is going to be damn good coach. The next Belichick or somewhere close to it. Hope my Jags would get him next year.

  13. McDaniels should wait it out until Brady is finished. Stay on the gravy train.

    Patricia has that “Ernie Adams” look about him. I can’t even imagine him as a head coach. I guess the same could be said about Belichick years ago. Maybe down the line Patricia is the great BB protegee. Not with Miami though, and not yet.

  14. yea the Train wreck that just beat the Patriots

    New England played it like a preseason game.

    Whether purposeful or not is another matter, but they did.

  15. tonebones says:
    Jan 4, 2016 1:08 PM

    Haven’t we seen this movie before, starring Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel? I guess the movie didn’t play in south Florida.


    Crennel is going back to the playoffs as a DC. Not so bad. I don’t think he was ever great HC material, but he was stuck with the Browns. No one has been successful there.

    Weis rescued ND. He made them relevant again. A lot of their more recent success was due to what he started from a recruiting perspective.

  16. igotgamenj says:
    Jan 4, 2016 1:09 PM

    nolasoxfan2012 says:

    (and a train wreck run by a former Jets GM) at about 0.00000000.

    yea the Train wreck that just beat the Patriots


    Miami beat the Patriots last year too. Big whoop.

  17. I always thought McDaniels would be the next guy up in NE when BB retired from the NFL.

    Will be interesting to see how it goes.

  18. Best match up, right now, for McDaniels would be Titans, Jaguars, Falcons.

    Could not see him coaching a NY team – doesn’t fit.

  19. They can have McDaniels. His play calling the last few weeks has been obvious and atrocious. I place the loss yesterday squarely on his game plan and calls. Same for the Eagles game, horrible play calling.

    Patricia nope, sorry, can’t have him.

  20. “anyone will be giant failures as the head coach of miami.”

    There fixed your statement for you. As long as Tannenbaum is there Miami is screwed.

  21. Cheating is not the answer Ross. If the Dolphins were irrelevant for 30 years much like the patriots were then I would say go for it. But the Dolphins are not even close to being as bad as the patriots were before cheating began.

  22. No coach (assistant or head) has a higher opinion of himself than Josh McDaniels. He’s Belichick on steroids without the resume to back it up. What reputable assistant coach would work for this guy? Mike Nolan was DC in Denver for McDaniels and he took the defense to the top 10 in the league. After how the assistants were treated by Josh it was a mass exodus out of town. Joshie had no one left to be DC and had to promote LB coach Martindale to take over with disasterous results. I can only hope McDaniels sticks around in NE to take over when hoodie retires.
    PS: Don’t let McDaniels anywhere near a draft room either. 3 draft picks given up to draft Tebow in round one!!

  23. as Miami’s owner (sort of said),

    his organization is just great at football, except for everything that has something to do with football.

    stay away from owners like this!

  24. BB would LOVE to see McD go to the Dolphins. He’ll Chip Kelly that roster in one season flat. Then he’ll go back and curl up in BBs lap just like last time. People seem to forget that he invented the now named Chip Kelly roster Eff.

  25. “BB would LOVE to see McD go to the Dolphins. He’ll Chip Kelly that roster in one season flat. Then he’ll go back and curl up in BBs lap just like last time.”

    Yeah, because that “great roster” managed a 6-10 season so who wouldn’t want to keep it intact ?

    Especially with the cap killing contracts Suh and Tannehill have. More great work by Tannenbaum.


  26. Josh has more experience and I’m sure was humbled after Denver, but Matt is defense minded and literally a rocket scientist.

    I’d be very surprised if they land in the same division though without burning bridges with BB.

  27. Get all the “GENIUS COORDINATORS” that you want… but if the VP and GM can’t create depth and find plentiful talent then your team is what it is. And its CRAP.

    Mr. VP trumped Hickeys descisions this year and thought he was ‘one player from the superbowl’ and put the entire team in depth to get Suh… turned out we were talent starved.

  28. Great headlines but I would rather keep any and all that comes out of New England away from South Florida.. We have our own issues.. We don’t need the distractions when a ex-patriot finally signs his name on the dotted line for the book deal that exposes their slippery underhanded cheating ways..You can keep it in the North East.. Remember all football fans all their championships have a stink attached to them.. Pass …

  29. So Miami takes “extra precautions” when visiting NE because they think they are cheaters, then they want to hire 2 of their coaches???? One of these things must be a lie.

  30. As Bill Belichick literally “runs the show” and simply delegates to his coordinators, none of them are equipped to run anything without BB;thus his progeny are incapable of upper management.
    Just look at the numbers; from Scott Pioli to Charley Weiss to Josh McDaniels, they all bombed on their own.

  31. Miami would be a good destination for a coordinator or position coach or a desperate out of work Head Coach.

    They got some tools, but lack immensely in the ownership category. As they say, xxxx attracts flies.

    just saying

  32. These 2 can name their price. The Texans with ex-Pats at least made it to the playoffs.
    The arms race with the Patriots rivals did not work so now they will poach the brains.
    Who knows? Coughlin might like to team up with BB again if a vacancy opens. The golden oldies might win another SB again. You can not discount cumulative experience and expertise. We’ll see.

  33. Who would want to be the Dolphins HC? You get 2-2 1/2 years and if you don’t win you are gone. Miami is almost as bad as the Browns in the HC/GM turnover dept. plus your stuck with Tannehill although I think they can opt-out of his insane contract after next season.

  34. Not a McDaniels fan at all and I’m putting it nicely. He actually was starting to win me over this year but once the playmakers started going down he wasn’t able to get any type of offense going. Weird calls,too many trick plays …I won’t miss him at all if he leaves. Too late now but I liked Bill O’brien as OC a lot better

    That said, he had nothing to do with Denver’s spygate. He actually owned up to it (it was another coach on his staff) before the league even found out. Not a cheater, just not very good imo.

  35. As a Denver fan who almost bought into the Joshie way after a 6-0 start, but then he showed his ass.

    Be prepared to have your favorite RB relegated to pass blocking and draws. He loves over paying for NE role players *cough* Lonnie Paxton *cough* Brandon Gorin *cough* Russ Hochstein *cough* LaMont Jordan, and *cough* LeKevin Smith.

    And if he says “I look forward to working with (insert GM.)” That’s Josh speak for “I’m gonna get him fired.”

    So…yeah..good luck with all of that.

  36. First thing is they would turn it down due to it being in the AFCE as a homage to Beelzebub.

    If the Fins would use their noggins and see how godawful that coaching tree is they wouldn’t even think about it. Let along have the stinky stigma that follows.

  37. I give the other teams in the league a lot of credit. As often as they try to get some of the patriot magic and fail they still keep trying. They take as many as players and coaches as possible and it still never works out. As long as we have Brady and Belichick we will dominate. Sorry nerds.

  38. Sorry ….but this report has no credibility. Come on Adam no way
    …you usually do a great job …but the chances of these coaches going to work with Tannebaum are unlikely. Remember there are two
    Super Bowl games in Patriot land …the real one and the Jets games.
    No way they work with Tannebaum.,

  39. Marshawn Lunch says:
    Jan 4, 2016 1:19 PM
    Hire the Beard. I just want to watch that dude in pressers every week. And if Bill Belichick thinks he can handle the Patriots defense, then he must be pretty good. I don’t think McDaniels is really in charge of anything other than calling plays Bill wants him to.


    Completely false about JM. I’ve seen games where Belichick isn’t even looking at the offense and is talking to defense exclusively. I think highly of both coaches but McDaniels has a decent control over New England’s offense. That being said he also has Tom Brady. And if the qb doesnt fit his system he hasn’t shown the ability to adjust (IE: Orton). Maybe he’s changed, but maybe not.

  40. A lot goes into being a head coach. Particularly if you micro manage like Bill Belichick. The are just a handful HCs that have long successful careers. That’s why teams can go twenty years without much success.
    Also, if your looking for a coach in Miami then find a guy that wants to live there. I remeber Chuck Fairbanks coming from Oklahoma to coach the Patriots in Boston. He wasn’t a Boston guy so eventually he wanted to go home. Parcels was a northeast coach. Bill Walsh a west coast coach.

  41. Dear Miami,

    You do know that Josh “Boy Wonder” McDaniels was fired as Head Coach of the Denver Broncos due to a video cheating scandal, right? Ring a bell?

  42. “Haven’t we seen this movie before, starring Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel? I guess the movie didn’t play in south Florida.”

    Calm down. They are asking these guys questions and picki ng their brains about the dolphins, our strengths and holes.

  43. I hope that Darth Vader is going to ask for Suh in exchange for those two bozos.
    What is mind boggling is that the so called experts in NFL can’t figure out that it’s Brady in the offense and Bill Vader is the mastermind of the defense and Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia are just on the payroll for an unknown reason.
    Maybe they both have pictures that can compromise Kraft and is using those as leverage to stay employed.
    I can’t wait for them to get hired by any team. Buon voiaje

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