No relocation petitions, yet

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The window for filing relocation petitions opened on Monday. None of the teams expected to seek permission to move to Los Angeles filed a request.

According to the league office, the first day of the annual period for initiating the process of changing cities has come and gone without the Rams, Chargers, or Raiders submitting the appropriate paperwork.

But Monday was merely day one, despite a suggestion by some that Monday was the deadline for filing. The actual deadline, according to the league, is February 15.

As a practical matter, any relocation petitions will come well before then, given than the NFL has set on January 12 and 13 a special meeting aimed at resolving the L.A. situation.

That’s only nine days away. So the relocation petitions will be coming soon, with all three teams expected to submit one.

25 responses to “No relocation petitions, yet

  1. In a shocking turn of events the London Silly Nannies have also applied for relocation to Los Angeles…….

  2. LA was the only city to stand up to greedy NFL owners and no public money for stadiums… They lost both of their teams for that stand and dumb fans still make fun of the city for it…

  3. My packers will be starting their off season Sunday at about 6, after Kirk rips up our D

  4. Several weeks ago the talk shifted to word at least some owners want to “delay” a move to LA for after 2016 – that’s a sign the league is now figuring out what should have been clear from the start – there is no new stadium in LA coming and no local interest for a team, just a myth pushed by some in the league because they fall for the idea that there are a plethora of sponsors in LA that will not support San Diego or Oakland but will support a team in LA – this despite the evidence of history with all that town’s franchises and its speedways that it is not a sports town, it is a transient market that doesn’t support anything beyond niche status.

  5. This league is now officially a joke. I might come back to it if Roger is released, rules change (back), etc.

    I’m so sick of this no-hit, penalty flag riddled, long reviews and fine happy league that is has become.

    If not for fantasy football, ratings would be way down and this league would be in trouble.

  6. Is it possible that the three LA suitors are waiting until after the owner’s meeting to file their paperwork?

    It’s rumored that this discussion is going to be tabled for another year. If that’s true and is in the works, it would make sense not to bother filing paperwork.

    Also, waiting until after the deals are made would help the NFL save face. There are three teams in discussion for one or two spots. If all three file paperwork, at least one will be considered the “loser”.

  7. “Any team, ESPECIALLY the raiders, that is considering going to L.A to be honest is complete utter garbage”


  8. No one believes Marc Cuban when he said the NFL would fall apart. With Goodell and his minion Blandino, our beloved sport is becoming a national joke.

  9. Well, since they’re not busy processing all of those relocation requests, perhaps the NFL can grace us with the results of their exhaustive testing of football PSI during the regular season…

  10. If you are a fan of a team that moves to a new city and you don’t live in the city they just moved from do you still follow that team?

    I have met people who grew up in cities that had team’s but they moved out of the city before the team relocated and they stayed fans of that team still. Always thought it was weird because teams are representing the city and state or region. Example, People who remained Colts fans after they left Baltimore always found to be odd.

  11. BIG RED says:
    Jan 4, 2016 8:15 PM
    “Any team, ESPECIALLY the raiders, that is considering going to L.A to be honest is complete utter garbage”


    Your Cards used to play in a College stadium(which was a dump) and the trophy case there was as empty as the one at UoP Stadium


  12. There were tons of Titans fans in Houston after the Oilers moved. They were being obnoxious all over sports talk when the Texans first started. Now they are few and far between.

  13. I have been a Cardinals fan since birth.

    I could not possibly care less what stadium the Cardinals play in.

    I live in St. Louis.

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