PFT Live: Black Monday updates, PFT Planet calls and tweets

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The regular season is over and 12 teams remain alive to go on to the Super Bowl in February.

The other 20 teams are left to make moves that they hope will put them in that position come 2016. For some of those 20 teams, that may include changing coaches and/or General Managers. We already know some of the teams in that position and we’ll spend time forecasting what’s next for the Browns, 49ers, Eagles and Dolphins during Monday’s PFT Live.

We’ll also look at what will happen with the Giants, Saints, Colts and Titans as we bring you all you need to know about where things stand on Black Monday.

As always, we also want to hear what PFT Planet thinks. Email questions at any time or get in touch on Twitter at @ProFootballTalk to let us know what’s on your mind.

It all gets started at noon ET and you can listen to all three hours live via the various NBC Sports Radio affiliates, through the links at PFT, or with the NBC Sports Radio app.

3 responses to “PFT Live: Black Monday updates, PFT Planet calls and tweets

  1. All of these coaching changes makes it more and more clear that The Bengals should not and will not make any changes if there is another one and done. Personally my hope is that regardless of what happens to the team next week, Marvin Lewis is given a GM job and Hue Jackson is given the HC job.

  2. Tomlin should be replaced. That team has WAY too many weapons to not be totally dominant, especially against Ravens and quite frankly they’re lucky they won against the Browns yesterday. Thus the short-comings must be on the doorstep of the coach.

  3. Unless you have a real dope for a HC/GM (Trestmann/Emery last year, Cleveland this year), firing guys is a tricky proposition. Pagano is only in danger of losing his job because of office politics.

    Making changes year after year really doesn’t help. Got to stay the course. Tomlin is fine. Lewis keeps that team competitive. I know its all about winning the big game at the end of the year but too many organizations get too crazy this time of year.

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