Report: Mike Smith interviewing with Dolphins on Monday


The Dolphins have been linked with several head coaching candidates in the last 24 hours and they’re reportedly getting the interview process going on Monday.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that former Falcons head coach Mike Smith is interviewing with the team. Smith was let go by Atlanta at the end of the 2014 season and was out of the NFL this year, although his name did come up in conjunction with the defensive coordinator opening created when they fired Kevin Coyle during the season.

Smith went 66-46 in seven years as the head coach in Atlanta. The Falcons went to the postseason in four of his first five years and advanced to the NFC championship game in 2012. They lost that game 28-24 to the 49ers and went 10-22 over Smith’s final two seasons on the job.

During a Monday press conference, Dolphins executive vice president Mike Tannenbaum said the team would look in all directions for a permanent replacement for Joe Philbin. Mike Shanahan is expected to interview on Tuesday and Bills running backs coach/assistant head coach Anthony Lynn is reportedly set to meet with the team on Wednesday.

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  1. I was wondering if this guy would re-surface this year. That team crashed and burned his final couple of years but I’m not sure how much of that was directly on him. Seems like he brings a lot more to the table than some of the other names that have floated up recently.

  2. If the Dolphins do hire him they should have a stipulation in his contract that he spend no less than 4 hours a day EVERY DAY from now until the day the contract expires to study and learn clock management.

  3. May not be the best coach but he’ll at least get the team to the playoffs if Mike Mularkey is running the offense. Which is a big step forward for the Phins

  4. When are people gonna realize that Belichick is right: It takes at least 4 years to build a system.

    Case in point: Carolina. Just last year people were calling for Ron Rivera’s head. Richardson’s cooler head prevailed and look what happened. It seems many NFL franchise’s have the same attention span as a lot of fans: 140 characters. Not very deep.

  5. They should hire him. A guy who continually got out coached in the playoffs so he’s clearly the man for the job in order to win superbowls as Steve Ross says they will do.

  6. lol wow no one wants this job. because a WR plays qb perhaps, or because Suh is mentally ill?

  7. >>Mike is a solid coach. He may not be fiery but he is much better than Rex Ryan

    Neither is all that good a HC.
    A C is better than a C- (or a C- is better than D+) but neither is what I’d look for in a HC search.

  8. Smitty can’t handle the stress and rigors of head coaching. With Ryan, Mike Turner, Julio, and Tony Gonzalez he couldn’t get it done. The guy is a knot of tension waiting to explode. Plus, he has heart problems.

  9. Mike Smith is not a retread. He should be given way more consideration than either Coughlan, Shanny , Gruden etc. This guy needed a little better support in the drafting especially on the defensive side of the ball. He did great in Atlanta and they bailed on him too quickly – he is from a good coaching tree – and is not part of the nepotistic unearned credentials of the Ryans and Shanahans. Get a good GM and improve you drafting/scouting department and Smith will get results. Miami has drafted like dolts and spent big bucks on idiots lately and that is their demise. Even the hiring of Philbin was a shot in the dark – anybody can coach Rodgers.

  10. Hesitate saying anything negative because I think Smitty is really a good guy. But as a lifelong Falcons fan, I never thought he was “the guy.” Even though he brought stability and a number of winning seasons, we won one playoff game in the entire run. And that’s after having home field advantage twice! If you listened to the interviews and watched Hard Knocks, you’d realize that he is a plodding, slow witted kind of guy. Rock solid maybe, but unable to make the right decisions on the fly. Clock management, 4th down calls, etc. When it mattered most, he seized up.

  11. Mike Smith is awful and doesn’t deserve another shot to prove he isn’t Head Coach material. If anyone is confused just watch Hard Knocks. After that I wondered why he got a job in Atlanta in the first place. Just a terrible coach that speaks in cliche’s.

  12. In the Webster’s Dictionary underneath the word “Schmuck” is a picture of Mike Smith. He is the modern Marty Chokenheimer – gaudy regular season numbers and guaranteed to choke or to commit suicide before your eyes int he playoffs.

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