49ers will pay Jim Tomsula’s entire $14 million contract


The 49ers will pay Jim Tomsula $14 million for his one season as head coach.

Tomsula, who was fired after the season finale on Sunday, will get every cent of the $14 million in his four-year contract, 49ers owner Jed York said.

“I would say this: We’ve got several years of Jimmy T’s salary left and we’re going to eat it,” York said. “Whether he’s coaching somewhere else or not, we owe him that. That’s not a concern.”

With Tomsula making $14 million for one 5-11 season, the 49ers will end up paying Tomsula $2.8 million per victory as 49ers head coach. Jim Harbaugh, the coach York ran off to make room for the more compliant Tomsula, was a relative bargain at about $400,000 per victory.

But York is right: The money is not a concern. Every NFL team is awash in money and can afford to buy out a coach. The concern is that York and General Manager Trent Baalke don’t have a great track record of finding competent coaches. Most 49ers fans don’t care how many millions the next coach costs York, but they do care whether the next coach can win more than five games.

126 responses to “49ers will pay Jim Tomsula’s entire $14 million contract

  1. Talk about lucky. Never suited to be a head coach and now he can opt for lump sums of $500K for 28 years while doing absolutely nothing if he so chooses.

  2. From the time Harbaugh left until now has probably been the worst turn a team has taken in the time I have watched the NFL. Completely disastrous.

  3. Good for Jimmy. He deserves it , he didn’t create the mess up there. Also shows Jed York is accepting responsibility and hit a home run on this one. May take a few years but SF is going to be back to it’s winning ways again if York has truly seen the light. Good for everyone up there.

  4. The same brain trust that picked Tomsula over all other coaches in the world, is the same brain trust that’s picking the next coach. Baalke had Jed convinced that they could win with Tomsula.

  5. What is it with these one and done firings? Some owners (read Browns) shoot themselves in the foot every year or two by not giving their HC time to develop his team. It’s just stupid. A HC should be given at least three years to produce.

  6. Coach Burgundy can finally form a family band to tour the nation, and you won’t be invited!

  7. No big deal. They’ll just raise the ticket prices a few bucks. Owners don’t lose money.

  8. The problem is the 49ers front office. Candidates are gonna think long and hard about wanting to deal with that headache, considering how they dealt with a winning coach like Harbaugh.

    They aren’t quite at the Browns – no one in their right mind will take the job – but, they are close.

  9. Its a good thing I’m going to get $400 million tonight ( I told the lady to give me the right numbers this time), otherwise I’d look into that NFL coaching thing…

  10. History tends to repeat itself. Until York shows he can become a non interferring owner who can wisely select a front office and coach then it’s way too early to be checking in on potential status with Canton. Personally I don’t know the guy but I have seen him destroy a team faster than anyone I have ever seen.

  11. Wow, do a lousy job as a coach and get a multi million dollar paid vacation. Good for you Tom take the money and enjoy your time off.

  12. Man SF can’t catch a break right? If only they had a coach who had a crazy high W-L ratio in just a few years, could get to the playoffs, and even the SB… Oh wait…

  13. Every team can afford it but the Chargers. Can’t even buy out McCoy for one year after having a worse season than Tomsula with a HOF caliber QB. Spanos family is the NFL version of Donald Sterling, have fun with that LA.

  14. I’m going to apply for that job. No way I’ll even make it through half the season, but in six months, I’ll have blown my retirement goal out of the water.

    Seriously, you’ve got a front office there that is looking to hire someone like Jesus to lead the 49ers to what, about 49 consecutive Superbowl victories in a row starting next season?

    I want a miracle too. Hire me.

  15. Now bank that $14mil and get yourself an NCAA head coaching job, where you have more control over your team and fewer big egos.

  16. I just blew a Tomsula in my pants when I read that!


    I hope he is the next coach of the Saints. Can you imagine the new logo and the smell in the Superdome?!?

  17. Not bad for doing nothing. Even better than members of Congress get for doing nothing…

  18. Wondering what if any, choice York really had in the matter other than preventing him from coaching elsewhere. Odds are probably good unless they somehow get a huge name the next coach’s contract will have a buyout clause, lol

  19. Hey Jed, I’ll be the fall guy for $13MM… ask mommy if she’ll sign the check Mr talented “executive”. Oh that’s right, the team still makes money even if they are an embarrassment taking public money in one hand and and thrashing the quality of the league with the other. There is clearly zero talent but the reality TV show of watching an entitled kid fail like it’s their job is kinda funny.

  20. Literally every person posting on this thread could have scraped together five wins. And I’m guessing we would have done it for less money.

  21. Jimmy T is connected. Let’s be real here. Nobody willingly forks over that much without at least a gripe.

  22. So, they’re willing to pay him to potentially coach against them.
    Think about it. .. they are willing to pay him to be employed by a competitor.
    That’s not a good look.

  23. Here’s how I look at this:

    $100K/year is an awfully good salary in the US.

    At this rate, it would take a person 140 YEARS to earn $14 million.

    Hope this puts some perspective on how rich these entertainers have become.

    So, let’s build them new stadiums at taxpayer expense!!!

  24. And to think one of the main sticking points with Harbaugh was him asking to be paid on the same level as SB winning Coaches. Pretty sure he would’ve stuck around for another year for less than $14 mil.

    I mean, good god.

    Think of all the good that could’ve been done with that money, which will now go towards basically nothing for the 49ers organization.

  25. Anyone else kinda miss the Snyder hate? I mean, it’s been eons (months?) since someone accused the Redskins of being a dumpster fire franchise with the worst owner in football. He’s been completely eclipsed by the owners of the 49ers, Browns, Cowboys, Eagles, Titans, and Dolphins. How quickly the worm turns.

  26. He made this money by masterminding a coup of one of the greatest coaches in 49ers history and selling himself as the next coming of Bill Walsh. Then, he posted 5 wins. That’s more than $1.2M per loss.

    Not to take any blame away from Baalke and York, but there are plenty more people worthy of my sympathy in this world than Tomsula. He is nothing but a door-to-door salesman and I’m glad he’s not given a second season to subject more players to injuries by being physically and mentally ill-prepared Sunday after Sunday.

    Bon voyage, JT. Don’t let the knob hit ya where the lord split ya.

  27. mongo3401 says:
    Jan 5, 2016 6:20 PM

    Good for Jimmy. He deserves it , he didn’t create the mess up there. Also shows Jed York is accepting responsibility and hit a home run on this one. May take a few years but SF is going to be back to it’s winning ways again if York has truly seen the light. Good for everyone up there.

    Or the niners are trying to save face and act like they are doing the right thing. You know since it was a guaranteed contract and they have to pay him out!

  28. “Whether he’s coaching somewhere else or not, we owe him that. That’s not a concern.”

    You or they make it sound like they had a choice. It’s a contract, they have to pay him and what was that ending statement, York and General Manager Trent Baalke don’t have a great track record of finding competent coaches.

    Isn’t he the only coach since Harbaugh?

    With the silliest front office personnel moves in the NFL in maybe history you couldn’t give the guy another year to prove himself?

    I’m a Seahawk fan but I like grudge football more than anything and the 49er’s used to be a great series.

  29. Good for Jimmy. Hope he enjoys some time off. Thanks Jeb. Al Davis would not have paid another penny RIP

  30. Like we’re ever going to know if he could have been successful after one season.

    There aren’t going to be any more Chuck Nolls and Bill Cowhers and Bill Belichicks, nobody gets the time.

    Except Jeff Fisher, which is inexplicable.

  31. $14 Million should be enough for him to keep his mouth shut about the organization’s screwball ownership

  32. Jed is so incredibly stupid. He didn’t want to pay Harbaugh and didn’t want him to get all the credit for a winning team. Tomsula’s 14M would have gone a long way to keeping Harbaugh happy. You reap what you sow buddy. And I am a long time 49er fan!! Jed even niner fans hate you!! Sell the team to someone with at least half a brain.

  33. i thumbs down your comment says:

    $100k per year aint much in SF Bay Area.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Or in downtown NY, LA, Chicago, Miami and countless other cities across america.

    Thankfully, when you have $14 mil for a severance package . . . . you don’t have to live in any of those places.

  34. Next time 49ers seem ready to hire a coach, perhaps they figure out what kind of staff he’ll be able to put together.
    Having a great interview is one thing, being able to convince great position coaches and coordinators who will command the respect of the players is another.
    It’s why Zimmer and DelRio were able to turn their teams around and coaches with limited contacts or experience working with their new hires didn’t.

  35. Good for the coach, too bad he had to work with such poor and incompetent owner. Feel sorry for the next coach of the niners. Until the Yorks are out as owners, this team will continue to lose.

  36. As a die-hard 49er fan this makes me very happy. He’s been with us for 8 years and has truely overachieved. He should have never been named head coach and was made to look like a fool this year. In my opinion, Jed York has the money, he made the mistake and this man is set for life financially now. I really hope he gets to repair his image to the uneducated in 49er affairs. Like this off season was the worse any team has ever had to over come and the front office was/is in shambles.

  37. Lol at the people saying he deserves the full $14M. Sorry but no. He was a horrible hc. Joan in payroll could have done a better hc job.

  38. Lol to the people saying he didn’t deserve it. Was he supposed to say NO to the head coach offer?? He never should have been hired. Deserves the money. IMHO

  39. The 49ers will pay Jim Tomsula $14 million for his one season as head coach.
    If I ever commit suicide that will be the last line of my suicide note.

  40. Unless a coach worked for the late Al Davis aren’t all HC contracts guaranteed / paid out?

  41. Jim Tomsula is officially my #1 all time hero. You talk about one slick and smart man. He can sit back and live like a king for the rest of his life for one season of head coaching. Mad respect.

  42. skawh says:
    Jan 5, 2016 7:02 PM
    Well PFT, “they found” Harbaugh right?

    Harbaugh wasn’t hard to find… he was the most coveted coach when he came to SF not like he came from obscurity. While Singletary was more of a product of hype due to his time as interim, you’d think York would’ve learned his lesson and wouldn’t have hired a positional coach yet again with no coordinating experience.

    Tomsula was around long enough with the franchise to know he wasn’t up to task yet he got the job. When interviewed they should’ve heard a pitch for his coaching staff. Yet all you got was all his washed up NFL Europe pals, and a few of Harbaughs positional guys to get promoted. I still believe it was the ego’s of Baalke/York thinking they could get it done with anyone in the coaching.

  43. To walk away with 14 mil guaranteed tells me Tomsula probably knew he was going to get the boot after the season. I mean who was going to follow up Harbaugh and he probably knew he was in over his head.

    The better question becomes was the front office that confident in him? Cause they got ripped off by a guy that couldn’t sell me that the 49ers would be contenders even if they had a stocked roster.

  44. My guess is that this guy is going to take his 14 million and you wont see him for awhile. He’ll just up and vanish like a fart in the wind.

  45. Wow. Tomsula is the Great Gimmick (Washington washed up glass-legged QB) of coaches. The Great Gimmick won 12 games in the three years he impersonated a QB in games he managed to start and finish and cost his team four premium draft picks.

    Tomsula cost his team money and the 49ers will have nothing to show for it.

  46. The York family has a great consistency of picking/hiring quality head coaches. Dennis Erickson, Mike Nolan, Mike Singletary, Jim Tomsula. The one they stumbled upon and worth a crap they let go.

  47. Wow 93 comments and not one reflecting on Yost being a stand up guy. Smart move Yost as well as classy. There’s a lot of JT in all of us. But what you did is show perspective coaches your not a money weasel listening to your lawyers to find an out of the money owed. Next move is to figure out why a lot of good players bailed on your team. Can’t look in the rear view mirror but Trent needs to step it up and get the 9ers back to having one of the best 53 man rosters in the league like two years ago. Signed Bengals Fan

  48. ….Bill Billicheck just quit on Robert Kraft and told him he’s going to work for the 49’ers…..theres gold in them Santa Clara hills…..York just set the NEW one year coaching salary cap.

  49. This is what Chris Carter was talking about when he said you gotta have a fall guy. I just didn’t know a fall guy could get paid much. Tomsula sucks but blaming him for this is like charging a doctor with murder because he couldn’t save a victims life from a gun shot wound to the head.

  50. Well at least i now know WHO is driving the Clown Car in San Francisco ! HOW do you hire some putz who has NO HC experience?? Just because he was a familiar face to the players ?? Are you kidding me? That analogy is no better then if you switch Tom-sucka for the Janitor !!! It was “Ego’s” that caused them to get rid of Coach Harbaugh after he took them to 3 straight playoffs and it was “Ego’s” that wouldn’t allow them to back off and say “Whatever you want Jim, just take us back to the SB !” “Sure Jim, just let me put on my knee-pads !!” Whatever, now it’s chaos and a complete dumpster fire……………ridiculous.

  51. Considering coaching capabilities seems fair. With Harbaugh’s knowledge is much easier to reach a victory than with “Jimmy T’s”.

  52. Gov. Brown and the taxpayers of the great State of California say THANK YOU! to Mr. York and the 49ers.

  53. This fact alone should put an end to the accusation that the 9ers “eased” or “pushed” Harbaugh out of the 9ers organization. Harbaugh quit. He was not fired. There is no story that said Harbaugh collected the $5 million he was owed for the last year of his contract, and yet the media keeps claiming that Harbaugh was fired, when in fact he was bullied into quitting by someone outside of the 9er organization who is bent on destroying the 49ers. Now that bully has been attacking Kap, York and Baalke ever since Harbaught left the 9ers.

  54. He deserves every cent. Imagine having to put up with baalke/york.

    The resident fools of the NFL.

  55. I think it’s a great move.

    Rather than 1 moron with a huge amount of money, spread it out a little.
    I know nothing about Tomsula, but now he can spend some of that, to stimulate the economy. And the taxes he pays can reduce deficits.
    Its a win-win for everyone except the owner.

  56. Did they do this concerning the remainder of Harbaugh’s contract? If not it makes me wonder if they used Tomsula to deliberately derail the Niners’ season.

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