Coleman, Parry, Steratore and Torbert to referee Wild Card games

Getty Images

Walt Coleman, John Parry, Gene Steratore and Ron Torbert will be the referees in charge of this weekend’s Wild Card playoffs games, according to Marcus Griep and Ben Austro of

Torbert will handle the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans game on Saturday afternoon. Parry (pictured) will be in charge for the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday night.

On Sunday, Coleman will be the lead official for the early game for the Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings game. Steratore will lead the crew handling the Green Bay Packers vs. Washington Redskins on Sunday afternoon.

The referees that work this round of the postseason will not be a part of the crew that works the Super Bowl. The officials that will work the season’s final game will be among the four crews working the Divisional Round next week.

While Torbert, Parry, Coleman and Steratore will be working games this weekend, it won’t be with the crews they’ve worked with all season. The NFL uses only their top graded officials throughout the season in the playoffs, which means some mixing-and-matching of crews going forward.