Jerry Reese: I take personnel responsibility, but I’m not the only one


Giants General Manager Jerry Reese took full responsibility for the holes on the team’s roster. Sort of.

Reese acknowledged in his press conference today that the Giants’ three consecutive losing seasons fall on his shoulders. But he then proceeded to point out that he’s not the only one responsible for the team’s personnel, saying that the coaching staff was involved as well.

“Let me say this: You always miss on some draft picks,” Reese said. “I take full responsibility for every player that’s been on this roster from the time I’ve been director of player personnel until right now, so I’ll take full responsibility — even though everybody’s involved with the grading players, and the players we take. I don’t try to have full control of everything. Our coaching staff is involved, our personnel staff is involved, everybody’s involved.”

The Giants’ ownership decided to move on from coach Tom Coughlin and keep Reese, so the owners apparently believe that the coaching staff is more to blame than the front office. But the roster

“Obviously, there are some situations on the roster that need to be addressed,” he said. “It’s not easy to turn a roster over and start a rebuild.”

But it’s Reese’s own roster that needs to be rebuilt. Reese may not be the only one who built that roster, but he’s the one with final say. And if the Giants have their fourth consecutive losing season in 2016, a year from now it will be the G.M., not the head coach, who’s being replaced.

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  1. As a leader, when you hear something on the line of, “I take full responsibility for this, but…” you’re a fool if you think there’s more than 5% chance the situation will improve.

  2. the biggest gripe I have is there were few holes on the team entering the 2012 Draft aside from a need for LB and to replace Manningham.

    I understand the entire o-line essentially needed to be replaced, and he’s targeted that, but now three years later, Eli is the only thing keeping this from being labeled a complete rebuilding.

  3. That reminds me of when Patriots RB Kevin Faulk was cited for possession of marijuana at a rap concert and took “full responsibility” for it by saying it wasn’t his.

  4. Did he actually say: “I take personnel responsibility, but I’m not the only one”? You make it sound like he is trying to shirk his accountability, but the quote in the story sounds more like he is taking responsibility but saying that he takes his advisers’ opinions into account when making a decision. I agree completely that he should probably be fired, but there’s no need to play fast and loose with the headline to manufacture drama that isn’t there.

  5. I don’t understand why they showed Coughlin the door and kept Reese. Beckham is a great player; Manning is a good player. JPP was a great player when he had 10 fingers. A new coach won’t fix that. Either let Coughlin and Reese work together for a few more years to fix the team, or send them both out the door. Now, they’re going to hire a new coach, and likely will end up firing him and Reese in two years because the losing continues.

  6. Good, take personal responsibility. And while you’re at it, take your sorry a** out of the Giants team facility. Permanently. The fact that Reese has a job and TC is on the street is a joke. Reese has done nothing to build this team since winning the SB in ’11. The man wouldn’t know a decent linebacker if he fell over one.

    And no, you don’t get the pass for drafting ODB.

    Just praying he doesn’t screw up the coaching search.

  7. Quite a contrast from what Coach Coughlin said yesterday, and a few days before when asked if he had thoughts on the GM’s part in this. The last couple of drafts except for #1 have been a bad joke–and Reese regularly throws away #3 picks for some reason. We need a rebuild so why ownership is putting that off, well I’m sure they will explain that next year, or the year after, or the year after that . . . What’s left in the organization is not encouraging integrity wise.

  8. So let me get this straight, if he screws it up this season, he gets fired, and then the new GM inherits a coach, and long story short the Giants become a dysfunctional mess?

  9. How does someone say they take full responsibility and then point fingers at the other people while doing it. Does he not know what FULL means. Obviously you don’t need to be too bright to be a GM. He also can’t choose talent either. Looks like the Giants let the wrong guy go.

  10. For better or worse, the Giants don’t fire GMs just like the Steelers don’t fire coaches. It’s won them 4 Lombardis and 2 with this guy, so something must be working.

  11. Anyone who final say on anything is responsible for what they are calling. In football and life.

  12. Reese is incompetent and Coughlin is washed up. The franchise is in disarray. They may be in worse shape than CLE, because … it is NY city – all together now, New York City!

  13. I can only hope they are looking at serious HC candidates – like the kind that want full control so that Reese has to go. Keeping him is ridiculous.

  14. ” I’ve been director of player personnel until right now, so I’ll take full responsibility — even though everybody’s involved with the grading players, and the players we take. I don’t try to have full control of everything”

    let me get this straight, he’s the director of player personnel but doesn’t have “control”??

    If so, then what the hell does he do day/day out?? Just collecting his paycheck???

  15. “I take FULL responsibility for every player that’s been on this roster from the time I’ve been director of player personnel until right now, so I’ll take FULL responsibility — even though everybody’s involved with the grading players, and the players we take. I don’t try to have FULL control of everything. Our coaching staff is involved, our personnel staff is involved, everybody’s involved.”


    In the immortal words of Inigo Montoya:
    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  16. Coughlin was fireable and Reese is not. And honest people know why. Look for the Giants to hire a strong head coach who also makes all personnel decisions. That way Reese can be called the GM and can still stay on the payroll and can come sit in his office every day and lord over everything, but in reality he will have zero input and zero responsibility. And I believe Reese will be very good in that role.

  17. Excuse me giant’s fans I’m a skins fan but that’s a bunch of crap! Tom Coughlin did a hell of a job when given talent to work with. I know they kicked my team’s a$$ every year. I bet he wasn’t critical of the coaching staff when they won those super bowls.

  18. “I’m taking responsibility for this. Having said that, I am not responsible for this.” – Jerry Reese

  19. Hey Jerry….those guys that play behind the DL are called linebackers. They’re usually pretty helpful in stopping offenses.

  20. How dare he. Coughlin had a hand in the roster, but the players listened and played hard for him until the end.

    And this piece of S**t got him fired. Please Jerry, go out and give more guaranteed money to Johnathan Casillas and JT Thomas. Please save us!

  21. jimboinlimbo says:
    Jan 5, 2016 11:49 AM

    As a leader, when you hear something on the line of, “I take full responsibility for this, but…” you’re a fool if you think there’s more than 5% chance the situation will improve.


    Absolutely. This is an absolute passive-aggressive way of addressing the issue. Might as well have not said anything. If you’re going to take responsibility, take it and don’t point at anyone else. I’m pretty sure fans know what the real situation is.

    YOU ARE responsible for part of the product that was put on the field. And yes, the coach, unfortunately, is the bottom line. But what can a coach do with minimal or lack of talent? This has been testament to numerous unsuccessful teams throughout the history of the NFL.

    Have nothing but respect for Coach Coughlin. He’s more than produced in the 15 years with the NYG over other coaches out there. This is neither a good nor a bad time for the team and him to part ways but something has to be done since it seems there is a disconnect with the team and the coach.

  22. I didn’t count but Reese said “ya know” with almost every sentence. He is a poor excuse for an NFL GM. It also tells me Mara doesn’t know what the hell is going on in this organization. If he did Reese would be gone also. As an Eagles fan, I am just smiling. The Eagles have won 13 of the last 16 games. The Birds were 16-9 against Coughlin. Having said that, Tom was a great coach and hope he take another job somewhere. Anywhere but the NFC East.

  23. As a Pats fan I will start off by saying Tom Coughing is one of the greatest coaches of his era, and what he did for the Giants during his tenure rivals Bill Parcels time as head coach. I never have made any excuse for the Pats after the Super bowl losses to the Giants, as I felt I was proud of my team for being in both games to the bitter end. That said…..I thank my lucky stars that Tom Coughlin is gone as I don’t see the Giants returning to their previous formidable selves in the near future. Good luck Giant fans… always a tip of the hat.

  24. Funny how he spreads the blame now, yet I cannot recall him spreading any credit for good draft pics when he first took over as GM. In my opinion, the hammer dropped on the wrong guy.

  25. what about Eli Manning the guy is mentioned as a hall of famer. When inreality he had a miraculous catch that should of been blow dead for a sack, or at least holding. Another lucky throw and a wes welker drop for the other Super Bowl. Eli has missed the playoffs 6 out of the last 7 years. How many hall of famers can say that.

  26. Sean Payton will be the next Gints coach. Mara is willing to trade a draft choice for him….two if the Saints take Reece in exchange.

  27. Another reason why PC is B S. Basically, he is saying he is taking full responsibility but really doesn’t meant it. He is just saying it in a left-handed way and trying to disassociate it from himself. Take note of that look on his face. Not very sincere.

  28. Sounds like Reese took the same course Chip Kelly did in the school of accountability. I believe it’s called “Passing the Buck 101″…

  29. “The Giants’ ownership decided to move on from coach Tom Coughlin and keep Reese, so the owners apparently believe that the coaching staff is more to blame than the front office. But the roster”

    Who butted the roster? Did Coughlin butt the roster?

  30. Why does everyone act as if he is Ray Farmer?

    He’s not that bad of a GM. Why else is he saying, “I’m not the only one?”

    When Ozzie Newsome is considered the best GM in football, what is so good about him when his secondary stinks, his Alabama picks other than CJ Mosley have been terrible, and has not drafted a Pro Bowler since 2008?

    John Schneider blew drafts on Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham. Kevin Colbert has 10 of 18 draft picks off the Steelers’ roster and John Idzik ran the Jets into the ground.

    The Seahawks, Steelers, and Jets are winning. If the Giants never lost, Reese would be considered better than Ryan Grigson.

    Unfortunately, like the times when Tiki Barber was a media darling that was absolved from any of the Giants problems while Coughlin got the blame, Coughlin has been absolved from all of the problems while all of the blame has been on Reese.

    A GM is not bad when he can draft Pierre-Paul, Beckham, Richberg, Pugh, Beatty, A. Williams, Kennard, Hankins, Randle, successfully sign Ayers, Jennings, and DRC, and randomly find Victor Cruz and Stevie Brown.

    If the Giants were the 2014 Panthers and out of the playoffs at 7-8-1, do you know what scathing the media would give Dave Gettleman?

  31. Dumb people on here talking about a coach getting full control and claim to be Giant fans. Yeah, because they handed that over to Parcells. Oh, wait. Because they handed that over to numerous coaches when they were in similar spots throughout the 90s until hiring Coughlin with George Young and then Ernie Accorsi lording over the roster, and there were especially some very lean years during the Accorsi years. The Giants don’t fire GMs. What he’s saying is what Dave Gettleman has said since going to Carolina, that they all collaborated and the owners feel comfortable with that structure. They hire football people as an organization, raise them, and most of them rarely leave like Reese and the other people working under him who will be waiting to take over for him when he retires. This is their culture. It will be his job until he decides to retire just like Young and Accorsi. That’s just how it is, but I guess these so called Giant “fans” who don’t know that must have just become fans to not know that’s how it’s always been with this team, just like they don’t fire coaches quickly unless you’re Ray Handley bad.

  32. no wonder he cant draft. he cant even accept responsibility for the players on the roster.
    jerry reese showed today he has no class and apparently its rubbing offon the Maras. This never would have happened in years past. They both would have been sent down the road and redo it the Giants way.
    The GIants way has clearly changed in the last few years.
    Who would have thunk sharing a stadium with the Jets can be so mentally debilitating.

  33. There are a lot I have come across lately who do not know the meaning of the word “responsibility”. But then again, they may be “entitled” not to. Always someone elses fault.

  34. The best comment from Reese was when asked a question about JPP and in his response was”you have to play the hand your dealt.” LMAO

  35. Reese is awful… this year, they cut Damontre Moore (third round 2013) and Adrien Robinson (2012 4th round pick)

    Reese has survived on two things… finding Victor Cruz as an undrafted free agent and drafting OBJ. His draft picks from the third round on are always disappointments. The roster is filled with undrafted guys like Unga who are horrible.

    Jerry Reese is the Adrien Robinson of GM’s.

  36. The Giants have a high pick, a franchise QB who has already been paid, and between 50-60 mill in cap space depending on whether they cut a couple of useless vets.

    Reese doesnt get a pass for the last 4 years, but there are probably some very knowledgeable fans who can get this team on track with what Reese has to work with this off-season. This is the league where “worst-to-first” happens quite a bit.

  37. Dark days lie ahead for us Giants fans. John Mara fired the wrong guy. That roster was full of ice cream peddlers and insurance salesman. They should promote TC for keeping us relevant until week 16.

    Jerry Reese, you better get this right…

  38. I can’t believe he answered that question that way -I take full responsibility for this, but… there are others to blame. You are the top dog in player personnel Reese if you don’t understand that then there is a major problem. With that comes the ultimate responsibility for all personnel issues. In other words it falls on you, your defense sounded like some kid on the playground, “I hit Timmy but he stuck his tongue out at me.” You sounded like a child with that statement. I’m sorry but as far as most of the fans are concerned you are the problem and have been for the last 4-5 years. It’s time for you to man up like the Coach did and ride off into the sunset. No offense intended but you just haven’t been doing your job. Period! Worst thing about it you let someone else take the fall for your shortcomings. In my mind that makes you a coward also.

  39. I’ve complained about Coughlin on here a lot over the last few days, but it just amazes me how the words good and great encompass a body of work for coaches and not for players.

    Was Kobe Bryant great? Yes. Does he have a really incredible legacy? Yes, barring some of the more recent seasons. Is he great now? No.

    Tom Coughlin had two incredible playoff runs. If we are talking about his legacy you can argue he was a good coach, even though it’s a lot of longevity with very few highs thrown in.

    But in 2015 he’s not a good coach. He wasn’t a good coach in 2014, 2013, 2012 or 2009.

    Referring to him as a good coach right now just doesn’t make sense. That’s why I am confused when people say the Giants lost a good coach. They lost a good coach five years ago, not yesterday.

  40. Why did they fire Coughlin and keep this guy???

    Cuz they didn’t fire Coughlin… he walked away from NY before it becomes a total dumpster fire.

    He left on his terms so he couldn’t be the scape goat.

    Good for TC.
    Please come back to J-Ville and work with Dave in the front office please sir.

  41. Reese way overpays for FAs that have been mostly either injury prone or total underperformers or both !!!
    Reese also picked Ross for his Head of Scouting , which they set up the value draft board….we’ve seen those results !
    The majority of their draft picks are largely busts, it’s not like they go to another team and become stars, so I don’t see how it’s the coaches’ fault !

  42. I thought Reese was a classy individual until I read this. Wow, talk about a classless way to throw Coughlin’s legacy and the rest of the organization under the bus to save his own behind.

    His draft picks have been terrible except for a small number and only recently. He took a Super Bowl team out together by Accorsi and gutted it. Coughlin’s ability to coach is what gave a team full of second-stringers any hope.

    I have lost all respect for him. Can’t wait till he’s fired.

  43. “Reese said. “I take full responsibility for every player … even though everybody’s involved … Our coaching staff is involved, our personnel staff is involved, everybody’s involved.”

    Way to take full responsibility by pointing your finger at everyone else. I had a boss like this once. He’s lucky I never kicked his ass outside the office. People like this are cowardly weasels.

  44. Marc Ross is the chief scout and evaluates the players. He’s the one responsible for all those reaches in the 2008-2013 drafts. Reese was more hands on when the hot seat ramped up after 2013, and the past two drafts show that, with fewer reaches and players who will stick.

    The Giants front office works like this in terms of personnel: Reese signs the players, Ross sets the draft board and advises who is to be selected in the draft and who to pursue in free agency. Reese does not have final say on any draft picks or signings. Mara has full veto power on any selection, so for Reese to say it’s not just him is a powerful statement. Mara knows it, which is why Reese wasn’t fired and why “other changes” are coming in the front office, because they know who the real culprit is — and gave other teams the blessing to interview him. Browns and Titans being two early ones already.

  45. With Reece still in place letting Coughlin go was a useless gesture. You can only play the hand you’re dealt. Reece doesn’t deal very good hands – or legs or arms or anything else.

  46. Well, taking “personnel” responsibility is a lot different than taking “personal” responsibility.

    That was a very clever way of sort of taking responsibility but not really. Was he a lawyer at one time?

  47. These comments are ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS AND SPOT ON!!! Reese is a fool!! We have had the same deficiencies, O line and D line, for years, but it continues to be under addressed or not addressed at all. Get this knucklehead outta here!!

  48. I thought Coughlin was forced out with a very subar NFL roster, now in saying that teams draft players based on the scheme, or system they are running, so that is why coaches our involved… The Giants and Reese missed on alot, but to be fair, he hit on virtually every draft pick in 2007, and signed numerous free agents that led to both of those Superbowls.. People lately are trying to give all the credit to Accorsi but forget the multiple free agents he signed, and the roles of Kevin Boss, Ahmad Bradshaw, Steve Smith, Jay Alford in that 07 Superbowl. He then turned it around and did it again in 2011. Now Reese over a 3 year period struck out alot except his 1st round picks. In saying that the LB position should not have to rely on a guy who was on IR the last 4 years of his career, and Kevin Gilbride shouldn’t have been fired because of a crappy offensive line that was a known issue for going on 4 years and just the last 3 games began to run the ball. I dont agree with Coughlin being fired especially when the owner says the talent was garbage. I didn’t agree with Gilbride, and I don’t think you should fire Reese either.. Like it or not all of them played huge roles in 2 Superbowls.

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