Panthers coordinator Sean McDermott to interview with Browns


Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott said he had no problems doing interviews this week, even before anyone had asked.

Now he has one.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, McDermott will interview with the Browns Thursday.

If they hire him, he’d be the second Panthers coordinator Jimmy Haslam tabbed to fix his team, though you’d hope he’d give him more time than he gave Rob Chudzinski.

McDermott has put together an impressive resume, though as a young coach, he’s probably more willing to accept the Browns’ cobbled-together front office.

24 responses to “Panthers coordinator Sean McDermott to interview with Browns

  1. Kinda strange how Adam Gase from the 6-10 Bears has more interviews on his dance card than coordinators from the 15-1 Panthers. Maybe it’s an availability thing?

  2. Don’t know about him for Eagles…didn’t strike me as a great D mind when he was in Philly…Riverboat Ron certainly has a hand in the D in Car…plus they have an immense amount of talent in Car. Certainly has better communication skills than WoodChipper.

  3. I suppose I don’t know what life is really like working for either organization, and I don’t know how much of a pay increase he would be looking it…

    But my gut instinct on this one is I would much rather be the DC of a team that’s 15-1 instead of the HC of a team that by all accounts would be fortunate to go 3-13 again.

    I’m sure he lives very comfortably off of his DC salary. Who would trade in a shot at being a key part of a legitimate dynasty for a 1 year tour of the factory of sadness? Because it’s a tour that will inevitably end with him getting his hand [career] stuck in one of their many sadness machines (they have a lot of them), permanently maiming his viability for future employment.

  4. He has nothing to lose. After being hired then fired by the Browns he can get another DC job pretty easy.

  5. Don’t do it, Sean!!!!! You’d be leaving a steady top 5 team for a Temp job, and that “carousel” has no brass ring to grab! Cleveland is one, huge clown car…..and you know what jumps out of those!!!! Just ask Chud………..

  6. They keep looking at defensive guys. Do they get that in order to win games you have to actually have to score points?

  7. We will soon find out how smart McDermott is. If he walks into that buzz saw he will get exactly what he deserves. Why he would consider working for a owner who has no recognition of what an NFL team looks like is difficult to understand. Could be he’s just trying to pry open Richardson’s wallet.

  8. I hope he at least gets an interview with the Eagles. He was put in a terrible position the first time around with the Eagles after Jim Johnson died. Reid and management botched it then. Can’t hurt to kick the tires on Sean this time around

  9. Of course I would much rather he stay with the Panthers for a few more years. But he wants to be a head coach, has been up front and honest about that, and when there are only 32 of these jobs, you don’t say no when someone asks to talk to you about one of them.

    What I hope will happen is that when he does the interview, he will realize that this is the one of those 32 you can turn down, because there is no hope of success there, and will remain as our DC.

  10. Hey Sean:

    Better watch out for Haslam offering you rebates for diesel purchases at Pilot Flying J.

  11. Take the Money and run. get a 3 year deal for the most$ and hey its a win win thing. Dont blame you if you do One way to look at the coaching position in Cleveland is the last 3 to 4 coaches all crashed and burned and if you happen to at least have a 8-8 year you will be KING The Browns coaching job is a great oppurtunity for a up and coming guy.

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