Report: 49ers will interview Anthony Lynn

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The 49ers will interview Bills running backs coach and assistant head coach Anthony Lynn for their head coaching vacancy, ESPN’s Josina Anderson reported Tuesday.

Lynn already has a Wednesday interview scheduled with the Dolphins.

Lynn, 46, played six years in the NFL and has been a full-time coach since 2003. He interviewed with the Jets last year but ended up following Rex Ryan from the Jets to the Bills.

The 49ers have also asked permission to interview Bengals’ offensive coordinator Hue Jackson.

20 responses to “Report: 49ers will interview Anthony Lynn

  1. Makes perfect sense, since our last two head coaches with no coordinator experience (Tomsula, Singletary) worked out so well.

  2. The Dolphins already interviewed Teryl Austin, therefore, the interest in Lynn is legit.

  3. He’s getting interviewed because of the Rooney rule. As soon as they are done with that, they’ll go get Sean Payton. Makes perfect sense.

  4. The fact that so many of you assume these black coaches are only receiving interviews because of the Rooney Rule is exactly why they need the Rooney Rule.

  5. He’s a running backs coach, even HE knows he is only getting an interview because of the Rooney rule. He is probably ok with it though, interviewing is never a bad thing, its good practice for his next job up the chain in his career.

  6. Santa Clara 49ers interview question “who has it better?”
    interviewee “ah…eeee….you do?”
    Santa Clara 49ers “YOUR HIRED!”

  7. Again, the Niners are going all in with Sean Payton and this is just to satisfy the Rooney rule. There is no way Jed York is going after anyone less than Payton after essentially realizing and admitting he made a mistake letting one of the best coaches in 49ers history go.

  8. Meaning, please no on another wishful future in the hands of a coordinator but go for the experience and winning culture of Holmgren or Shanny!! It’s a coin toss but I edge to Holmgren… Just my 2 cents..

  9. RR. Get it out of the way. I feel bad for Black candidates being forced to take part of the RRule mockery.
    Btw, is the rooney rule only for African-Americans or are the rest of minorities part of the rule. And if so, why not the bug outcry for other nationalities to be forced to interview?
    Why no outcry for every team to interview an Asian? A Hispanic? A Woman? Does a out if touch owner need to create another rooney rule II (Asian). Rooney rule III (Hispanic) Rooney Rule IV (LGBT community)?
    If not, this rooney rule is straight out racist.

  10. You know, a lot of you said the Niners only reached out to Hue Jackson because of the Rooney rule. Now you’re assuming this is only because of the Rooney rule. I remember when people assumed Singletary was interviewed “because of the Rooney Rule.” It’s almost as if some of you take black coaches less seriously. And, as for the “well this is why we need to get rid of the Rooney rule” nonsense, I know some of you are old enough to remember that, before the Rooney rule, every black coach interviewed was still assumed to be doing so because he just because he was black. Some of you are going to think less of black coaches regardless of what the rules are, so we might as well keep the rule that at least gives them the opportunity for exposure and interview practice.

  11. First Interview question from Baalke…Are you willing to agree with everything I say and ask?

    First interview question from Jed Dork; Are you will to agree with everything I say and ask?

    Great answers your hired 5yrs 14 mil…
    Job well done Trent

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