Sean McDermott said he’ll interview this week if somebody wants


Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula might be willing to pass on chances to interview this week, but Sean McDermott isn’t.

The Panthers defensive coordinator said he was willing to talk to teams this week if someone wants to talk to him about a head coaching job, since the team has a bye week before their divisional round game.

“I’ve been in that conversation the last couple of years and it’s a direct result of the success we’ve had here,” McDermott said, via Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer. “This year being 15-1 and playing well on defense again, it’s an honor to be in that conversation. Balancing that is not a concern of mine. If and when those opportunities arise, I’ve prepared for a number of years and those will take care of themselves. At this point I’m focused on what we need to do and the task at hand.”

Shula said he was “locked in out our next game,” even though the Panthers don’t know who that’s against.

Of course, McDermott’s probably the more employable of the two, having been in the mix for head coaching jobs before. He had an interview set up with the Jets last year before Todd Bowles was hired, and interviewed with Washington after the 2013 season.

The 41-year-old McDermott has run four straight top-10 defenses, and gets high marks for leadership and communication skills as well.

Of course, he also works for a guy who went through the process many times, as Ron Rivera was a regular on the interview list before he finally landed the Panthers job in 2011.

“I’m very confident in them taking care of their business, doing the things that they need to do. I have been through it and I want to be fair to these guys,” Rivera said. “The coaches I’ve worked for have all been fair to me and I want to be fair them and make sure they get the opportunity. If somebody comes calling, we’re most certainly going to allow it to happen.”

Now they just have to see if any of the six and counting teams are interested in setting something up this week, but at least one of them wants the world to know he’s open for business.

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  1. Makes sense to strike while he’s hot. Guess he’s pleased with what he has to fill a banged up secondary.

    With all the new guys, I hope they have it together, but I can’t blame him for making career choices. What’s more American?

  2. And the vultures start circling…it’s such a bummer to watch an organization build something up only to have everyone clamor to tear it down before the season has even come to fruition…freaking sand castles man…

  3. “The 41-year-old McDermott has run four straight top-10 defenses, and gets high marks for leadership and communication skills as well.”

    Sean, Jeffery Lurie is on line 1.

  4. It’s disappointing that the list of names the Dolphins are setting interviews with doesn’t include McDermott.

  5. As an Eagles fan, I’m not so sure about this guy. He didn’t have talent on the defensive side of the ball when he was D-coordinator in Philly, so I really can’t blame him for that situation. However, I also can’t give him too much credit for his time in Carolina since Ron Rivera likely controls that defense. I guess owners are banking on him picking up some things from Jim Johnson and Ron Rivera along the way.

  6. I don’t know about that idea greenbleeder. He was fairly well run out of town in Philly. For some reason Andy fell in love with that awful wide 9 scheme, and McDermott was shown the door.

    End result: Dream Team.

  7. The list of good players and coaches that Philly has run off is long and distinguished. Why would a hot coaching commodity choose to go back to that mess ??

    His 2 years as DC in Philly were powered by safety blitzes…..but Brian Dawkins ain’t walking thru that door again.

  8. iammrbinky says:
    Jan 5, 2016 8:47 AM

    It’s disappointing that the list of names the Dolphins are setting interviews with doesn’t include McDermott.

    Disappointing, but not surprising of the Dolphins

  9. I would be disappointed if I was a Panthers fan, not because McDermott might go elsewhere, but because his focus isn’t where it needs to be right now. They have a chance to win a championship. That should be his only focus.

  10. Some misconceptions here. I think the biggest obstacle for him in Philly was that he was not Jim Johnson – an impossible man to follow. Also, he is fully in charge of the Panthers D. Rivera has done an excellent job of just being the “coaching CEO” and letting the coordinators and position coaches lead their groups. And like Rivera, I’m confident he can be focused on the current task – and that’s somewhat limited because the opponent won’t be known until Sunday, and the Panthers have played and beaten all 3 of the possible opponents. So if some club calls for an interview, I’m sure that won’t do any damage to the prep for the playoff game.

    If Philly were to call, I think he’d do fine there if he can get a strong D-line. The Panthers don’t blitz very often because the front 4 has had a lot of success pressuring the QB, so there hasn’t been the need for a ton of DB blitzes.

  11. If I was an owner, this would be a strike against a potential HC candidacy. I would respect someone more who wanted to finish their season before interviewing for a new job then someone who has no problem bailing out on his players before the job is complete.

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