Sean Payton’s future still isn’t known


Saints coach Sean Payton said at least twice publicly during the recently-completed season that he wants to stay in New Orleans. The Saints have yet to say publicly that they want to keep him.

At this point, it’s unclear what will happen. At least one report indicated that the Colts were negotiating with Payton’s people (possibly after reaching a compensation deal with the Saints, possibly not) before the Colts decided to keep Chuck Pagano. Others believe that Payton covets the Giants job.

Within the Saints organization, few know what will happen. Some think there’s a good chance nothing happens, and that Payton returns as the head coach.

While it’s not an issue that will linger indefinitely, it needs to stay under wraps at least until the team that would be acquiring Payton satisfies the Rooney Rule. Otherwise, a report that a deal has been reached between the Saints and another team for Payton’s services would make the subsequent interview of a minority candidate necessarily a sham — which possibly would result in minority candidates declining to be interviewed.

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  1. …And right on cue Bills assistant head coach Anthony Lynn is scheduling an interview with the 49ers

  2. I understand the Rooney Rule’s intention is good, however, in the case of a team wanting to acquire Sean Payton, how ridiculous is it to both the minority candidate and the team to have to conduct an interview? It’s almost an insult.

    Clearly the Saints are making it known to the teams in the NFL with openings at head coach that Payton is available, for a price. If a team pulls the trigger and makes a trade, they really should have to conduct a sham interview with a minority candidate beforehand.

    But what do I know?

  3. I understand, or at least I think I do, why the rule was originally put in place. It was a decent idea, given the good ol’ boys society that is the hierarchy of the NFL.
    At this point, it’s a sham, an insult. If said team wants said coach, who happens to be white… whom are we doing what favor by even attempting to enforce this archaic nonsense?

  4. @scrp2

    I know! I mean if the Raiders got two 1st round picks, two second round picks, and $8 million in cash from the Bucs for Jon Gruden then Sean Payton is worth at least three 1st rounders, three 2nd rounders, and $10 million in cash. After all he is a Super Bowl winning coach and offensive genius. Jon Gruden hadn’t even won his Super Bowl yet so the asking price has to be higher than what the Raiders got for Gruden.

  5. There are over 150 cornerbacks in the NFL and not one is White, Latino, Asian, or Native American. Why don’t we have a “Rooney Rule” that at least one cornerback on each team not be Black?

  6. The problem withe the Rooney rule is that it only applies to head coaches. It should be expanded coordinator positions as well.

    The career path is coordinator to head coach. We need to get the pipeline filled with viable candidates for head coach. This means more minority hires at the coordinator positions.

  7. Unless he wants to go to Miami or Cleveland, I think he’s stuck in Nola.

    There’s probably no way the Giants would give up a pick for him.

    And I think the 49ers at this point look more dysfunctional than either Miami or Cleveland.

  8. Serious question…..Does anyone know if you already have a black GM whether you still need to comply with the Rooney Rule?

  9. Rooney Rule needs to go, it has turned into reverse discrimination

    Given the fact that minorities are on the verge or have already overtaken the top spot the population chart.

  10. Sick of this crap. SP is the one playing everyone. Saints arent pushing him out. SP wants out. He knows their defense is in repairable due to salary cap. Brees made SP.

    I grew up following the Saints. Loved them. Was a regional source of pride. Now, it’s greed. I honestly don’t care anymore. Sean Payton, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You egotistical piece of crap. You are greedy. So are you Drew Bree’s. Makes me really ill. Shame on both of u.

  11. My thinking is that this guy days have come and gone Sure he is still young as far as head coaches go but sometimes coaches in my weird way of thinking think their s–t dont stink and to me i think this guy is going to get a few more heavy paydays but not going to take his next teams to the big game

  12. He winds up in the NFC East. He is sick of the Big Easy, a place that when disaster strikes and they have to move people to safety in the Superdome they are robbed, beaten and raped. Nice community. Get out Peyton before the next hurricane..

  13. Payton and Brees to the Giants, Coughlin and Eli to the Saints. Then Daddy-Archie and Tom C. can live in Eli’s hip pocket, hire Peyton as an assistant and groom him for the HC position when Tom retires. Archie gets a PR position with the team and maybe even becomes somewhat relevant again. Not to mention that then he’d have a good excuse for talking to the press about his sons, which is not the case now. Fantasy? Maybe. But maybe not!

  14. He’s done all that can be done in Nola. I think he has to go before the entire fan base turns on him bc he’s the highest paid coach in the league and they’re down right now. Howevere, he’s the best play-caller in the game and he’ll coach 10 more years if he wants. The thing with the 49ers is needing a coach that can build a team to compete with Seattle yearly. I think he can do that.

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