Bucs fire Lovie Smith


The Buccaneers announced the firing of head coach Lovie Smith Wednesday night.

Smith had been the Buccaneers’ head coach for two years. This news comes as a surprise after the Bucs went 6-10 in 2015 while starting rookie quarterback Jameis Winston, the No. 1 pick in last spring’s draft. The Bucs went 2-14 in 2014.

“After careful consideration, we informed Lovie that we have decided to make a change,” Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer said in a statement. “I want to thank Lovie for his hard work and dedication to the Buccaneers during his time here. This decision was difficult on a variety of levels. I am disappointed that we were not more successful these past few seasons, but we are committed to doing what is necessary to give our fans the winning team they deserve. As we move forward, General Manager Jason Licht will oversee the process for finding our next head coach.”

Smith, 57, was the head coach of the Bears from 2004-12.

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  1. I don’t understand some teams. Smith is a good coach that inherited a rather bad team. Now, after only two years, the Bucs start over AGAIN.

  2. Maybe since I’m not a Buccs fan I don’t see this but this is a problem in the NFL. There was no reason to fire Smith. The Buccs actually overachieved this season, they have a QB that looks like a franchise QB and they fire their experienced head coach? There has to be something deeper than record going on here.

  3. Holly cow, seriously, WTF?, please tell me you have Coughlin, that’s the only explanation, stability, that’s what we need, stability.

  4. Seriously, after 2 seasons. Especially with a rookie qb? It’s becoming like the Browns. Who else out there would’ve done a better job with a rookie qb? Gotta give him at least one more year.

  5. Hahaha, Jameis has a shot to be good now. They didn’t let him go through three offensive coordinators before they figured it out either.

  6. This team really seemed to stop competing the last few weeks of the season. While this was kind of surprising at first, thinking about their effort the last few weeks this wasn’t shocking.

  7. Such an idiotic move. Long term stability is what helps breed success. Look at Carolina. Rivera was cited as a near must fire and they stuck with him. That stability and his belief in Cam is why they are in the position as #1 in the league at the moment. Name a time when constant change and unstability has bred success?

  8. Wow. After getting too much time with the Bears it feels like the Bucs were a little quick on the trigger. On the other hand maybe they realized a two decades out of date defensive scheme and unreliable passing game wont get it done in todays NFL.

    Adam Gase’s dance card just got a little fuller.

  9. As a life long fan I couldn’t be more happy. He was out coached every game made horrible decisions with personal. And his defensive gave up a 70% completion percentage the last two years to qbs. And we played a lot of second string and second tier qbs who had career days. A change was needed for this defensive I hope we keep koetter so Jamies can continue to develop or make him head coach and hire a real defensive coordinator

  10. This isnt really that surprising. The Bucs finally have a franchise QB but that defense cant stop anybody. A change in philosophy could be the thing that makes this team a real playoff contender.

  11. Two years, the second with a rookie QB… and gone… welcome to the “new” two-year and out NFL.

    And, who exactly does the team think is going to do better in two years or less?

  12. Josh Freeman, Mike Glennon, Josh McCown, a rookie in Winston who’s still learning…..they didn’t exactly give the guy the recipe for success.

  13. That is kind of surprising. I thought they were improved this year, competed well, all with a rookie QB. I kinda thought they were righting the ship. Pun intended..

  14. wow, i’m shocked at this move. the Bucs must have some plan for a coach. either they want to promote someone (Dirk Keotter) or they are chasing some big name head/college coach though i can’t figure out who because this firing just is so soon.

  15. The last two times Lovie has been fired his teams had recorded improved records from the season before. Curious to see if any other coaches have had that…distinction?

  16. This has got to be a repeat of the Gruden/Raheem situation. Ditch the struggling veteran to keep the rising assistant from leaving town, in this case Dirk Koetter. Especially with the influence he’s had on Winston.

  17. The Bucs are probably right with the Eagles and the Giants as the team closest to making progression next season towards a playoff spot despite playing in a division with the Panthers. I am just thinking that the organization is looking for a more offensive minded coach and Gase is probably the guy they want, maybe Hue Jackson.

    I am surprised by this move because a 4 game improvement is a step forward, especically with a rookie QB.

  18. Kudos to the Bucs for doing what they would have wound up doing next year anyway. The game has passed Lovie by, and hopefully they can bring in a head coach with passion and energy, not a walking NyQuil ad. Call me crazy, but I think Jimbo Fisher deserves a shot with his old Heismann QB at the helm. If Bill Cowher isn’t interested in coming back, maybe Brian Billick would be a good fit. Not sure Chip Kelly could work in Tampa Bay, but anyone is better than Lovie. This move has got to make folks believe that the Glazers already have a deal in place with someone, but will have to go through the motions of “obeying” the Rooney Rule first.

  19. Strange decision. The Bucs seem like a 5 or 6 win team, talent-wise. Maybe Lovie lost an internal power struggle.

    Anyway, best wishes to him. Some team will get an excellent defensive coordinator if he doesn’t get another HC job this offseason.

  20. Um……….What am I missing?

    Did anyone on the face of the earth other than (apparently) the Bucs front office think that this team should have been better than 6-10. If anything, I think most people would say they overachieved.

    I’m not even a Lovie Smith fan, but c’mon.

  21. Offense minded coach to groom their number one pick will be the replacement. Unfortunate for Lovie but a necessary move.

  22. all these franchises playing musical chairs with their head coach. meanwhile in Pittsburgh 3 coaches since 1969 all won the superbowl and brought home 6 lombardi trophies in total

  23. Didn’t see that coming. They tanked the first year, seem to have a franchise QB, win four more games this year.
    I’m guessing they already have “the next guy” lined up.

  24. Bad move. Wasn’t the best coach but deserved another year. Teams were trying to get dirk cutter and they didn’t want him to leave. Guarantee he will be promoted.

  25. Past few seasons? Try two. It is referred to as a “couple”. Calling it a few is his less than subtle way of trying to make it seem like they’ve waited a long time for success from lovie and haven’t gotten it.


    I can’t help but wonder if this has to do with Jameis Winston’s view of Lovie Smith and his old school football ways.

    A guy like Jameis needs Lovie Smith but would rather be around a guy like Pete Carroll

  26. Jokes aside, Tampa is kind of screwed since Lovie invested quite a bit of resources into turning over the roster to fit his (flawed) defensive scheme. The whole “Tampa is close” thing only got set back another two years. Should’ve kept him for atleast another year on a VERYM/i> short leash.

  27. WOW! Not saying Lovie was super but he had a rookie QB and they aren’t finding anyone better.

  28. That came out of left field…

    Winston definitely showed leadership as a rookie and made it his team. Question now is, did he tell management (directly or indirectly) he wanted a different coach to better match his skillset?

  29. The Glazers have always been idiots…this move just further confirms it. The Glazers let Dungy go when he was winning. They let Gruden go when he was winning. They brought in two untried NFL “head” coaches and totally screwed up the team. Lovie was finally starting to put it back together and this year there were glimpses of a potential great team. Two years is not enough time to undo four years of poor coaching decisions by the Glazers. They seriously need to sell the team and stick to owning wussy soccer teams in London. They are obviously not men enough to make big boy decisions in the NFL. I have been a huge Bucs fan most of my life, but am now considering a change. I no longer have any confidence in the owners and their boneheaded decisions. This was just stupid!!!

  30. Lovie should have never been an NFL head coach. Anyone who hired him was a fool. He went into a prevent defense against the Patriots during the last drive of Super Bowl 36. Marvin Lewis Mike Tomlinson are fake leaders as well.

  31. Rookie Qb, better team record in his 2nd year. Yes he isn’t the greatest coach, but you are going to scare off potential talented coaches with this sort of decision making. Just ask Cleveland.

  32. I hope when they fired him they made him watch every slant completion opposing qbs completed. So he can suffer like us fans have the last two years. He was a lazy coach bringing in Chicago Bears retreads who were horrible. Just because they knew the cover 2 system. Instead of signing better players and teaching them his system. You can’t just keep signing bears and cowboys players who were cut cause they know the system. There is a reason they were released idiot.

  33. Clearly someone available at coach that the Bucs didn’t think would be.

    With Winston looking not bad considering his rookie year, and the potential to be a Cam Newton-type QB in 3-5 years with the right patience and teaching, looking for someone who they think will help him get there.


  34. Makes you think it was because of something other than performance related, or the front office must have had some real unreasonable expectations.

  35. Wow, this was a surprise. Figured he’d get at least another year. They’re going to be the 2nd best team in that division next year.

  36. This is a dumb decision… The Bucs were not a bad team this year and were obviously improving under him. Lovie is a coach who needs a couple years so he can get his system set down. It was the same thing with the Bears. First couple years were okay and then they went 11-5 and 13-3.

  37. Didn’t see this coming. Tampa is the latest team to show no patience. Although the Bucs faded at the end, they improved overall this year. This might be a good landing spot for Chip Kelly or Hue Jackson. Or maybe Tom Coughlin.

  38. So he triples his win total in Year 2, while enduring the growing pains of starting a rookie QB for 16 games, with some other young stars like Evans and David, even Doug Martin….and you fire him? A guy with an NFC Championship on his resume gets THIS treatment? These owners have gone crazy with firing guys…..

  39. Is is strange that I had a feeling the buccaneers would have made a move like this. I just kept thinking after the way the team played most of the year that this might happen. However, it makes me worried about their end game here and who their next hire may be.

  40. Wow! That was fast! They made progress in 2015 and should be poised to challenge in the NFC South next season with one more draft. But such is life in the NFL. Patience is no longer a virtue. Win, you’re in. If you don’t, you’re gone!

  41. Its a win now league. This does not suprise me as a Bucs fan. We need someone to bring some discipline to the most penalized team in the league. We have a good QB who will get better in Winston. Time for change.

  42. Thank you and good riddance! Coach Koetter here we come! Bring in Schwartz and you will have a happy fan base. Can’t say enough how thrilled Tampa is tonight.

  43. NFL Head Coach is probably the only job on Earth where it’s awesome when you get fired because you are essentially getting a paid vacation until your contract runs out.

    Plus, by the time you’re ready to head coach again in two years there will probably be an opening in Cleveland.

  44. This is definitely a surprise. So did they expect to compete for a division title with a rookie QB? I think 6 wins was about right for this team. Next year would be the year that I think they would be wild-card ready. I think the Bucs fired Smith one year too soon.

  45. That was quick…How in the world did he get fired so quick? He went 6-10 this season with a rookie QB and showed signs of improvement. Gus Bradley still has a job somehow, just seems curious to me

  46. Huh….. I thought they would give him at least 1 more season, he was kind of turning things around one more draft and season they could have been 9-7 at least. Oh well the Suckaneers just another drab franchise like the browns jags titans raiders.

  47. Little bit of a shocker, not because of his record or he’s a good coach but they did show improvement with Jameis having a solid debut year. Just thought it would be enough to buy him one more year.

    Raises questions to me about this organization though. They continue to go through coaches like chewing gum and can’t seem to settle on an identity, I hope they find that guy because since Jon Gruden it’s been a mess.

  48. Big mistake on the Bucs part in my opinion. This guy made the defense good and the offense wasn’t more than a year away from a playoff run. I don’t get this move at all.

  49. Can’t say I saw this coming, as they are improving. What’s the odds they perform better next season?

  50. Greg Schiano got fired, but Schiano had actually lost the locker room. Lovie had the locker room

    Lovie Smith is flawed for sure. You can point to them. But I can point to the flaws of Jason Garrett(who had 1 good year), Jeff Fisher, Gus Bradley, Mike McCoy, etc. People may say “well, they should be fired too.” Yea, well they’re not. He just drafted a rookie QB. Heck, he got less time than Gary Kubiak or Del Rio got in their previous jobs. I would have preferred to see him get one more year, that would be the fair perspective

  51. Oh well ! Back to the drawing board! As long as they have Winston in the center of this team, the Bucs have a chance to win any game. We have our franchise quarterback. Now we need a franchise coach!

  52. Tampa has clevelanditis. What a joke 2 years in, Lovie has the team on the right track and the rig is pulled out from under him. SMH. Get a Brain Tampa.

  53. His defense is SO outdated and predictable. His lack of enthusiasm and complacency did him in.

  54. tamba bay really gave that a chance haha,how are u supposed to get a program going if youre fired after 2 years idk if lovie was the rite man or not but u need more patience hell the steelers have been the most succesful team the last 40+ years cause of patience knoll started off slow but was given a chance to build and he built a dynasty the best franchises are the patient ones who make the least coaching changes steelers.pats

  55. Wow, incredible. It seems organizations have fallen victim to this generation of instant messages and on demand programming and forget that it takes time to build a good team. .and I’m not a Bucs’ fan. It doesn’t happen overnight. Wonder how Jimmy Johnson going 1-15 would fare with the current mindset.

  56. “Smith had been the Buccaneers’ head coach for *two* years”

    “I am disappointed that we were not more successful these past *few* seasons”

    Are you blaming Lovie for a Sciano season?

  57. I’m a Bears fan, and understood and agreed with his firing with the Bears. He’d taken the team as far as he could under him. I don’t get this at all. He seemed to have the team trending in the right direction, and seemed to do a decent job considering he had a rookie QB. He’s not a bad coach. I would have thought he had at least another year before he’d even be on a hot seat, let alone actually firing him.

  58. The obvious move now, IMO, is to promote Dirk Koetter. I have a feeling that’s what will happen, as other teams have inquired about interviewing Koetter for other positions. We need to retain him to keep to progress of Jameis Winston on track. Don’t bring in another offense that he and the rest of the team will have to learn. Also, this will enable the Bucs to a defense more in line with today’s offensive schemes. The Tampa 2 was great in it’s time, but we need a defense that will be more malleable to the strengths of the defensive players we have. This is a move that needed to happen. Best of luck to Lovie, but it’s time to turn the reigns over to Koetter and see what he can do with this team.

  59. Wow, this is a surprise. I thought he was doing pretty well this year, and the Bucs seemed to improve as the season went on. Winston struggled in the beginning of the season but I would predict the Bucs as a playoff team next year with Lovie.

  60. I just don’t get it, team showed significant improvement from the previous year, heck 4 losses were by 1 score. This team sure seemed to be looking up, when will owners learn they need to give coaches more than a year or 2. Look how well constantly churning coaches works out, what does Tampa want to be the Browns of the south?

  61. Didn’t see this coming. Not a fan of Lovie, but at least he was moving in the right direction. I have to figure they have a “big name” waiting in the wings. Ticket sales are more important than winning to the Glazer’s.

  62. Why is everybody so surprise when Lovie Smith went 2-14 and 6-10, yet most say Dan Campbell isn’t ready and he went 5-7 (including a win over the reigning super bowl champions playing for home field advantage) after being thrown into the fire with only one week to prepare in a program he had no part in building. Not to make excuses, but the Phins also had many injuries and both coordinator changes.

    Dan Campbell for Dolphins head coach.

    Go Phins!

  63. At least his arrow was pointing up. They looked competitive and won more gsmes than last year. The Browns seen theirs wasn’t and made the move after 2 years just like the Titans. This one is a confusing decision to me

  64. lets see coughlin, rob ryan, lovie smith, chip Kelly,..whats the one thing that is common..all of these teams lost to redskins.. strange..

  65. Not a Bucs fan, but this is seriously stupid. What did the Glazers expect?

    Schiano/Raheem left perhaps the most talent-depleted roster in the NFL after Josh Freeman bombed-out. Lovie had what, 2 drafts to work with? What did they expect this year, 10-6 and a wild card after perennially losing?

    Let Lovie rebuild the defense, and have a competent O-Coordinator tutor Winston, Evans and Martin. The cupboard’s not bare anymore…

  66. Two theories:

    1. He was asked to fire defensive staff (which includes his son), and he refused; or
    2. They’re worried about losing Koetter, who took the 30th ranked offense and turned it to #5 in one year. With a rookie QB. And 2 rookie OLs. And 1 decent receiver on the field most of the year.

  67. Ian Rapoport, among other reporters, is now linking Sean Payton to the Bucs job “because it makes sense,” and for only a 5th round pick.

    Seriously though. Thought Lovie had made some progress with that team and this news was a shock.

  68. From the Craigslist Jobs section:

    “Seeking HC for NFL team in the Central Florida Area-
    Can you put out a dumpster fire and build a winning team in under 2 years? If so, this job is for you! Also… we have a pirate ship! Purchasing a home right away… My recommended. See you at the Sombrero!”

  69. what a stupid decision and explains why the Tampa will never have .500 team or a winning one. as a bears fan I can tell you his act had gotten old and it was time for him to move on mainly because he knew nothing about offense but if they had given him more time he would have made them winners. boring winners yes but they would have won and that is all fans who have not had that in years want. good luck trying to build a winner with that new coach every 2-3 years philosophy.

  70. This organization is doomed with these idiots in charge.
    Smith might not have been Landry or Shula but he is a solid NFL HC.

  71. They were in pure rebuilding. Should of had a following year given, heck Jaguars have been patient to say the least with Gus. But basement teams do basement team things

  72. Hopefully the owners have learned from their past 3 mistakes (Raheem Morris; Greg Schiano; Lovie Smith)….

    They need someone who has spent years with a winning team and can bring a winning culture to this team…

  73. Huh? Dude inherited one of the most decimated rosters in the NFL and improved from 2-14 to 6-10 (they were in almost every game though) with a rookie QB. They’re poised to make a leap. He went to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman, a shaky line and no WRs!! He got fired from the Bears for going 10-6!! If Jimmy Haslam isn’t sending his private jet to Tampa to go get this guy right now, I’ll be livid. There are countless Lovie/Dungy/Marinelli/Frazier/Caldwell assistants out there to fill out a staff. It’s about restoring respectability, Jimmy! Pull the trigger!!

  74. I wasn’t surprised when Chicago let him go…they simply weren’t getting better on offense.

    This is a bit of a surprise though…only two years in, with a new QB. I know the Bucs’ season kind of ended on a down note, losing several games after being on the periphery of the wildcard conversation, but still, I would have given him next season to see what happens next. Now they, and their QB, have to start over w/someone new. Hmm.

  75. If it wasn’t for Dirk Koetter, Lovie would gave not won 6 games this season. Defense was terrible. Lovies game management questionable. Koetter did a fantastic job grooming Winston, turning Martin into an elite RB, and improving the offensive line. He was interviewing with Eagles and others. Owners don’t want to lose this guy. He will be the new coach by the end of the week

  76. The guy inherited a train wreck of a roster, and, for his two years, the team almost exclusively drafted for offense (12 of 13 picks), and the offense got way, way better. The defense sucks, because it’s full of UDFAs. This is shocking? The team had basically no talent outside of Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, Vincent Jackson, and Doug Martin when he was hired, and now there’s an actual viable NFL offense.

    Expecting Lovie to build a defense with the players he was given is a stretch. That is a defense full of two studs (McCoy and David), a couple decent players, and a bunch of guys who would be lucky to make a practice squad.

  77. The Bucs were spinning their wheels with Lovie.


    Three coaches who were hired at the same time as Lovie just won their divisions in year two and none of them had much to write home about regarding QB when they were hired. Bowles just won 10 games in year one and the best QB on the roster when he took over was Geno Smith.

    Lovie was brought in to get the Bucs to a respectable level and to get the defense playign well again. He was handed 3 legitimate all pros on day one and spent $63 million on new defensive players with just ’14 and ’15 salary hits. The results defensively were terrible. My guess is that ownership told him to make some defensive staff changes, including bringing in a new DC to take over playcalling and possibly installing a new defense and Lovie balked.

  78. smart move Tampa. Lovie is over rated. now hue or chip will fill in. there is a good QB there.

  79. Seems like a pretty rash move. They didn’t give him enough time I think. As someone mentioned earlier, they must have someone in mind already. Kelly maybe?

  80. curious, since when did 2 years become a few? I wont say Lovie was the answer but when you pick a new rookie quaterback to run your team, you need to give the coach at least two years with him. This is the problem with some of the bottom dwellers, too much impatience.

  81. directdriver says:
    Jan 6, 2016 11:25 PM
    The Bucs got smart. As a Bears fan, good riddance!

    81-63 with Lovie

    19-29 since,

    I guess I don’t see your logic but enjoy that 1985 team.

  82. Only makes sense if they have someone lined up. Kelly seems obvious, Coughlin the right age to head to Florida. Guardiola? (Footie reference. Please don’t get too upset – it’s just a name). Saban maybe?

  83. I know the first person thay called him after it broke. Come to Carolina, run the Defense with Ron for a few years….Mcdermotts (sp?) prolly gone.

    Anyways Lovie good luck, you got shafted.

  84. Love Smith was 81-63 with the Bears and took them to the super bowl with Rex Grossman as his QB. The season he was fired he actually went 10-6 in Chicago. Since then the Bears haven’t been above .500. So Bears fans who are on here bashing Lovie….let us know why.

  85. As a Bucs fan I’m conflicted about the decision. I understand continuity is necessary to build a winning franchise. In fairness to Lovie, he should have gotten one more year.

    On the other hand, Lovie is pretty much a defensive only coach. Our defense has been dreadful the past two years. Mostly due to “Lovie’s guys” he has brought in. I understand most of them were stop-gap players, but it has gotten ugly. Not only that but the Bucs have been the worst in the league in penalties the last two seasons. If anything, a coach needs to teach disciplined football, and I’m not convinced he’s capable of doing that anymore.

    All-in-all, I think Lovie was a very good coach at one point in time. I think that time has passed. If the Glazers had kept him, in my heart I believe it would just be delaying the inevitable.

  86. There always seems to be one surprise firing in the offseason and Lovie Smith fell victim to that. The Bucs seemed to make a lot of progress last season. The Glazers must have someone very specific in mind to replace him.

  87. Could they have an ear of a big time college coach that tried it out in Miami a few years back. I see someone thought the Glazers like Kelly, oh boy. I can hear Stephen A Smith now.

  88. The T-Bucs must have been chasing a pipe dream to think that their organization could be turned around in just two (2) years. As former HC for the Chicago Bears, it took a bit of time for Lovie to build up the team solid enough to make a Super Bowl run (yes, with Rex Grossman!), and had Jay Cutler not injured himself in the AFC Conference Final versus Rodgers/Packers, then Lovie would have made a 2-time trip to The Big Game (i.e., Super Bowl). NFL teams are teeming with envy for success, yet not willing to put in the hard work to attain such success: a 4-5 year commitment. The Cam-rolina Panthers are a shining example of that hard work and commitment to attain success.

  89. A four-win improvement from last season with a rookie QB starting…and he gets fired? Meanwhile Jeff Fisher is an NFL head coach for life.

  90. Lots of negativity. Why? He got to a super bowl with rex grossman, which should automatically qualify him for HOF consideration. It looked like Winston was getting better through the year. I get why he was fired, the bucs ownership is stupid. I don’t know why everyone else hate him

  91. Everyone saying this is a stupid move didn’t watch a damn game they played the past couple years. Lovies defense and personnel handling were an outright embarrassment. 8 wins in two years is more than enough to get someone fired. I hope the door doesn’t hit his smug rear-end on the way out.

  92. Tampa Bay see that the neighbors all were getting new coaches and decide they had to have one?

    Something in the water?

    Two years … team was a disaster and is making progress. This had to be a personal issue and not a football issue.

  93. No “top their” coach will go there without the Coaches hand picked GM thus giving him control over the football operation. he Glazer’s just don’t get it. Having to change head-coaches every couple of years is an indication of a front office issue. Until the administration changes their philosophy, TB will continue to occupy the bottom rung of their division.

  94. Keep in mind that it normally takes a new coach around 4 years to fully install their offensive and defensive systems. Now a new coach will come in and need different personnel to run their systems, and that’s why the Bucs have sucked for so long…

  95. the average tenure of an NFL head coach of a losing franchise is already pretty pitiful, so that means the room for error for a black NFL coach of a losing franchise is almost nil. Based on this fact I’d look elsewhere for employment if I were Lovie

  96. At the end of the d Lovie is a defensive coach and the defense has gone backwards. Their experienced players and pro bowlers are on that side of the ball. The o coordinator did a great job but there has been allot of frustration by bucks fan

  97. 2016 NFL Realignment

    Dumpster Fire Division
    Cleveland Browns
    Miami Dolphins
    San Francisco 49ers
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    For Bears fans hating on him…what have you done in the three years since he’s left?…Thought so.

  98. They started a rookie quarterback who is still learning the game, did they expect Lovie to make this team 16 and 0. Obviously this was a rebuilding year. Dumb move. Don’t understand it.

  99. This one surprised me. I thought the Bucs were a different level than the Browns but I guess not. It’s obvious to all us stupid fans that changing coaches constantly is a path to losing constantly.

    Doing this to a rookie QB is especially harmful as he now has to learn a different offense. The Jaguars HC isn’t good but he is providing Bortles with 3 years of consistency and laying the team’s groundwork for the next coach.

    Maybe…maybe…Jameis Winston did not mesh with Smith and forced the Bucs hand? Just sayin’. I didn’t see move this happening at all; it’s very hard to build a winner in 2 years, especially with the mess he inherited.

  100. Big mistake….. Watch Winston get worse next year instead of improve now…. Lovie is a solid coach and well liked here in Tampa….

  101. All the talk is that this move was made to get Chip Kelly. Didn’t he turn them down before they hired the Rutgers clown? Well, as a Panthers fan, I hope they get him. It will ensure the Bucs are in a fight-to-the-death battle with the Saints for last place for years to come.

  102. They fired Lovie without the risk of losing the offensive coordinator, the REAL reason for our success this season. Completely made the right move. Lovie is no longer head coach worthy in this league. People are quick to forget after the bears fired him he didn’t coach immediately the year after….

  103. You can’t keep a coach just for consistency … if the consistency is crap!

    – He has won 8 games in 2 years,

    – Led the league in penalties (almost setting an NFL record in the process)

    On the plus side his 2 win first season did earn us Winston.

  104. It’s amazing that there are so many stupid owners in the NFL. I thought Jeff Lurie was the only one.

  105. Only two years to turn things around? Lovie Smith may not be Bill Belichick II, but he was in the process of turning long-suffering franchise back into a contender.

    Tampa Bay played much better football this year. Now the players have to get accustomed to what may turn out to be an entirely new system and coaching staff.

  106. Was never a huge fan of Lovie but I don’t think 2 years was enough for any coach to fix Tampa. The team has taken steps in the right direction in his 2nd year. I think he deserved more time.

  107. As a Panther fan, this is a dumb move but on the flip side, with Sean McD interviewing with teams now, Lovie would be a welcomed DC in Carolina!

  108. 12 playoff teams. 8 of those teams have coaches who have been in place 3 years or more.

  109. Committed to doing whatever it takes…

    Except controlling my impatient, impulsive behavior to fire HCs one after the other because I don’t like waiting for results!

    Give them 3 years unless they have 0 wins.

  110. Lovie’s positives are that he will run/maintain a disciplined team, and players always like him and respect him. He is a coach of character and consistency. He would take a firing in defense of one his players (unlike, say, a Marc Trestman, who will stab his own players in the back/thrown them under the bus to save his own skin).

    However, he is also myopic and stubborn, cannot see the big picture, refuses (or is unable to) make in-game/half-time adjustments in any way, lacks any sense of creativity, innovation, imagination, or understanding of modern offensive football, he is clueless about personnel matters and insists on driving square pegs into round holes, he’s also loyal to a fault to his own people (coaches and players), and worst of all, is almost always out-coached in terms of X’s & O’s.

    People say “he got the Bears to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman” and point to his W-L totals during his time with the Bears, but the fact is his coaching blunders actually cost the Bears a Super Bowl in 2006, not to mention other successes those teams SHOULD have had in that era, given the amount of talent on defense that team had.

    In short, Lovie is both overrated and fatally flawed as a head coach (Peter principle at work) – he is/was much suited remaining as a DC.

  111. Agree with Dewey all the way. Lovie is a nice guy – too nice. That’s why the players love him. Raheem Morris was the same way. Team is very undisciplined. The Buc’s success this year was due almost entirely to Koetter and his handling of Jameis. Defensive genius Lovie’s side of the ball was our biggest weakness. I absolutely loved Dungy, but he lacked that one last thing that Gruden provided. We get somebody to fix the defense and we are in business. Have to elevate/keep Koetter, though. Can’t go through anther change in system.

  112. I felt like Lovie Smith was a bad hire in the first place. I’m not a fan of recycling failed coaches who have just been fired. That said, once you make the decision to hire a guy, you have to give him a chance to succeed. The Buccaneers actually overachieved this season and at least some of that credit belongs to Lovie Smith. And with a young quarterback, consistency is crucial.

    I agree with those saying they have to keep Koetter. He and Winston exceeded expectations this year and maintaining the same system is going to be good for the growth of that offense.

    The defense needs improvement, though. So what should they do at this point? Either make Koetter the head coach and hire a solid DC or hire a solid defensive mind as HC with the stipulation that Koetter remains as OC and top assistant. The latter is precarious, though, because Koetter (I don’t know what kind of team player he is) could be gunning for the HC spot and undermine the new guy.

    It’s a clustercuss, to be honest. They should have just stuck with Lovie for the time being.

  113. Coaching Stability is one factor…

    But the coach must have a high degree of knowledge of the game….

    Study what others are doing…

    Devise plans and plays that are just a half bubble off what others are doing…

    And have some surprise and trick plays up their sleeve…

    Oh, that’s right, Bob’s already got Bill tied up with the Patriot’s…

  114. Lovie is a defensive coach and nothing else, he’s a horrible head coach. Bears gave him every opportunity and he didn’t take advantage.

  115. January 7, 2016

    Dear Mr. Glazer:

    I have been a Buccaneers fan since Hugh Culverhouse owned the team. I have clearly been through my share of Owners, GM’s, and Head Coaches through the years. We, the fans, deserve a better product. Period. You, Sir, are not an NFL Owner. You are a Silver Spoon baby who happened to inherit our team. Lovie Smith was building the future in Tampa and you fired him. How ridiculously incompetent can you be?
    I have thought about dumping this team more than a few times over the years, Mr. Glazer, but never could bring myself to do it. Tonight, I am having one of those moments. You may not care but millions of long-time fans do…

  116. The improvement in the Bucs’ record this year was due solely to the improvement of the offense, in only Koetter’s first year as OC, with a rookie QB.

    Lovie’s 2015 Bucs’ defense gave-up more yards & more points than the “2-&-whatever” 2014 Bucs.

    Now, largely because of his success this year, Koetter is now fielding HC interest from a few teams & the Bucs wisely don’t want to lose him.

    So, what would you rather have: Koetter, offense consistency & a bad D OR Lovie , a bad D & a new offense?

    The last couple of drafts have been good; FA’s have not. Some here claim that Licht is responsible for the drafts & Lovie FA. I don’t know; it was probably shared. However, the FA pick-ups were heavy with former Bears players.

    This firing came from the owners, who fell out-of-love with Lovie. Licht, who liked Lovie & was hired by him is, in this instance, the mouthpiece, as GM’s often are.

    Lovie was a lame-duck coach who was probably going to be fired 360 days from now anyway, primarily due to his inability to build a defense, in spite of his perceived “defensive specialist” status.

  117. Watched a couple of their games. Their offense was very good despite a rookie QB and a new OC. If it wasn’t for them, the Bucs might have gone 1-16 again.

    The defense was absolutely horrible. The Bucs were up 24 zip and lost.
    The defense was undisciplined and the CB’s changed every 5 plays or so, and were gone the next week. Lovie kept the DC but took away his play calling ability.

    Lovie caused the majority of the mess in Tampa the last 2 years. Don’t know why they kept him this year. Continuity be damned when its this bad and you want to do it 3 years in a row. Are you masochists?

  118. the team was a mess when he got there, I was shocked at the level of talent there this year. they need two more drafts to contend.

    and bears fans you have did a heck of a lot worse after he left.

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