Jeff Garcia among five Rams assistants let go

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The Rams are interested in talking to John DeFilippo about making the move from Cleveland to become their offensive coordinator and he’ll likely be able to bring in some of his own hires to fill out the staff should he take the job.

The team announced that they will not renew the contracts of five coaches, three of whom were on the offensive side of the ball. They are running backs coach Ben Sirmans, wide receivers coach Ray Sherman and offensive assistant Jeff Garcia. Sherman and Sirmans were both on the staff for four years while Garcia, who worked with Sherman, was in his first year on the staff.

Offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti was fired by the Rams during the season and replaced by Rob Boras, who had been the assistant head coach and tight ends coach. While the team has shown interest in DeFilippo, it’s also a possibility that Boras will hold onto the job into next season.

The Rams also let assistant special teams coach Paul F. Boudreau go after four years with the team. His father, Paul T. Boudreau, is the team’s offensive line coach. Assistant strength and conditioning coach Adam Bailey was the fifth coach pared from the staff on Wednesday.

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  1. Looking to the Browns for help with your offense is like looking to Charlie Weis for help with your diet.

  2. Wow. Those moves will really help. FFS Fish, fall on your sword already and get out of there. Changing up a few lower level coaches and one of the training staff isn’t going to make a difference. Getting a coach who understands how football is played in modern times might.

  3. Garcia looks like he could still get there on the field and play better than 80% of the current NFL quarterbacks. I sure miss watching him play… he was great, and, as stated above, under rated and then some.

  4. Fisher has logged 6 winning seasons out of 20 full seasons between the Titans and Rams. How is he still employed? . . . probably because Rams management is expecting significant upheaval within the organization in 2016 due to relocation. You clean house after that kind of event . . . not before.

  5. Their losses of jobs is actually a gain.

    I like DeFillippo and thought he did a good job with the Browns quarterbacks. I am very skeptical of Fisher after what he did to Bradford and Foles.

    I would not be surprised if Fisher mettled with the QB situation and ruined the passing game.

    Like His mentor Buddy Ryan was good with QBs?

  6. How does Fisher continue to find assistants to work for him, when they always wind up taking the fall for him? Amazing. NFL assistant candidates should boycott working for him, he’d be unable to field a staff, and might FINALLY be put on the street, where he belongs. He needs to move on to the next phase of his career. Perhaps he could be the next Stu Feiner, screaming at us on Saturday morning TV.

  7. Somethings we just don’t understand…. Fisher still employed, Rex gets HC gigs, Cleveland still sucks, Jerrah will take anyone left behind…my Vikings might never win a SB while I’m alive but hope the Cards do… Life is good today after prostate surgery

  8. Do you really need an assistant strength and conditioning coach? Then again, it’s the Rams, who I once saw had an assistant outside linebackers coach even though they only had 5 OLBs on the roster -two coaches for 5 players.

  9. As a Rams fan I’m definitely not going to defend Fisher has he has shown no improvement in 4 years. With that being said to say the Rams “suck” is pretty assanine considering the Rams finished with a better record this year than 11 other teams and while tying 4 others.

  10. Sorry Garcia only lasted one year there…..hopefully he gets another shot elsewhere……His Football IQ seemed up there with what I’ve seen on T.V. before he took that job……..I agree with several others that mentioned his talent and being in shape…….As a backup, he would be worth someone taking a look at him, give the status and quality of backups out there…..

  11. This confirms what I already knew about Jeff Fisher. The guy doesn’t have any character at all. The most over rated HC in the league with only 6 winning seasons in 20 years. He makes Marvin Lewis look like a genius.

    I wonder just how many assistants he’s thrown under the bus in his career. Well he can add another 5….so far. You have to want to get into the NFL pretty badly to want to take a job with him, knowing that at the first adversity, Fisher will sell you out.

    Josh McDaniels worked a half season with him, and never even moved his family to St Louis. He didn’t want to be another pelt on Fisher’s wall.

    I feel bad for the players. They have a good roster that keeps on underperforming. Given the HC and the LA situation, this isn’t good.

  12. The game has past Fisher he is no longer a viable HC, Skins gave you a boat load of draft picks and you FAILED miserably

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