Lavonte David on firing of Lovie Smith: “This is stupid.”


The firing of head coach Lovie Smith by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Wednesday night was a shocking development.

And it doesn’t seem to be sitting too well with some of the Buccaneers players.

Linebacker Lavonte David tweeted about the decision to fire Smith shortly after learning about the move. David summed up his feelings with a simple, but telling “WTF YO!!!

Smith is the third head coach fired by the Buccaneers since the end of the 2011 season. Raheem Morris was let go after three seasons in Tampa Bay. Greg Schiano lasted just two seasons as the Buccaneers coach and Smith just two more.

Whomever replaces Smith will be the third different head coach David has had as he gets prepared to enter his fifth season in Tampa Bay.


96 responses to “Lavonte David on firing of Lovie Smith: “This is stupid.”

  1. David is absolutely correct. Bucs are becoming like the Browns, a dysfunctional franchise who keeps firing coaches. If I were the players, I’d ask to be traded. 6-9 with a rookie looks good enough. Look at the Vikings, 7-9 last year and in the playoff this year. Not saying they’re going to be the same next year but Lovie is taking this team in the right direction.

  2. It’s about consistency David. You know, the opposite of how you are with spelling y’all.

  3. Lovie Smith made a championship defensive team in Chicago with quite possibly the worst quarterback ever to play in a Superbowl.

    Then he had bonehead Cutler and now just getting the rookie year of a new franchise QB. RIDICULOUS.

    I agree with Lavonte David 100%.

  4. It’s very sad that we lost him, hopefully Lavonte doesn’t hold that against the franchise because this is a issue all over the board. You lose and this is the result.

    Wish he had one more year though.

  5. His biggest liability IMO us the inability to draw/keep top staff. He drove off the best defensive coach he ever had while in Chicago (Rivera) and his OCs were a straight clown parade. Feels like a guy whose window has closed and TV could be his best option going forward. Unless he could somehow wrangle his way into the Giants gig I dont see any of the other openings really being a fit.

  6. Is Jed York running the Bucs now? If he is, damn man, you’re showing clear improvement. If he isn’t, slow down bro. Emulating Jed York is a good thing, but you have to run a really good coach out of town first and hire some guy on the coaching staff. Good first attempt though!

  7. Koetter being promoted to HC? Surprise dark-horse that they may have been secretly talking to behind the scenes? On one hand I can see how people think they improved and were getting better. On the other hand, the defense didn’t improve and they were heavily penalized, perhaps one of the most penalized this season. I do hope they give the next coach at least three to four seasons to see if they finally can emerge as NFC South winners or get back to the playoffs even as a Wild Card team.

  8. Not a Bucs fan, but I have to agree.

    Winston has potential, but he is just one piece of the puzzle.

  9. At some point you have to admit that its more organizational issues than coaching issues and you have to give SOMEONE a chance to actually build a team. Which despite what NFL owners think actually takes more than 2 years

  10. As a Raider fan, I consider myself somewhat of an EXPERT on bad Head Coaches, and Lovie fits the bill. Great guy, but bad HC, and I wouldn’t ever want him for the Raiders which is saying something. Smart move for the Bucs as far as I’m concerned. If they can land Hue Jackson that offense will be DEADLY next year. He is the anti Lovie Smith, ultra aggressive and step on your throat type of leader.

  11. .
    ” I guess yall got what you been asking for SMH ”

    What? I haven’t heard anyone calling for Lovie’s head. I think his firing could rightly be called a blindsider.

  12. Perhaps David should redirect his anger towards his team mates who were a dumpster fire around him, producing one of the most inept passing and red zone defenses seen in some time.

  13. Does seem kind of stupid. Lovie may not be the best coach but the record was changing and going into the second year with a young quarterback would have been a big difference maker.

  14. Sorry kid. Unless this was done to get Gase this might set things back.
    Winston and hamster are good enough

  15. Lavontae is right on…two years is certainly not enough time to judge his performance and more importantly what was the FO expectations for year two with a rookie quarterback?
    The players need to know there is going to be a semblance of stability. We’d love to have Lavontae in Seattle.

  16. I would have to agree. Look at the best franchises. They have one or two coaches over a span of 5-15 years.

    Steelers, Pats, Packers…

  17. Well LD54, from the outside looking in, the Bucs defende was hot garbage this lady season. They couldn’t breathe on a QB when it mattered. Also Lovie smith insisted on starting & subbing Mike Jenkins in at CB, when he would get burned worse than my wife’s cooking play after play. Plus, I had to make sure & add 30 mins to my DVR to account for all the extra time a Bucs game had added to it, considering they trailed only Buffalo in penalties. The only saving grace as a Bucs fan was getting to watch, Americrica’s Quarterback, Jaemis Winston & the offense churn out a top 5 offense. So Lavonte David, sorry to say, it was a no-brainer that Lovie Smith was fired. Raise a glass to hoping Dirk Koetter is the next head coach or is at least able to be retained as the head coach of the Bucs!!!!!!

  18. Couldn’t have said it better myself. When you are going through a rebuild, give it some damn time. This is why bad teams stay bad! See: Cleveland Browns. Making a change every 2 years is a joke. You can never build a roster after taking over a dumpster fire in 2 years. It takes 3-4 good draft classes and development to become a good team. Reminds me of my millennial generation – if you can’t have something in an instant, throw your hands up and quit.

    The Bucs were trending upward. Shake my head.

    Not saying Lovie is the greatest coach in the world (I think hes good), but damn you got to give guys a chance to dig your team out of turd water.

    I think a great example would be the Raiders (Talking GM, not coach). McKenzie inherited a lot of bad contracts and a team with zero to little talent. Took him a few years and they were pretty bad, but he put some draft classes together and in another 2 years the Raiders will be consistently in the mix for the playoffs (granted he keeps drafting well).

  19. Fools. Must be a fan running this team – only explanation for such unrealistic and delusional team management. Or… part of the Jon Gruden trade included that Al got to come and run the team from the grave.

  20. Got to agree with him. If you want to have a good team, you need some consistency. Without it, you’re the Browns

  21. He’s right! The NFL is so rich these teams have unlimited amounts of money, to search for the Holy Grail of coaches. But longevity usually is the key to success. Most of these knuckleheads never understand that.

  22. I have to agree–it is stupid. I’m not sure Lovie is a great coach, but he is solid and he had the Bucs headed in the right direction. Now they appear no better than the Browns after they fired Chud, and look what happened to them.

  23. OMG! Stupid aint the word for it.

    Did I just see the brake lights come on all around the coaching carousel? Miami? Philly? San Fran? New Jersey???

    I’m not even going to mention Cleaveland or Tenn.

    Smith is a very good coach, and didn’t deserve the boot in Chicago, much less this.

    He wont be hanging with the FFCA long.

  24. As much as I love my man Lavonte, he’s wrong on this one. Lovie was very respected and player’s coach as well but he just couldn’t get the defense figured out. The Cover 2 experiment was a fail. We let below average qbs like Kirk Cousins and Case Keenum dismantle us. This team has a bright future but he isn’t a part of it

  25. As a Panthers fan I would like to say “thank you” to the Glazer family for this move. Eventually Lovie would have built you a consistently competitive team in Tampa (look at what he did with Rex Grossman in Chicago) – but now I don’t have to worry about that happening for a few more years.

    Seems like a solid coach and man of good character – a real head scratcher as to why he doesn’t at least get another year or 2 – and I wish him the best going forward.

    Stay classy Glazers…

  26. Can’t say as I am a Lovie Smith fan, but I agree it is kind of stupid to fire him at this point.

    Bucs could and should make the playoffs next year. If not then yeah let him go, but now? I don’t get it.

  27. Winston is only going to get better and that offense could click which wasn’t even Lovie’s strong suit. The defense was coming together. Lovie got the short end of the stick in Chicago too. The players clearly love playing for him. At this point I’m wondering where he’ll land next.

    Jameis Winston 6-10 as a rookie.
    Peyton Manning 3-13 as a rookie.

  28. Tampa has some key cogs on defense. I.e.: Lavonte David, GMC, Kwon Alexander, Jacqueis Smith & Johnathan Banks. Another reason Lovie was fired was that he refused to play Banks. He is a starting CB in the NFL & Lovie relegated him to the bench. The reason this defense didn’t work is that the Tampa is outdated, unless you have elite players at most of the positions.

  29. So if you want a defensive minded head coach, do you hire Lovie or Fangio now? I think Fangio.

    Whats worse, he will be a great DCo for someone. Just keep him away from QBs and the offense. In a total lose-lose offseason for the Bears, say goodbye Fangio, GB says bye Dom and Lovie. Yikes.

  30. Hey Lavonte, if you feel like forcing your way out of Tampa, please feel free to come shore up the embarrassingly weak LB position in Chicago. Please?

  31. When a team cycles through 3 head coaches in 5 years then whoever is doing the hiring needs to go and if it’s the owner he needs to stay out of the hiring. A coach stepping into a trainweck like TB needs 3 seasons. The thing is you saw the improvement from year 1 to 2. It was even more impressive what the Bucs did this year when you consider they had a rookie QB. If Smith didn’t get it done next year no one would have bat an eye if he was fired but year 2?

  32. Bucs have one Lombardi trophy. Steelers have what five or six? Look at the number of head coaches both teams have had. Something to be said for consistency.

  33. What has Lovie Smith ever won as a head coach? His lifetime coaching record is 89 and 87.
    He did get to a Super Bowl with the Bears, but lost to the Colts.
    In 11 years, he has had just 5 winning seasons.

    He might be a nice guy, but this isn’t Vince Lombardi we’re talking about here.

  34. After the sub-par year Lavonte had, he should keep his trap shut. This was a difficult decision, but not a lot of coaches can survive 8 wins in two years, certainly not a mediocre coach like Lovie Smith, who hasn’t been to the playoffs in near a decade now. It was long past time to move on bc he shouldn’t have been hired in the first place.

  35. It’s interesting how players look at things. That’s why ESPN generally hires pro player personnel, ex coaches and managers when they do their NFL shows and they give outstanding analysis-they see the “overall” picture and what needs to be done. While the NFL Network hires ex-players who spew out garbage about how things were when they played. Someone tell Lavonte that you can’t keep losing games and expect the head coach to be around……………

  36. No Lavonte, hiring Lovie Smith in the first place was stupid. His defense is outdated and he has no ability to lead a winning team. Your team was garbage in the 2 years under him and didn’t show any signs of getting better. Those on the inside looking out probably wouldn’t understand.

  37. I’m surprised by this for primarily two reasons: It’s clear the Bucs were trending up over the past year. And secondly, Jameis Winston. The new face of the franchise came in with a horrid reputation and under Lovie’s leadership, the QB has not only excelled on the field, he has completely avoided controversy off it.

  38. This from a player who lost the Jet’s game himself. Also remember Buc’s best D performance in three years where the four games he was out in 2015. Being the leading tackler after the runner has gained 7 yards is not a claim to fame…..Great move by TB ..those players on defense that were happy in the locker room after Panthers loss will now understand….NFL, not for long if you can’t stop the Rams, Titians, Colts………

  39. I agree Lavonte. 3 coaches in 5 years is a management problem not the coach’s problem. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen progress in both the players and Lovie Smith.

  40. I think Lovie is the perfect coach for the Browns. They need someone competent and stable.

  41. Most people thought hiring an aging coach who only runs one very outdated defense was stupid.

  42. Think they did it just because Chip is available? Heard they almost “had” him 4 years ago when he chose Eagles.

  43. “I guess yall got what you been asking for smh #bs”

    What’s this suppose to mean? Nevermind, Lavonte allowed his thoughts to come from his default settings.

  44. Lavonte who?
    Oh yeah, the pro bowl “caliber” linebacker from a few years ago.

  45. The only thing the separates the Bucs from the Browns is the fact that they’ve won a chip. If not for that, same team.

  46. dreadnok89
    Jan 7, 2016, 2:45 PM EST
    The reason jeff fisher is still coaching is because he has over 170 wins. Lovie smith has 89.


    Yeah because fisher has been a head coach way longer than lovie smith lol

    Fisher has been a head coach for 21 years. Do the math the equates to an average of 8 wins a year

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