Martavis Bryant: I accept Ben Roethlisberger’s challenge


Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger called out receiver Martavis Bryant this week, but anyone who worries that could create a rift between the two need not.

In fact, Bryant said that when he heard Roethlisberger publicly call on him to “toughen up,” he appreciated what the Steelers’ veteran quarterback had to say.

I’m happy he issued out the challenge,” Bryant said, via ESPN. “I accept it.”

Bryant said he thinks a quarterback’s role on the team is to function as a leader.

“If he feels you need to step up your game, it’s his job to call you out,” Bryant said. “I’m happy he did it. It woke me up. I’m ready to work. . . . He wants to see me be great.”

A great game from Bryant would go a long way toward getting the Steelers a win on Saturday in Cincinnati. Roethlisberger knows that, and Bryant seems to know it as well.

17 responses to “Martavis Bryant: I accept Ben Roethlisberger’s challenge

  1. The dirty little secret is that it’s really Big Ben who needs to step up his game in the playoffs.

    15 points of offense in a home playoff game against the Ravens last year is pretty pathetic.

  2. Wow…..this is refreshing. It’s nice to see that some men are still men. He wasn’t offended by Ben’s comments, and took it as a positive motivating gesture. Now if we could only get the other 90% of the players coming up nowadays to react in this fashion we may still have hope for the future of the league. Not a Steelers fan at all, but this guy put a smile on my face.

  3. “I accept it because I know that if I had one of the many other Qbs in the nfl throwing me the ball, and didn’t play opposite Antonio Brown, I’d be a nobody”

    That’s what he should have said because it would have been true. “Best WR out of Clemson in 2014”- LOL!

  4. I love that Roethlisberger challenged Bryant and I love how he did it. He didn’t slam Bryant, he simply challenged him to step up and be great. And Bryant’s reaction was perfect… it’s how a professional and a man should react.

  5. I love the vibe coming out of Pittsburgh. These guys are hungry, and that could be a huge problem for the rest of the league. There are a lot of tough dudes in Western Pennsylvania, and this is just the way they roll.

  6. Looks like Bryant has the right attitude, and possibly Ben did exactly what was necessary since Bryant has some poor games recently. But, the entire Steeler team needs to play a solid game Saturday, and the coaches need to have a great game also. This team has the potential to win the Super Bowl if they live up to their potential. They can beat anybody when they are firing on all cylinders.

  7. He took it like a man and made his family proud I’m sure. That’s how I’d want my son to verbally answer such a challenge…and then answer it big on the field physically on Saturday.

    Steelers – Seahawks would be good, two wildcard teams peaking at the right time. Too bad the steelers have no defense.

  8. That’s how you do it in a tough-as-nails blue collar town like Pittsburgh. I have yet to see any other QB get his nose broken, walk to the sidelines, have the trainer force it back into alignment, and come out again for the very next play.

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