NFLPA suspends Ben Dogra for three years

It’s been coming for months, and it finally has happened. The NFL Players Association has suspended agent Ben Dogra for three years.

The NFLPA, through its Committee on Agent Regulations and Discipline, unanimously imposed the punishment based on a 38-count complaint. He also was fined $200,000.

Dogra, regarded as one of the more influential and powerful agents in the industry, has the right to appeal the discipline before an arbitrator. Discipline would be stayed pending resolution of the appeal.

The release from the NFLPA contains no details regarding the basis for the suspension. Some believe that the NFLPA action relates, at least indirectly, to Dogra’s acrimonious split with CAA in November 2014. The agency fired Dogra, who then hired lawyer Rusty Hardin.

In May, Dogra met with the NFLPA regarding the allegation. Dogra was represented by Hardin and Arthur McAfee, a former NFLPA lawyer who ran against NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith in March.