Rams’ L.A. proposal includes offer to host Pro Bowl, Combine

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The Rams don’t want to only take 10 games a year to Los Angeles.

They want the Pro Bowl and the Combine too.

As part of the relocation bid obtained by the Los Angeles Times, the Rams did more than just lay out a proposal for moving. They made clear that they envision Stan Kroenke’s Inglewood stadium as a West Coast epicenter for the league.

Since the stadium plan also includes a retail and entertainment areas which include a performance venue and studio space they’re offering the league, they clearly have big plans.

“The flexibility of the district allows for the NFL to develop office and studio space for NFL Network, NFL Media and NFL Digital, allowing them dynamic new space to grow just three miles from their current Culver City location,” the proposal states. “The performance venue can serve as a home for the NFL Draft, NFL Honors and other NFL-themed events such as NFL Films premieres. The roof over the stadium would allow the NFL to move events such as the Pro Bowl, NFL Combine and other annual events to the NFL campus as well.”

The application also detailed just how big the stadium will be, and naturally it will be the biggest in the league.

It would include 70,240 fixed seats, with standing-room areas for another 30,000. It also includes 274 suites, 16,300 premium seats and 12,675 dedicated parking space, which they say eclipses the Carson proposal on each count.

Of course, with long-standing opposition to Stan Kroenke’s plan, the reality is he might have to money-whip his colleagues into going along. And with the offer of office and studio space for the league’s own network, it’s clear he’s trying to turn it into an offer they can’t refuse.

34 responses to “Rams’ L.A. proposal includes offer to host Pro Bowl, Combine

  1. I’d like to see all 3 teams relocate to LA.
    Then all 3 can fail at the same time, or 1 will cannibalize the other 2.

  2. And not enough fans to pay for it as they move within 3 years in the middle of the night.

  3. I see no reason why the NFL owners would turn down a proposal like this. Carson is no where near ready and Kroenkes site is. Just get it over and done with. Spanos can either share a stadium or go pound salt.

  4. Go Kroenke! This Raider fan would love to see your Rams get the Los Angeles market so that the Raiders are forced to make a rational venue choice (i.e. not in La-la land).

  5. I sure hope that the NFL lets the Rams move to L.A. What a change from the musty closet that is their current stadium to sunny Southern Cal. Mickey waits with open arms.

  6. I like how Kronke does business. He has the money to fund his own dream without using the tax payers. And he’s making offers to the league that will help the entire league down the road.

    The owners talk always talk about how the NFL is a business. Well, Kronke’s vision and goals are more business savvy then anything the other two owners are bringing to the table.

    A beautiful new Stadium in the second largest market in the league; A second television base for the league as well as offices for the league.

    Yet, voting owners have a problem with him?? I thought we were supposedly talking about business men; Not business women.

  7. The reality that most fans just don’t get is that owners of nfl teams don’t care about fans and if they want to treat their teams like their toys, there is nothing to stop them as long as people keep dishing money out to them. This guy want to own a team in LA. He doesn’t want it in ST Louis and there is nothing ST Louis can offer him to change his mind or stop it fro happening. Jerrah Jones sees himself as some type of a mixture of Paul Brown and Lombardi and he will continue to do whatever hair brained thing he wants to do to the team that pops into his head no matter how that has hurt the team for 20 years with no end in sight. His bottom line keeps rising so he could care less what anyone thinks of him, especially cowboy fans.

    This isn’t rocket science

  8. Here come all the posts about the NFL billionaires trying to get money from the tax payers, here is an owner who is willing to pay for it all himself, ironicly , it’s also the only city willing to chip in money, send the Rams to Los Angeles and the Raiders or Chargers to St Luis.

  9. Regardless of what happens in LA, based on the Rams relo application, one thing we can say for certain is this team will not stay in St. Louis.

  10. Stan is the MAN!!! This is the best thing he can do by moving the team from a desolate area to a metropolis.
    Good idea in bringing the Pro Bowl and scouting combine here as well. Get the Rams out of St L and back to their real home.

  11. Smart move by Stan. For you raiders fans your ownership doesn’t want to leave it’s your city that doesn’t want to play along with him to keep your team there. If you feel the raiders belong in Oakland than force your city to build a new stadium. You can petition them to do so it’s not that hard. As for the chargers maybe a move back to la if the vote this summer goes down is inevitable.

  12. Easy to see why St. Louis fans hate the guy but he’s no dummy. Kroenke is miles ahead of anything the Chargers or Raiders have in the works. He’s setting up a scenario where the only way the league could turn him down is if they said nobody was going to LA, which would be a gigantic egg-on-the-face moment for Goodell and Company. And even in that event he’d be set to embarrass the NFL in court with Goodell having to explain how the best business plan for relocation somehow lost out.

  13. I don’t see how the NFL can turn this down. Stan is a smart guy. No wonder he is so rich. I love that he’s paying for it all by himself without tax dollars.

  14. this is a really low number for L.A., especially when we’re talking 100k capacity:
    12,675 dedicated parking spaces
    in comparison, Dodger Stadium (capacity 56,000) has 16,000 dedicated spaces and 1,500 overflow.

  15. I’ve read the whole proposal and it is safe to say the Rams definitely have a case for LA, not to mention all the other goodies that are going along with this.

    Also within that download, it is nice to note that San Diego and Oakland have the economic means to sustain their NFL teams as well.

    I sense a big payoff coming for the Son-of-Al and Spanos, which is a good thing since I love San Diego and they never deserve to lose the Chargers.

  16. hey everybody, Stan will build all this so you can come hang out in South central LA with him…just make sure you don’t where red or blue although….you might get shot.

    Does he not realize Chargers fans will drive the 80 minutes up the 5/405 to go to a game in Carson, and the Raiders already have a huge fan base in LA….just look at the cowboys summer scrimmage against the raiders last year down there….so many raiders fans showed up they had to shut down the streets surrounding the cowboys practice facility.

  17. radrntn says:

    Does he not realize Chargers fans will drive the 80 minutes up the 5/405 to go to a game in Carson?


    An absolutely, comprehensively, thoroughly, totally, unconditionally and utterly FALSE statement.

    San Diego County Chargers fans

  18. rams645 says:
    Jan 6, 2016 9:36 AM

    Completely false rams645 on your accusation that STL is the only city chipping in. Actually San Diego’s offer of public assistance is MUCH higher than that of STL, $350 million. The difference is that our mayor is asking for a vote by the people of SD who will be paying that $$ before it gets handed out.

  19. radrntn says:

    Does he not realize Chargers fans will drive the 80 minutes up the 5/405 to go to a game in Carson?


    Apparently you don’t know anything about SD, locals WILL NOT support an LA based team. It’s like a Philly fan supporting a NY team, just won’t happen.

  20. This is certainly ambitious. Not sure how realistic, but definitely ambitious.

    I’ve always said the if the NFL absolutely insists on putting a team in LA, it should be the Rams, since they have the longest history there. The Raiders should stay in Oakland; never should have gone to LA in the first place. The Chargers would be better than the Raiders, since the Chargers were in LA first, even if only for a short time.

    At least 75% of the Chargers and Rams relocation fees should be given to Oakland to build the Raiders a new stadium.

  21. To the people of St. Louis sorry your local media miss led you and gave you hope. I’m glad you people are no longer delusional and finally get it, the Rams are leaving. Peace from Cali !

  22. The sad thing is Mr. Florio, Kroenke was correct. There was a reason the football Cardinals left STL as well. As great a city as STL is, they struggle to support football on a consistent enough basis. Yes, the team has stunk for a while now, but these issues existed before the relocation talk.

    The city was supposed to pay for improvements to the existing stadium as part of the original deal. They refused. You simply can’t ask a man to pay for a football stadium in a smaller market when that was not part of the deal that lured the Rams to STL in the first place. It’s simply not fair and it’s bad business.

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