Rams newsletter to fans: “See you next year”

As the Rams officially try to move to Los Angeles, in part by dropping a deuce on the city in which the Edward Jones Dome is situated, the Rams sent a message to fans in an email newsletter distributed on Wednesday.

“We’ll see you next year.”

It was the last line from the message pointing out the team’s season-ending loss at San Francisco, listing the team’s award winners, and thanking the fans for a great season.

“We’ll see you next year.”

They should have added something like “if you move to L.A., like we want to” or “unless we get approval to leave behind the town that would put us on the road to financial ruin.”

Or, more accurately, “That’s all, folks!”

The approach selected by the team shows the kind of tone-deafness that will make loyal fans of the team even more upset with its current tactics. Which could be exactly what the organization hopes to accomplish at this point, making it impossible for the Rams to remain in St. Louis — and more possible that Kroenke will get his way.