Rams relocation permit touts own building, dumps on St. Louis

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Not only are the Rams trying to do their own real estate deal, but they’d also like you to know that their competitors aren’t in a good neighborhood and that their old house is full of leaks.

According to the relocation bid submitted to the league by the Rams — a copy of which found its way into the hands of the Los Angeles Times — the Rams suggest that their proposed stadium in Inglewood would be an economic boon for the league, much more than the competing project in Carson which would host the Chargers and possibly Raiders.

And it also spelled out why the St. Louis bid to try to keep them won’t work.

But in addition to the details of their stadium (which they say will be ready in 2019, a year later than previous estimates), they point to the economic advantages of their plan, part of a larger development of entertainment venues and retail.

“We believe an Inglewood Super Bowl could generate as much as $50 million more in league revenue than the Carson proposed stadium based on increases in seat capacity, premium seating and total number of suites,” the application said.

The application also took time to trash the St. Louis attempt to keep the Rams, saying that “the most cursory analysis of the St. Louis financial proposal makes no economic sense for an NFL team.”

The document also including a bold heading which read: “No NFL Club Would Be Interested In The … New St. Louis Stadium.”

The league’s Los Angeles, stadium and finance committees are meeting today and tomorrow in New York, while the full ownership will meet next week in Houston.

23 responses to “Rams relocation permit touts own building, dumps on St. Louis

  1. St. Louis is a hole in the ground. I thought I went to hell when I visited the city last year. The swarm of crows circling the sunset – wrapped Purina building felt soul-deadening.

  2. It’s gonna be hilarious when his attempt to move is blocked and he has to go begging back to St. Louis for the government handout they’re offering.

  3. A lot of the movie “Escape from New York” was filmed in St. Louis. Snake Plisskin had trouble getting out of there, too. That was 35 years ago. Nice place to visit (see Grant’s farm, the Arch), but wouldn’t want to live (or play) there.

  4. Way to disrespect an entire state. LA doesn’t even deserve an NFL team, their sports fans (other than the Lakers) aren’t loyal. LA has failed twice to support an NFL team. Here’s what will happen, they’ll sell out every game for the first few years because people will want to check out the nifty new stadium. After the new stadium buzz wears off people will stop attending games.

  5. Kroenke is a tool. Of course his side of things is only going to trash the St. Louis offer.

    I feel bad for Rams fans. They don’t deserve this. They build the team a new stadium only 20 years ago, and n0w they’re being leveraged and abused by this idiot.

  6. Makes me wonder if Mark Davis isn’t secretly planning to cut a deal with Kroenke before Dean Spanos changes his mind…

  7. Is it me or does that pic of Kroenke look like the james woods character from the movie “Casino?”

  8. St. Louis only got the Rams because the politicians there committed to giving the team a top 25% NFL facility that would be updated and maintained at 100% taxpayer expense. The contract expressly allows the Rams to relocate if this condition is not fulfilled. Terrible deal for the taxpayers, but their elected representatives were so desperate to get an NFL team that they signed it.

    The politicians broke their promise almost immediately and breached the contract with the Rams, who now want to return the much larger market they came from. The Missouri press wants to make Stan Kroenke out as the Darth Vader in this story, but it’s really very straightforward: St. Louis officials lied to get the Rams to move away from Los Angeles, so it is hard to listen to them whine about the team moving back.

  9. I read the entire 29 page relocation app. Page 23 tells me that Stan feels inferior to the Cardinals and as a so called great business man has given up trying to compete with them in the stl market. “THEIR BELOVED CARDINALS!” LOL

  10. The more I look at and listen to this guy, the more I wonder how he convinced a Wal-Mart girl to marry him.

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