Adam Gase is in the right place at the right time


This year’s hot candidate is an offensive coordinator with no head-coaching experience at any level. So why has Adam Gase become the belle of the ball?

Because the guys looking for coaches are looking for someone with no ego. Someone who will come in and not try to take over. Someone who, for example, was able to coexist in Denver with a quarterback who wanted to run the offense. Someone who, for example, was more recently able to coexist in Chicago with a quarterback who seemed aloof and disinterested.

Whether it’s Howie Roseman in Philadelphia, Mike Tannenbaum in Miami, Jerry Reese in New York, or whoever ultimately will be calling the shots in Cleveland (I’d add Trent Baalke in San Francisco if the 49ers hadn’t already passed on Gase in 2015), Gase apparently has managed to persuade each of them that he has no agenda other than to coach, and that his ability to forge partnerships with personalities as diverse as Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler means that Gase can forge a partnership with his General Manager and/or executive V.P. of football operations.

The stated goal of each coaching hire is to consider the best interests of the team. The unspoken disclaimer is that the folks who stand to lose power or authority are thinking about their own best interests. Gase is hot in the current hiring cycle because the current hiring cycle is conducive to candidates who will stay in their lane.

Whether he will or won’t, multiple executives apparently think Gase will. Which makes him the most likely candidate in the current cycle to get a job.

29 responses to “Adam Gase is in the right place at the right time

  1. Can’t believe all these teams are going crazy over Gase, Mike McCoy was a much better coach and did a way better job. This guy will be in way over his head!

  2. Someone should give Gase one more year. Most NFL Owners and GMs seem to have forgotten that there are 32 teams in the NFL and only 2 each year will play for the Super Bowl.

  3. It’s amazing how people get paid millions for being associated with others.

    Lets be clear:

    He did nothing for Peyton.

    Cutler did better but he was already talented. It’s not like he took Manziel or RG III and made them efficient.

    So Gase is the place?

  4. I agree with the article. Seems like more of a coordinator ready for success like Mike McCarthy or Mike Zimmer. I think Denver is going to regret letting this guy go in a few years.

  5. I kind of hope that these teams find some way to insult him or make him feel slighted, so he stays in Chicago one more year. I would love to see what he can do with Cutler next season, now that they have a solid rapport, and work together so well. Could be a record-setting year for Cutler (Bears franchise records, which admittedly are on the low end of the league, but still…)

    I think this guy gets it, but I don’t know anything about his gameday style. He would need to have an experienced guy on the staff as an assistant head coach, that can help him navigate gameday, especially if he wants to call plays on offense. Mike Smith is a guy that comes to mind as a name out there that could be a good match.

  6. What has Gase done exactly?

    So funny how the NFL is supposed to be so cutting-edge when it comes to scouting and knowing the game– and year after year after year teams always jump on whatever current “hot coach” bandwagon is coming down the pike.

  7. I’m not sure how much of Cutler’s improvement was Gase, and how much was Cutler realizing that his ‘too talented to fail’ shelf life was about to expire. In 2014 he was extremely humbled, especially he got back stabbed by his OC and pal Brandon Marshall. Then going into last offseason, with the new regime, he was talked about as dead salary cap weight. A burden. Do we trade him? Do we cut him? Do we keep him as a backup? That’s the reality Cutler was dealing with, and I’m sure it made him a lot more humble than the guy Ron Turner, Mike Martz, Mike Tice, and Trestman/Kromer had to deal with. Time will tell, but I don’t see Cutler reverting to 2014 just because Gase leaves.

  8. Sounds like the perfect guy my Dolphins will fall for,wont rock the boat just wants to coach & not going to question wtf the GM is doing

  9. This guy has done nothing to deserve this attention. Chicago finished last in there division and 21st in offense. Everyone know that Peyton Manning was his own offensive coordinator. The Good Ole Boy network still exist.

  10. prince5000 says:Jan 7, 2016 3:48 PM

    I agree with the article. Seems like more of a coordinator ready for success like Mike McCarthy or Mike Zimmer. I think Denver is going to regret letting this guy go in a few years.


    Ya, they’re really going to regret it lol, and Chicago won’t regret it right? How bout Chicago? You dip

  11. I believe Gase is the real deal, as evidenced by Jay Cutler’s TD:INT ratio. No doubt he benefited from his time with Peyton – but that’s kind of the point.

  12. Sooo, the next “hot name” who will be fired after 2 or 3 years. My Dolphins will probably hire him because they believe hiring rookie head coaches who bring in weak staffs is the key to winning. We officially have the dumbest owner in the NFL

  13. Gase is the final member of the Tebow coaching garden. After Tebow took over the 1-4 team (4-12 the previous year), they went 7-4 and won a playoff game. The media narrative claimed that the DEFENSE won all those games, and Dennis Allen suddenly became the hot candidate, despite the Broncos defense failing to crack the top 20 in scoring or yardage defense that year. Mike McCoy was hailed as a genius for crafting game plans to win in spite of Tebow’s ineptitude, and Gase was given hero treatment for teaching him how to throw the ball away. Gase went on to be the Asst. OC under Peyton, where he apparently served a great apprenticeship, because he really did a nice job with Cutler. Best wishes, Adam.

    BTW, does anyone really think Peyton would have come to Denver if they had gone 4-12 again?

  14. He’s Tomsula without the flatulence issue. Hmm, maybe that’s enough to get him hired.

  15. What the heck has this done to be such a “Hot Commodity”? Newsflash, being the Offensive coordinator or QB coach or whatever he was for Peyton Manning means nothing. Manning put up crazy numbers with a variety of coaches, calls his own plays too..Then Gase goes to Chicago, and Cutler only throws for 21 TD’s.

    Gimme Hue Jackson all day everyday over Gase.

  16. If a team has him in line to come in and help fix their QB. They are setting themselves up to fail.

  17. As I said a bit earlier, I believe Tom Coughlin is the best coach available, however if I were able to hire a coach for the 49ers I would hire Mike Shula. He’s done a great job in Carolina.

  18. cant believe how many Gase haters there are. “well he had Manning.” “well Cutler checked his ego and wanted to play well.” anymore to discredit the man?! Denver’s offense isnt nearly as good. how much of that is due to Peytons decline, who knows? but the running game is much worse with the same backs. and Cutler had the highest passer rating of his career. two QBs and offenses that played better while he was there. cant argue that.

  19. The whole “hot HC name of the week” just shows how poorly most NFL teams do at developing their own in-house coaching talent. The other issue is how often the head offensive and defensive coordinators get blamed before the HC when a team has a poor won/loss record.

  20. Somebody mentioned Seattle and I agree. Great thing about them is that they have so much undrafted and lower round talent/starters. It’s almost unbelievable. 24 on the roster were undrafted free agents. Almost half. Easy to manage the cap under those curcumstances. Somebody made a deal with the devil. LOL.

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