Colin Kaepernick has thumb and knee surgeries

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Earlier this week, we shared the news that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick would be in Vail, Colorado to meet with doctors about his surgically repaired shoulder and that he’d also be getting right thumb and left knee injuries looked at during his visit.

Doctors did more than just peruse tests as Kaepernick had surgery on both his thumb and his knee on Wednesday. The thumb surgery was to repair torn ligaments while he had an arthroscopic procedure on his knee to clean up an injury that Kaepernick believes he suffered during his final start of the regular season.

Per multiple reports, Kaepernick is expected to have a cast on his thumb for the next six weeks or so and that he’d be fully recovered in three months. That’s the same timeline for him to be ready after surgery on the labrum in his left shoulder and the knee is expected to be OK before either of those injuries.

The timeline for the thumb and shoulder injuries push up against the deadline for the 49ers to decide if they want to move on from Kaepernick before his 2016 salary becomes guaranteed. Kaepernick is due $11.9 million if he’s on the roster on April 1, although General Manager Trent Baalke said this week that he is “more worried about getting [Kaepernick] healthy” than that date.

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  1. Feels like this kid is at a crossroads. Is he going to reinvent himself and stay relevant (whether with the Niners or somebody else) or start fading into obscurity? Staying the course he’s been on the past couple of years will get him nowhere.

  2. On the surface this looks like gross incompetence by the 49ers medical staff, since the thumb was injured Oct 22nd. Why that ligament tear wasn’t repaired the next weeek, given the huge pile of cash they’ll tie up if he is injured come April 1st, is beyond me.

  3. Romans offense was run oriented and he couldn’t handle it. He had one of the best offensive lines, Frank Gore, Crabree, Boldin and Vernon Davis. When a QB can’t hit intermediate like Kap, it’s time to find someone else. He had four years with declining production each year; teams figured him out and he couldn’t adjust. His failures aren’t based on physical limitation, but mental ones. The 49ers need to admit his short coming and cut him. Alex Smith has flourished in KC in making the playoffs two out of three years and the 49ers brain trust traded in favor of Kap. Use the cap savings to build a new team to fit the new coaches scheme.

  4. He will be recovered just in time to be cut and not get much interest from other teams. Why are we still talking about Kaepernick? He was a pawn in a gimmick and that gimmick has been exposed. Too bad he can’t throw a football.

  5. Please, somebody explain.
    If Kaepernick’s contract becomes guaranteed in April, and assuming they can’t cut him while injured, WHY would the 49ers wait until January to have the surgery? If he’s not completely healed on April 1st, am I correct they have to give him his 11.9 million?

  6. Why does the theme song from Benny Hill start playing in my head every time I read something about the 9ers?

  7. Why doesn’t he get nose surgery. Looks like he’s been lying his whole life. Or better yet, to help is QB skills, he should get brain surgery and install a brain to match the beak.

  8. Simple.
    Kap’s not going anywhere.
    Anyone in their right mind would not go into the season with Blaine Gabbert as their QB. Gabbert had his chance and proved he’s nothing more than a backup.

    An offensive minded coach is gonna come in and realize that Kaepernick gives the team the best chance to win. What Kap lacked was confidence and it showed miserably on the field and at the press conferences.

    Rebuild the offensive line, reload the defense, get another quality RB and receiver, and this team is back in the playoffs.

    50 million in cap space and the 7th pick in the draft is plenty of ammo to get this team back on track.

  9. AHHAHAHH San Fran fans and their favorite QB. Yall should be kicking this guy out of town. Yall dont even want Harbaugh as a coach. LMAO. NFC Championship not good enough??? Have fun this offseason.

  10. Obviously he got an attorney to tell him to grow roots and some injuries to go after the money he will never see.

  11. Kaep gets 11.9 mil for a roster spot, but has a 33 million guarantee for a career ending injury. If he can argue any of those injuries are the reason he doesn’t get picked up in the offseason, 11.9 and then waivers would actually be the cheaper option.
    His career is undoubtedly over. The guy can’t figure out the most basic of coverages. A big arm is useless when you throw to your checkdown every play.

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