Darrell Bevell expects a full workload from Marshawn Lynch

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The regular season began with the mother of Marshawn Lynch calling out Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell for his play-calling in an overtime loss to the Rams. The postseason is beginning with Bevell welcoming Lynch back after seven missed games with an expectation that he’ll perform like he usually does.

Asked Wednesday whether Lynch could have 20 or more carries at Minnesota on Sunday, Bevell said, “If he’s going, that’s what I would expect. I’d expect him to be full-go, full speed and just do like we normally do.”

What they normally do won’t change because of the Captain Obvious forecast that it’ll be very cold in Minnesota on Sunday.

“We’re going to go out and just do our thing,” Bevell said. “We’re going to play ball the way we normally do. We’re kind of built for it. We’re a running team, running philosophy, so we know that to hand the ball to the running back 25, 30 times is exactly how we want to play the game. You can still throw the ball in that, you just have to protect the ball, be smart with it and that’s what we plan on doing.”

If they do it well, the team that was the No. 1 seed in 2013 and 2014 and that now enters the playoffs as the No. 6 seed will be back to the Super Bowl for a third straight time.

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  1. BEAST MODE!! Seahawks return to the SuperBowl. Bank on it. Although, I wouldn’t be shocked if the league cooks the 50th anniversary game to be between the Packers and the Chiefs.

  2. In the cold of this Sunday, its going to be a running and defensive game. The big air game will be negated.The team who commits the less mistakes(turnovers ,penalties) wins. Basic,hard nosed football.

  3. If the refs hadn’t given the Seahawks the game against the Lions Marshawn and the rest of the team would be watching NFL playoffs from home this weekend.

  4. This is why winning the North was huge for the Vikings, the weather for Sunday calls for a high of 0 degrees and low of -10. The windchill at game time is supposed to be -15 to -20 and it is the perfect helper to slow an elite offense.

    The Vikings defense is top 5 in points and Seattle has again the #1 points allowed defense the only difference is the Vikings are used to this type of game and Seattle could have trouble.

    This weather will definitely impact the passing game and that favors Minnesota. I have much respect for Seattle and what they have done for the past few years is incredible. All the “gurus” are picking them in this game but I think the weather is going to set the Vikes up for an upset.

    And this is why winning the North mattered.

  5. This is going to be a bruising, battering, ground and pound game. With the weather being this cold. The passing games probably won’t be as good as everyone thinks. Same with kicking. The cold, hard footballs are hard to throw, catch and kick. They are also slippery! Which really hurts us as often as AP likes to fumble.

    Neither D is going to want tackle either one of these bruising backs. AP and Lynch both run harder than anyone. And both of them will literally beat the snot out of anyone.

    This is going to be a fun game! Seattle fans, layers…. Plenty of them! And peppermint schnapps! I’ll be there with plenty of peppermint! Come find me when you get chilly! Let’s have a good time sunday!

  6. Funny how people think that because you are from an area, you can better adapt to circumstance. While that may be true to some extent, extreme cold weather is not one of those things.
    Trust me when I say that when you are very cold, it will affect you. How many players from MN were born there or have played in this kind of weather, to the point you say you can handle it better than the next.
    Green Bay came to Seattle with Farve back in 2006. The weather was cold and snowy, and by the time it was over, the city was frozen and covered in snow. Seattle won that game. It was a Monday Night Football game, all eyes on you sort of thing.
    Extreme heat and extreme cold favor no one. Believe it. GO HAWKS!

  7. The conventional wisdom seems to be that the cold will have a big impact on the passing game. How many times have we seen a game played in bad weather conditions and teams are throwing it all over the field? If a team if afraid to throw because it’s cold, that team will lose. Get out there and wing it.

  8. The weather is the same for both teams. Those who feel that this benefits either team is wrong. Will it affect the game….sure! I may be a homer, but this feels pretty special. While the boys in blue can’t be considered a Cinderella team, they can take pride in rising from the slow start and beating the odds to get this far.
    Go Hawks!!

  9. All you hawks fans who are so pumped up for the return of Lynch, keep one thing in mind. Your hot streak started when he went down. You got an alpha dog problem. Everyone thought Carolina made a mistake turning out Steve Smith, and look at the result.

  10. You are insinuating Lynch is not good for Seattle? Good teams have the ability to adjust, while other teams sink. Lynch has done a TON for Seattle.
    Telling us Seattle fans to ‘keep something in mind’ sounds more like a reminder to yourself to keep looking for reasons they may not win.
    We’re sorry your mind goes there, but where else could it go?

  11. @ seahawksandbeyond– I hope you guys win! I do not like Peterson or the team he plays for. I want the Hawks to come see us, and I want them to bring their beast mode. I believe that Carolina is going all the way this year, and it is their destiny to shut down Seattle (again) and silence the doubters in the process. Best of luck!

  12. Neither team has played in weather this cold. Wilson’s larger hands give him a slight edge in ball control. The only player with recent experience running in very cold weather is Fred Jackson–another advantage for the Seahawks. Perhaps even more important is the fact that Lynch is healthier than he has been in years and has fresh legs. It doesn’t hurt that he and Jackson played together in Buffalo during a season of record cold.

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