Jaguars WR Allen Robinson named to Pro Bowl


Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson has been named to the Pro Bowl.

Robinson is the replacement for Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who’s contemplating retirement and in recent years hasn’t been playing in the Pro Bowl.

Robinson had 80 receptions, 1,400 receiving yards and 14 touchdown catches in 2015.

A second-round pick in 2014, Robinson is just 22. He had 48 catches, 548 yards and two touchdowns as a rookie.

12 responses to “Jaguars WR Allen Robinson named to Pro Bowl

  1. AR15 should have been in pro-bowl not matter with CJ81 is playing or not. This is a snub. Probowl is more of a popularity content than accomplishments anymore. Fans should not be allowed to vote, rather give it to panel of judges (from recently retired players for the specific group so that they know the trend and have expertise on that position) who can judge objectively.

  2. On his way to becoming the greatest Penn State receiver in NFL history. Without him, Hackenburg wouldn’t be half the prospect he is now. His game against Michigan will love in my memory forever.

  3. Looking forward to the next 42 articles announcing which player has been named to the Pro Bowl to replace which other player who isn’t participating for [insert excuse here].

  4. Love this kid. He will be in the conversation with the top WRs in the league for a long time. He can get a lot better, which is pretty scary given his numbers with a pretty weak offense this year.
    80, 1400, 14 is a career year for a lot of WRs in the last 20 years…I would take him over Alshon Jeffery in Chicago without even blinking.

  5. I wouldn’t consider 24 points a game weak offense especially from what my jags were before that. Fan voting seriously needs to be removed so the right player get in for once

  6. I’m confused how he wasn’t selected originally???

    As a Patriots fan, I’ll admit I’m not up to speed on the Jags and haven’t heard much about him this year but he clearly had the numbers of a hell of a year. The league needs to start selecting players on their merit for the year, not the career.

    A prime example is Brady, Manning & Rodgers. They don’t always have Top 6 years and are almost always selected because they’re big name QBs.

  7. Herns deserves some consideration as well. If the Jags can get some oline help and pass rush and a cornerback they should win the most games in the AFC south

  8. That Jags offense has some great building blocks. They look to be a high end passing offense for a long time. Pretty amazing when you consider the train wreck of a WR that they acquired with a high draft pick. Bortles and his targets are the real deal.

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