Report: Adam Gase doesn’t have second interview with Eagles yet

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Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase was reported to have a second interview lined up with the Eagles.

Unless he doesn’t.

According to Reuben Frank of, the Eagles do not have another interview planned with Gase, contrary to a NFL Network report.

(It’s almost like teams don’t appreciate the network they’re paying for reporting certain things.)

The report said no second interviews have been planned with any of their candidates so far.

Ultimately, this could be semantics and timing, if Gase ends up in Philadelphia at some point soon to talk with the Eagles again. But as they continue to interview guys, it’s clear they don’t want to create the impression they’ve already narrowed down their search.

They’re still talking to candidates, and this report suggests it could be the end of next week before they regroup and start scheduling more in-depth interviews with their finalists.

12 responses to “Report: Adam Gase doesn’t have second interview with Eagles yet

  1. eagles should opt for continuity with shurmur.

    not sexy but could be effective.

    eagles may have limited options because HC will have to operate within the howitzer Howie roseman constraint.

  2. There goes that – “he does, unless he doesn’t” mumbo jumbo. Do us a favor…pick up the phone, call the guy’s agent and confirm. Do some investigative reporting rather than repetitive non-sense you picked up through twitter. The laziness is astonishing.

  3. IMO, interviews are almost exclusively to see how the person “fits” with the organization. The qualifications are pretty well known from the resume. There are a few questions I ask to expand upon what I already know, but, mostly about “fit” and “vision” for the organization.

  4. The Eagles should hire Sean McDermott as head coach.The Eagles offense is really good with Shurmur as offensive coordinator who coaches there now but the defense isn’t very good. McDermott help build one of the best defenses in the NFL with the Panthers who are the number 1 seed in the NFC and could win the Super Bowl this year.So if they hire McDermott he can fix the defense and keep Shurmur to run the offense.Plus McDermott is from Philly And he coached with the Eagles before so he knows how to deal with the Philadelphia media and fans.

  5. No joke. Richard Simmons has this in the bag. Not only has lane Johnson approved Simmons’ workout program, DeMarco Murray heartily endorses his interpersonal skills and Howie Roseman still has a collection of Simmons most popular classes on VCR cassettes but there’s a clincher – Jeff thinks he and Richard look alike.

  6. I don’t consider Roob a reliable source in this case.

    He names no source, just an “unidentified” one “familiar with the Eagles’ thinking.”

    He also doesn’t want Gase to get the job. He’s made it clear that he wants McDermott to have the job and he’s all but campaigning in print for McDermott.

    The tell in this article is his use of only the stats that make Gase look bad, while only including one that makes him look good.

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