Report: Chip Kelly met with 49ers about head coaching job


After being summarily jettisoned by Jeffrey Lurie in Philadelphia, Chip Kelly reached out to the San Francisco 49ers to express his interest in their head coaching vacancy.

While Kelly was interested in a return to the West Coast, it was uncertain if the 49ers shared that same interest in Kelly. But according to Matt Maiocco of, the 49ers have indeed met with Kelly about their opening following the firing of Jim Tomsula this week.

Kelly would be an interesting fit for the 49ers if they decide to keep Colin Kaepernick around as their starting quarterback. Kaepernick’s running ability in Kelly’s offense could be an intriguing pairing. However, the rest of the roster is significantly lacking in talent after multiple draft day misses over the last several years by the 49ers front office.

The Kelly interest comes out on the same day the 49ers interviewed Buffalo Bills assistant head coach/running backs coach Anthony Lynn for the job.

The game of musical chairs surrounding the coaching vacancies will be thoroughly entertaining to watch in the coming days and weeks.

61 responses to “Report: Chip Kelly met with 49ers about head coaching job

  1. Lol. Please make it so. I wonder if niners fans want him as the gm to replace Ballke while they are at it. Gonna keep Kaep coming off the surgeries and owed all that money? Or let chip draft a college kid with the #7?
    If you really hate York don’t go to any games, until then we are all stuck eating popcorn.

  2. I’m sure Chip would do a decent job in Santa Clara but I think they may need to move on from Kaepernick. His accuracy is absolutely awful, and I don’t care what kind of offense you run you still need a QB with a high degree of accuracy in order to be successful.

  3. The niners won’t sniff any other coaches with the experience of Holmgren or Kelly, so for their sake i hope they hire one of them. Interviewing a position coach from a mediocre team clearly illustrates how poorly potential hires regard the 49ers organization.

  4. Well, it’s not like he can trade away their top talent for former Ducks or anything. All their talent retired this past post season.

  5. If they’re serious, this is just further proof the 49ers may currently have the dumbest front office in the NFL. Well, at least they’re trying to challenge the Bucs and Browns for that title.

  6. Man at the end of the day If your drafting sucks (like ours does) coaching won’t friggin matter. Yea one coach may be slightly better than another…but if you’re an NFL head coach…you’re pretty good. They all are.

  7. Wonder how long it would take for him to assemble his players in SF and run his offense? Since the book is now out on Kelly you can bet GM’s and owners will be asking him a lot of specific questions in any interviews. Such as ‘do you plan to unload our best players for who?’ ‘why do you think Jay Cutler is the ultimate QB to run the read option?;, etc.

  8. this (besides the Titans job) is one of the best fits for him. he’ll have a QB in place that can run his offense the way Kelly wants it run. he likes a no-huddle spread option offense, something that Kaepernick can fit in with.

  9. Really hope they hire Kellk. The people who don’t like him say things like

    “He is arrogant”
    “He works his players hard”
    “He is intense”
    “He is too focussed”
    “He is all system & process”

    Along with other disparaging adjectives. Guess who else got called the same? Harbaugh, Bellichick, amongst others. He has the potential to turn our team back on its head. Whether Baalke can cope with someone who knows football better than he does is another matter.

    But if Jed is really serious about wanting to win, then he will hire Kelly.

  10. One of the great things about the 49ers job is that there is no room to fail…meaning that CK could not possibly make them any worse.

  11. Hey, Blaine Gabbert had a better rushing average than Kaepernick this season, don’t sell him short.
    Plus Gabbert was the only QB in the league who was consistently clocked at 20mph on the field, so there’s a lot of untapped potential there.

  12. I’m thinking as long as Chip doesn’t make all the personnel decisions he’ll be a good fit anywhere..except Cleveland and Detroit of course.

  13. Eh… Honestly I think Chip needs at least a year away from being a NFL head coach… Maybe a good fit would be OC for the Bears if Gase leaves? Also a good fit because he has a capable QB and can learn something from John Fox?

  14. Overheard in the 49ers front office:

    “Well, Chip Kelly didn’t work too well here when he was named Jim Harbaugh… Screw it. Sign him up!”

  15. He would be a great fit with Kap. I do feel he was going to do well in Philly, he needed more time, had a little bad luck this year. With a fanbase that is starving for a SB time wasn’t going to work. He must be more adaptive with his playcalling going forward.

  16. Mr Kelly received a conference call congratulating the coach & it was placed to him from the 3 remaining franchises in the NFC West.
    It started fine & until one coach forced the call to end early with uncontrollable laughter.

    ***(Jeff Fisher couldn’t keep a straight face or stop laughing on this conference call Chip, please allow us to call you back.)***

  17. As a long time Eagles season ticket holder, I will proudly wear a San Francisco 49er’s jersey from here on out if Coach Kelly becomes the 49s Coach!

    I would love to tell you folks what really happened in Philly! Someday I might…

    I can’t wait to see 49er offense in 2016 resurgence!

  18. Please make this happen!! As a hawks fan I’ve been hoping to see kaperchoke stay in Santa Clara. Watching him fail in centurylink and personally make Richard Sherman an all pro every year has been so fun to watch. Icing on the cake would be to watch York and baalke turn that dumpster fire down there into an inferno by hiring chip kelly. Nobody has it better!!

  19. Trent Baalke waves his hand and says “I’m not the one you want to fire”. Jed York then turns and walks back out and then fires Joan from payroll.

  20. anybody who hires him better be ready to blow a 4TD lead with 8 minutes left… he likes playing prevent… a lot

  21. That could be interesting as a Hawks fan. I’m not sold that his system is good enough to win in the NFL, but Kaepernick and Gabbert would be two of the best QB’s to run it outside of Wilson, Newton and of coarse Mariota.

    With how that ownership handled Harbaugh though, I could see this coming to a really nasty conclusion pretty quickly. Chip doesn’t seem like much of a yes man or players coach, so he could be quickly hated on all sides of the operation.

  22. Predictable.

    Baalke swings and misses on first few choices. Marathe/Gamble guy Chip Kelly comes in. Baalke panics , hires Kelly. Baalke gets fired in weeks. Marathe/Gamble now in charge. 49ers still don’t have a football guy in charge.

  23. Now the delusional can talk about how Chip Kelly can turn Colin Kaepeenick into a star quarterback. It is odd how so many people refuse to see Kaepernick was running a gimmick offense and Kelly will never make it as a coach in the NFL. Maybe Kelly should coach in San Francisco? What will the excuses be then?

  24. He didn’t make Nick Foles or Mark Sanchez or Sam Bradford better. What makes anyone think he could do something with CK? Cap needs a real QB-oriented coach who will put his improvement at the top of his to-do list, who will work with him to harness his natural athleticism. Someone like Jim Harbaugh. There’s a thought. The Niners should go after Harbaugh. Maybe he’s bored at Michigan already.

  25. This would be an interesting job, not sure if it is the correct one for Kelly. His ego may be telling him to take job to prove the Eagles wrong. Bill Belichick opines that your 2nd Head Coaching job is the most important because if you do not do well, there will not be a 3rd chance.

  26. The Eagles were heading downward quickly under Chip. I’m sure he’ll do the same for the Niners if given the chance.

  27. Why is it that so many people bash Chip because “he won with Andy Reid’s roster and then went downhill from there.”? Do those people not remember that Andy Reid’s last roster was 4-12? Do people not realize the quarterbacks Chip has been stuck with? He made Nick Foles look like a star. Foles is now benched for Case Keenum. Mark Sanchez looked like a competent player in Kelly’s system after looking completely lost in New York. And even when Sam Bradford was ever healthy in St Louis, he was terrible. Keep Kelly away from personnel decisions and he will lead a team to contention year in, year out. His offense isn’t a gimmick, it’s a spacing concept sort of similar to the way teams in the NBA are realizing how important spacing is. Hire Kelly, re-sign Alex Boone, and hope Anthony Davis comes back from retirement this year like he’s indicated. Kelly will have a good line to work with, a quarterback who makes his system dangerous, and the deep threat in Torrey Smith that he had in Desean Jackson when they went 10-6. I’ll go against the grain, I don’t care. I think Chip Kelly will succeed wherever he goes next, and I really hope it’s San Francisco.

  28. It is not like it can get much worse, stadium is empty. If it does not work than Baalke is gone so I am for it. Almost any coach mentioned will be a better Head Coach than Tomsula.

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