St. Louis mayor fires back at Kroenke


On Wednesday, the Rams reluctantly released a copy of the proposal in which the team released the contents of its bowels onto the head of St. Louis. On Thursday, the guy who runs St. Louis responded, with a letter to Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“In reviewing the St. Louis Ram’s submission for relocation, I was struck by multiple inaccuracies and misrepresentations of St. Louis and our community’s relationship with the Rams,” Francis Slay wrote to Goodell, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Slay took issue specifically with owner Stan Kroenke’s assertion that the team has been working with St. Louis since 2002 to resolve the stadium situation.

“I have been Mayor of St. Louis since then and I — to this day– cannot ever remember meeting Stan Kroenke, much less engaging with him in any conversations about the future of NFL football in St. Louis,” Slay wrote.

It’s no surprise that the Rams tried to couch the stadium situation as something that has been percolating since 2002, since that’s when the Chargers actually started trying to work out a new stadium in San Diego. And the duration of the Chargers’ effort to land a new venue in San Diego has become one of the biggest arguments in favor of allowing the Chargers to move.

For the Rams, the situation became problematic only in recent years, when the lease required that St. Louis upgrade the stadium to the top 25 percent of league, the team and the city went to arbitration regarding their competing proposals, the team won, and the city thereafter did nothing to upgrade the stadium.

Now, Kroenke wants out, St. Louis wants the Rams to stay, and it all will get resolved in six days.

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  1. As a Chargers fan, I join St. Louis with both middle fingers pointed directly at the NFL. Using LA to get taxpayers to buy stadiums for billionaires the last 20 years, and now you’re finishing the shameless act by ripping the hearts out of 2 fanbases. It has nothing to do with fan support. It’s all about the $$$$.

    Kronke and Spanos are gutless cowards who have repeatedly lied to be in this position. It’s disgusting.

  2. I’m not a Rams fan but do see another rich NFL owner willing to dump fans for dollar signs.

  3. Stan Kroenke really has a take-no-prisoners attitude about this. There is no way he could co-exist with St. Louis in the future, but there is no reason to completely foul the air and water for some future NFL team.
    He makes Martin Shkreli seem like a swell guy.

  4. Jerez, just let the guy move. Heck,NY lost TWO teams and there was not this much stink More menus building the stadium with his own funds. St Louisnhad 20! Years to get something done and until Kroenkenbought the land from Walmart at Hollywood Park they did nothing. Been to a few games in St Louis and IMO it’s the pits on game day. Let the guy build his stadium and stop all this crap

  5. I hope you LA fans get your wish in having Kroenke as an owner. That would be freaking great and the laugh will be on you. Look no further than his STL Rams, Denver Nuggets, and Denver Avalanche. We simply want a football team in St. Louis, any team for that matter that is not owned by Kroenke. We prefer to keep the Rams but if we get any team while simultaneously getting rid of that POS Kroenke, it will be like winning the Super Bowl again. STL is a football city, Stan has said it before but now the dollar signs has given him amnesia.

    Kroenke is a liar and has no scruples when it comes to business. He would throw his mother in front of a car to make a buck. It will be a great day on earth when he kicks the bucket and all his money can be buried with him.

  6. Top 25% of the league? Why so high, that’s the top 10, why would they sign a lease like that knowing new stadiums are being built all the time, to 50% is fair….good to see a city call the NFL out on its lies then tell them to go screw…..

  7. If I were in LA I wouldn’t get too comfortable with the Rams. After their attendance drops to 40K per game, a-hole Stan will jump to the highest bidder. Worst owner in sports…and that is saying something. Walmart trash is all about the money. Look how well his teams in Denver are doing. He obviously doesn’t care about the product….just wants more $$$$s to fill the hole where his soul is supposed to be.

  8. It’s time for the NFL to tell Stan the Man to stick to basketball, and hockey. Or at the very least stick to Colorado. The arrogance of money, and the selfishness of greed is bad for the NFL, and it’s fans.

  9. The Rams belong in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Rams just sounds right.

    San Francisco 49ers Vs Los Angles Rams on Sunday night football just sounds entertaining…Everything is right about the move.

  10. As a Minnesota fan who watched the North Stars leave for Dallas I realized what was most painful wasn’t that the team left, but the fact that the NHL allowed the team to take the name, colors, logo’s and history with it which makes up the fabric of being a fan.

    If an owner wants or needs to move then there needs to be a rule that you have to leave behind the team’s identity with the fans who supported you from the beginning like the Cleveland Browns situation years ago.

    There is nothing more ridiculous than seeing the NO Jazz become Utah Jazz, AZ Cardinals, LA Lakers, etc..

    Go extort the next city for your new stadium-good riddance; you just have to leave our stuff behind- its ours

  11. Congrats to Mayor Slay and combating Kroenke’s lies in his application for relocation. Hope the owners see through this tactic by Kroenke. Also wish Mayor Slay would send letter to NFL owners, as Goodell is in Kroenke’s camp and Inglewoood.

  12. Should have just funded a stadium if you wanted your teams to stay. If not, the owners have every right to move THEIR team to wherever they want. At the end of the day the owners are in the business of making money, and they’ll go wherever they can make the most profits.

  13. The mayor has never met the owner of a team that the city is building a stadium for? I know this was supposed to be a knock on Kroenke but it makes this guy sound like a buffoon. It’s too late to play dumb Mr Mayor.

  14. Perhaps he should have pickd up the phone and had that conversation with the Rams. It’s called leadership(sorely lacking in government today)

  15. The Rams under Frontiere whined their way out LA claiming that stadium issues, rather than the poor football product they offered, were the problem. Few tears were shed by the general population when they were gone.

    Now under an even sleazier owner, they’re trying to whine their way back in. They should be relocated to Tijuana. There’s a vacant landfill there.

  16. Kroenke is paying for his own stadium in LA and it’s part of a larger development (gentrification) plan for Inglewood. Moving his NFL team is only one piece of his strategy to acquire even more wealth (money he could never possibly spend).

    He’s moving his team. This is a done deal. He’s got a lot invested in this and a lot riding on it.

    The only remaining questions are who share the stadium with him (Chargers), where teams will play during the transition to LA, and what’s going to happen to the Raiders (stay in Oakland).

  17. I understand Stan perfectly. Way to many towns like Fergusson close to the stadium and the scenery around the stadium is getting meaner. Time to go for sure.
    If the city was doing a revitalization and had a wonderful new site to build on, may be different but they are just trying to keep the millionaire football players paying taxes more than anything else.

  18. Sorry, Rams fans. No one seems to care what the fans think in these squabbles between cities, teams, and/or the league office. You’re basically left to just sit back and be a spectator as teams or the league office do whatever they want and the media reaps the reward of covering it all. As a Saints fan during the lost season of 2012, I can sympathize with you.

  19. People whine, b!tch and moan about owners asking for taxpayer money to build stadiums.
    Kroenke is willing to use HIS money and not taxpayer funds to build a stadium. And people whine, b!tch and moan about him? smh
    Let him spend his money

  20. Since when did some of you posters not realize the owners are in it for the money? They really don’t give a crap about the fans outside the ticket holders and they covet the beer drinkers. They also see the big new concourses in the newer stadiums with gift shops, restuarants, food galore. Owners who own the parking lots and malls in the area.
    You get an owner with deep pockets not realizing all of the above, he either gets you to get it for him or he is going elsewhere. Its competition. Owner against owner for bucks.

  21. That’s absurd !! If the team’s only accountability was based solely on the credibility of their respective owners then NO State would have a team. Sure, sure on occasion some of the owners appear to be nice guys but if you don’t think they don’t care about their bottom lines then you are sadly mistaken. ALL of the owners want the perfect location, the perfect coach’s and acceptable payroll for the whole thing. Some are just more blatant than others.

  22. LA fans….if the Rams come your way…you are going to get what you pay for !…and you will like the bitter taste of it ! In 5 years or less…Kronke wont like the stadium full of half empty seats either !…good rhythms !! It is a travesty how little support the real fans garner in the NFL !

  23. If people don’t like the way things are nowadays in professional sports, in this case the NFL and their greedy owners, then don’t buy it (watch or go). It’s the only recourse that a fan has but if the group is large enough, it’s the only way to get payback. Let them play to half empty stadiums if that.

    And for St. Louis fans, I wouldn’t hold my breath should the Rams leave, it will be a long time before a team goes back to a city that has lost a NFL franchise twice.

  24. Seems to me that if the mayor of St. Louis made no effort to meet Kroenke over the past 14 years, that is his mistake. And a big one.

  25. at the end of the day, does the NFL care about it’s fans?

    I know the NBA owners told Ballmer to take a hike when he tried to use his billions to buy the Sac Kings and move them to Seattle. He then later on slid in the back door with Sterling ex wife by way over paying for the Clippers….Time will tell if he tries to move the Clippers to his beloved Seattle

  26. 1. The Rams should be in LA. St Louis stole them to begin with. I know that they had had a poor 5 year run right before moving, but all thru the 70s and 80s they put a good product on the field. I think the Raiders moving there kinda screwed them up. It’s time for them to go home.

    2. LA is a cesspool. ST Louis is a dump. Advantage, cesspool.

    3. The Chargers and the Raiders should be made to stay where they are.

    4. ST Louis is a baseball town anyway. You are also close to Cincy, Indy, Nashville and KC, and not too far from Chicago. Lots of options.

    5. St. Louis looks like they were told by a court they lost the case. Don’t know why they expect to keep the team when they are in breach of contract. The NFL is a big boy league and play big ball business.

  27. If I found out one of my major investments was a few hundred yards from a landfill on fire, burning towards another landfill containing radioactive waste then I’d be making plans to get the hell out of there too!

  28. For all of you LA-based fans who suddenly love Kroenke, it’s a little ironic to remember that he also played a huge part in the Rams moving to St. Louis in the first place. The things he’s saying about St. Louis now are the things he was saying about LA then. He would move the Rams to Alaska if there was an extra dollar in it for him, so…go ahead and cheer this guy on if you want.

  29. “On Wednesday, the Rams reluctantly released a copy of the proposal in which the team released the contents of its bowels onto the head of St. Louis.”

    Thanks for the great visual, Florio.

    (sarcasm off)

    Don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I’m really getting LA Fatigue. Let’s get this over with already.

  30. If the billionaire NFL club had to finance their own stadiums 100%, teams would never move. Ever.

    All 3 teams trying to get to LA are willing to pay the entire cost of their stadium there.

    If you don’t like public funding of NFL stadiums, you should be happy these teams are moving to LA.

  31. In 5 years or less…Kronke wont like the stadium full of half empty seats either !…

    But he will own it. And he won’t be tenant to a bunch of St. Louis politicians who stole the Rams from L.A. by making promises they could not and never intended to keep.

  32. Kroenke swore up and down that he had no intention of ever moving the team when he was trying to buy controlling interest. He sighted his many connections to Missouri and his aging mother who liked to attend games in St. Louis. I just read an article with many of his quotes and it’s unbelievable. The man lied so many times.

  33. Sounds like both parties kinda crapped the bed. I doubt any discussion began in ’02 and for the mayor to never reach out to a business as big as an NFL franchise is pretty sad considering St. Louis had already lost one team. Think you’re getting another after not holding up your end of the lease? Good luck.

    And for those who say “build it yourself you billionaires!!” When you drive to/from work today look around and see all those nice buildings that house large corps, you can thank yourself for the tax $$ you unknowingly pumped into those buildings too. Cities give all kinds of $$ and tax incentives for companies to build in their city. Companies that DO NOT have $160,000,000 million payrolls like an NFL team. Wait til all of THOSE homes go on the market at once. Didn’t think of that either, did you??

  34. Rams are going back to Los Angeles, where they have a deep history, and Stan’s financing his own stadium and the move. It’s the right move of all the potential teams eyeing Los Angeles.

  35. Just to be clear , the Mayor of STL tried to negotiate with Stan and the Rams. Stan didn’t return any information. The Governor of Missouri tried to negotiate with the Stan and the Rams. Stan finally met with him in Nov. of 2015. Stan has lied through this whole process. He bashed St. Louis through lies and misinformation. The relocation letter was sent recently but he has been telling the NFL and other owners these lies from the beginning. So good luck LA. Think about him as you buy your PSL and spend your hard earned money on a franchise that doesn’t care one thing about the fans , the city they play in and about winning. All STL wants is a NFL team and an owner who wants to be here. This mess just tells you how sleezy the NFL and some of the owners are .

  36. people are mad rams about to leave but they didn’t feel the same anger when they screwed LA.. whatever.. Georgia stole them from LA. STL gave them a generous lease and now they are paying for it…

  37. STL didn’t steal the Rams. LA would not build a stadium. Sound familiar ? STL did , just like they propose to do now. Cant wait for Stan to get to LA. You are going to love him. Enjoy his team going 6-10 , 7-9 forever ( See his Colorado franchises. See what he did in STL ) Enjoy buying the PSLs, the gouging ticket prices. Do you think he is really spending all of his own money ? LA you better pack the place or he will call you out for not supporting a losing franchise and just remember there is always London calling. Just think LA you could be getting two NFL teams , the Chargers with an aging QB that doesn’t want to be in LA and the team was 4-12, the other with no QB and a ton of free agents that they wont sign. A coach that is happy to get to .500. Two owners that don’t care about winning. You got your wish.

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