Teryl Austin to interview with Giants


Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin has another job interview to pencil into his planner.

According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, Austin has an interview scheduled with the New York Giants for their head coaching vacancy on Thursday.

Austin interviewed with the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday. He also has interviews set up with the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles for their openings as well.

Austin has spent the last two seasons as the Lions defensive coordinator. He joined Detroit after spending three seasons coaching the secondary of the Baltimore Ravens.

The Giants job became open earlier this week when Tom Couglin resigned as head coach after 12 seasons in New York.

15 responses to “Teryl Austin to interview with Giants

  1. Satisfy that Rooney rule Ny. What a joke that rule is. Making everyone look bad. Never gonna get the job.

  2. I really feel badly for Austin. I mean, he’s getting flown all over the country for what I hope is free but to just be interviewed based on his skin color and not his body of work or his character, is just sickening. It’s amazing to me that the sports media can get so upset over a nickname that is only considered racist by the smallest amount of the population but can openly ignore, and often cheer, the blatantly disgusting racist rule that is the Rooney Rule. I hope that Austin gets a HC job one day but based on the defense in Detroit, I think he’s got some work to do.

  3. Austin is the real deal. Just because you haven’t heard of him, doesn’t mean he isn’t qualified. The man is a young up and comer and considered one of the best DC’s out there. Most consider his specialty to be Cornerback play, which is no doubt why the Giants consider him a viable option.

    Also I think that because he’s not considered a “Superstar Coach”, the Giants probably feel as though he’d accept keeping Ben McAdoo as OC.

    Bottom line, the Giants feel the need to address the Defense and this guy is probably as good as McDermott in that regard.

  4. I’d love it if Austin stays in Detroit as DC, but that’s not going to happen. I expected him to be hired away from us last year, but we dodged a bullet. This year … he’ll be someplace.

  5. Can anyone in this day and age say that would not hire someone based on race
    32 head coaches in the NFL pay is great if the guy is black white green or yellow and he can win who cares what color he is ?

  6. The Lions consistently lose vs. winning teams. Even when they had Suh and Levy….the defenses look good vs bad teams. Sometimes…..take last week. An absolute toothless Bears team that gave away multiple turnovers made it a close game. Everyone wants to blame Caldwell for the GreenBay hailmary…that’s on the DC.

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