49ers reportedly meeting with John DeFilippo Friday


It appears the Rams aren’t the only NFC West team interested in talking to Browns offensive coordinator John DeFilippo.

DeFilippo is expected to speak to the Rams about their offensive coordinator job early next week in a meeting that will reportedly come after he speaks to the 49ers. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that DeFilippo will meet with the team on Friday.

The 49ers will have an offensive coordinator need at some point in the near future, but discussions on that front will probably wait until they have a head coach in place to establish some guidelines about what he’s looking for in the position. With just one year as a coordinator under his belt, DeFilippo hasn’t been on the head coaching radar but it wouldn’t be the first time that a team took the interview process as an opportunity to speak to a well-regarded young assistant that might not be a leading contender for the job.

The 49ers reportedly interviewed Chip Kelly and Bills assistant head coach/running backs coach Anthony Lynn this week.

18 responses to “49ers reportedly meeting with John DeFilippo Friday

  1. A coordinator for the Browns? Who played terrible most of the season? Sounds like they really learned their lesson…

  2. Best coach on the Browns’ staff this year. Whoever we hire as head coach this year would be wise to consider him. I think he could end up being a head coach some day.

  3. From what I could see in preseason and the few Browns games I glanced at this season, The offense seemed to look functional for a offense that was void of talent at the skill level position and the revolving door at the quarterback position. I could see why an Organization would be interested in his ideas on how to construct a team. He in the least was the duct tape that kept the ships from a total collapse.

  4. You guys clearly didn’t watch the games this year. He made a lot of progress on a roster with literally no talent and no QBS. San Fransisco has more firepower than Cleveland and the dude still did better with Cleveland than San Fran.

  5. Generally, the positions get filled top, down. The GM selects the HC, and then the HC selects his coordinators, and so on.

    Only in Cleveland would they bring in a MLB guy, the team’s bean-counting lawyer, and the owner’s wife to select the HC, AND give the MLB guy (with no football experience) final say on the roster. Meanwhile the “GM” has been downgraded to head scout and bathroom monitor. Someone better get the MLB guy a copy of Madden to bone up.

    Jeesh, why is it sooooo hard to be a Browns fan???

  6. Coach Flip is my man. Jamarcus Russell was solid under him and regressed mightily without him.

    Only way that’ll work is if you hire Holmgren as Head Coach and let Coach Flip learn the Bill Walsh/49er way under Holmgren as an OC, and the promote Flip to Head Coach when Homgren leaves. But only the great Al Davis had the vision to do something like that.

  7. He’s a been a pretty terrible coordinator and QB coach from all indications, but he’s white, so the dummies always screaming about the Rooney rule have nothing to say about this.

  8. Not a Browns fan but for the idiots that say that nobody must have watched the Browns offense for the Rams and 49ers to be considering him must didn’t watch the Browns offense neither or simply doesn’t understand football. When you have receivers the likes of Taylor Gabriel, Terrelle Pryor, Dwayne Bowe, Travis Benjamin(had his best year of his career under Flip), Brian Hartline, and Andrew Hawkins. Than tightends the likes of Gary Barnidge(who has been a career backup and produced his best year under Flip at 30) E.J Bibbs, and Jim Dray. Two inconsistent running backs in Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson both averaged under 3.9 yards a carry. Joel Bitonio missed 6 games. Now to the quarterbacks he was stuck with Josh McCown(a career backup who was productive before getting hurt, only 2 productive seasons in his career), Johnny Manziel who was a marginal quarterback when played but was more interested in partying and drinking, and Austin Davis. So the fact that he was even able to have somewhat of a decent offense with the Browns, that finished better than both of the teams that are considering him with better talent than he had in Cleveland makes him a passable candidate for both teams.

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