Arthur Blank affirms commitment to G.M. Thomas Dimitroff


Falcons owner Arthur Blank is promising changes, but not at the top.

Blank just put out a statement ending the speculation about the status of General Manager Thomas Dimitroff, saying he was staying and any changes in the personnel department will be below him.

“My commitment to our fans is to put the best possible product on the field each year,” Blank said. “No one is satisfied with an 8-8 record, but I am very pleased with the direction of our team under the leadership of Dan Quinn and confident in his long-term approach. No question, we took some positive steps forward this year and have a good foundation our existing coaching staff can build upon.

“Over the last week, we have conducted an exhaustive review of every area of our team. Through this process it has become very clear to me that Coach Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff have built a productive working relationship over the last 11 months. There is very good alignment between Dan and Thomas on the direction we need to go to improve our team and I believe maintaining the continuity of that relationship, with Scott Pioli continuing to assist Thomas, is the right way forward.

“We are going to make a number of changes to our pro personnel and college scouting departments and that process began this week. It will take some time, but we will be adding talent on the pro personnel side and re-organizing both of these groups to best align with the shared vision of Coach Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff. I expect these changes will produce positive results for our team.”

Dimitroff did a solid job building the Falcons into a contender, though the team has plateaued in recent years. But with Quinn just completing his first year as a coach, removing Dimitroff (and probably Scott Pioli with him) would have just lengthened the time of the rebuild.

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  1. Any news on Shanahan getting the boot? Shanahan is too stubborn and needs to adjust his style to get the best out of Ryan. Ryan didn’t forget how to play football during the offseason. I’m not saying Ryan is elite, but I’d rather be in the market for an OC that trying to find a new QB.

  2. 2014 was a good draft class. 2015 is looking like a damn good draft class.

    He earned one more year with picks like Freeman (4th), Jarret, Hardy, Hageman, Allen, and obvious 1st rounders Matthews and Beasley.

  3. I’m not surprised. Quinn has iterated many times his affinity for Dimitroff. What Arthur is telling us here is that he likes Quinn enough to keep Dimitroff around. I personally feel that Mike Smith is the better coach. Smith’s teams were always prepared and never let penalties or turnovers lose them games. Smith’s 4th quarter time management left something to be desired, but his teams was always ready and prepared. Quinn does not have the attention to detail required to reach the upper echelon in this league. He is more a motivational guy, which is best suited for what he was doing before, coordinating a defense.

  4. What pictures does Dimitroff have on Blank? Dimitroff has ZERO eye for talent past round 2 and has managed to build a team with no depth. If he and Shanahan stay it will be another sub par year.

  5. Many people don’t realize that Dimitroff is very much a partner to his coaches, both Quinn now and Smith before him. He’s not the final say on draft picks and FAs like many other GMs, he listens to his coach, perhaps too much. Many of the Falcons recent FA and draft failures were a direct result of Mike Smith’s requests for specific players to fit specific aspects of his scheme. Now that Smith and his system are gone and those players are being weeded out it looks like Dimitroff was wholly responsible for the cupboard being bare but its not that simple. Criticize the Falcons for their org structure, but it’s hard to blame Dimitroff completely for their talent issues and he’s never complained. Blank is rewarding Dimitroff for his loyalty as much as anything.

  6. Wow…. pretty much locks in another year of crap Falcons FA efforts and suck in the draft. How Blank can see success in Dimitroff is just impossible to believe.

  7. Everybody keeps saying Dimitroff has struggled with the draft. I completely disagree. Linemen aside, he is an above average drafter. Pioli was brought in to help fix the linemen thing. Where Dimitroff struggles is in free agency. He consistently struggles to find the right guys in free agency. His one big hit has been Michael Turner. His greatest struggle seems to be knowing when to let a player walk. He let Brent Grimes and Harvey Dahl walk, while re-signing guys like Thomas Decoud and Sam Baker to undeserving big time contracts. This doesn’t make any sense Imagine Brent Grimes opposite Trufant. Instead, he gave that money to poor tackling, bad angle taking, celebrate a tackle while I’m losing 27-3 Thomas DeCoud. If you are going to jump in the free agency pool, you better know how to swim, because the costs of failure are often too great to overcome. These mediocre free agents are getting in the way of the young talent developing.

  8. He also let Harry Douglas walk too early. Harry was a consistent performer, who had good chemistry with Matt Ryan. Instead, Dimitroff opted for Leonard Hankerson, who quickly fizzled out with his brick hands and inconsistency. Man, when no other receiver outside of Julio was able to get open during the mid part of this season, it sure would have been nice to have Harry Douglas out there catching passes. Know what I mean?

  9. TD was directly responsible for dismantling the Falcons 3 years ago… confidence in DQ is not very high if he thinks TD is a good GM…..I hope I am wrong, …but it does not look good ….. I hope no 44 lives up to drafting him and passing on Gurly….. Heck that alone would have fired TD in my book

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