DeAngelo Williams out Saturday, could play next weekend


The Steelers will be down to their third-string running back on Saturday in Cincinnati.

DeAngelo Williams will miss tomorrow’s game against the Bengals, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. That leaves the Steelers, who already have Le’Veon Bell on injured reserve, down to Fitzgerald Toussaint and Jordan Todman at running back.

That means the Steelers have a big question mark at running back. Toussaint had 18 carries for 42 yards and Todman had four carries for 22 yards, and neither of them caught a pass. The Steelers just don’t know how Toussaint and Todman will play as the primary running backs in the offense, because neither has done it yet.

The good news for the Steelers is that Williams’ foot/ankle injury appears to be healing well enough that he could play next week. If the Steelers win tomorrow at Cincinnati, they’ll play next on Sunday, January 17 at Denver.

But getting to Denver will be harder with Williams on the sideline.

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  1. Expected, but still a bummer. Williams has been a great pickup.

    I hope Toussaint and Todman can keep the run game going well enough to where the Bengals still have to respect it. Being one-dimensional against a good defense is always a concern.

  2. Our offensive line is going to have to play their best football of the year. I personally believe they will. It’s road grading season o-line!!

    I also see the defense surprising a lot of people tomorrow night.

    Stillers 41
    Ben’s-gals 16

  3. This is a big loss for the Steelers. With the forecast for rain Saturday night, they really need there running game. Also QB protection.There blocking and ability to pick up blitzes may suffer too.

  4. ” The Steelers just don’t know how Toussaint and Todman will play as the primary running backs in the offense, because neither has done it yet. ”

    Just about sums it up.

  5. It pains me to say it but as a Bengals fan I have witnessed the Steelers do very well with the next man up philosophy over the years so Williams being out doesn’t change much for me. Should be a great game and I’m hoping for the best.

  6. what a shame-

    so I foresee two fumbles in addition to pig ben’s two picks tomorrow.


  7. Not only is Williams out but Roosevelt Nix is on IR, a blocking machine. That was PITT’s entire backfield. With steady rain forecasted for the entire game, this puts immense pressure and risk on Ben and the passing game so count on at least two INT’s. The two inexperienced and unproven RB’s (Fitzgerald Toussaint and Jordan Todman) will pee their football pants in this playoff game and fumble at least twice, drop just as many check downs and get Ben sacked just as many. Add in Antwon Blake getting used and abused by AJ Green all night, and it’s lights out.

  8. I don’t know how much or how hard the rain will fall tomorrow, but if significant, I see this as a bigger issue to the passing game than concerns over who’s running the ball for Pitt. They could win being one dimensional with Ben chucking it all over the yard. But if its slick or a downpour – to me, that is a bigger concern to their chance to win. If it becomes a ground game- advantage Bengals.

  9. Toussaint better get the job done. You can’t have Ben dropping back 50 times in this game or bad things will happen. Need to run a balanced offense then we’ll be okay.

  10. GOT—-TO—-RUN—-THE—-BALL!!! Period.

    Tomlin, if you screw this one up, it will be just one more reason (in a litany of reasons) why you should be fired. Since Cowher’s core players have left, what has Tomlin done??

  11. The only synergy between 400 and Ben is his weight in 10 years. He is getting there fast and after tomorrow, will have more time to devote to the cause. Ben is done. Out.

    wldkat92 says: Jan 8, 2016 9:36 AM

    Big Ben is going to put up 400 yards passing,
    Who Dey ? WE DEY !!!

  12. This situation is very different than last year. Toussaint and Todman have been in the system pretty much all year,, unlike last year when we signed Tate off the street. The whole playbook is available to them, because they don’t have to limit it for someone who doesn’t know it all, unlike last year. And based on film study and what the Steelers are saying, Fitz has excelled in his pass blocking assignments, and they rave about his work ethic.

    Now I’d certainly rather have Bell or Williams in there this weekend, but I still think losing Dalton is a way bigger hindrance than losing Williams.

  13. Blaaaaahahaahahahahhahhahhahahhahahhrevens are garbage……bllalalaallajahhahhahahhahhahha……………………………..

  14. openfieldtackle says….

    “Just think… Steelers drafted Coates in front of David Johnson.”

    Yes because at the time they were thinking this guy David Johnson that nobody knows may be very valuable as a 3rd string running back when the playoffs roll around.

  15. Bungles will win and go to Foxboro. Where, I don’t know, I think they’ll lose.

    Then it will be the Chieftans at Foxboro.

    Not sure who wins.

    Seattle knocks off Minn and Carolina and then loses in Ariz.

  16. I still am not going to believe any injury reports until the inactive list comes out right before the game.

  17. If Williams can’t play THIS weekend, he won’t have to worry about whether he can play NEXT weekend. He can go home and watch from his couch while he nurses back to health.

  18. kenberthiaume says:
    Jan 8, 2016 11:46 AM

    Seattle knocks off Minn and Carolina and then loses in Ariz.


    If Seattle gets to Arizona, you think they lose? They dominated Arizona week 17, with two back up lineman, 3rd & 4th string TEs and 3rd & 4th string RBs.

  19. Williams is a superior receiver out of the backfield. If they cannot replicate his production in that aspect, that will hurt. They weren’t going to run on the Bengals anyway.

  20. wldkat92 says:
    Jan 8, 2016 9:36 AM
    Big Ben is going to put up 400 yards passing,
    Who Dey ? WE DEY !!!

    12 INTs, 6 returned for a TD.

  21. ensaresuperior
    Jan 8, 2016, 9:18 AM EST
    There won’t be no next week. One and done.


    So basically you are saying the Steelers will win. Another illiterate Ravens fan.

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