Gruden doesn’t fit with what the Eagles currently want

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It would be fascinating to see the Brothers Gruden squaring off twice per year in the same division, but it won’t be happening.

Apart from the question of whether Jon wants to return to Philly as head coach of the Eagles is whether the Eagles want him. They don’t — which may or may not be influencing Gruden’s position that he didn’t express interest in the job.

In the aftermath of the Chip Kelly experiment, executive V.P. of football operations Howie Roseman has emerged with renewed influence. Apart from the fact that he had no hand in last year’s debacle (given that Kelly won a power struggle that had Roseman exiled from the football side of the building), owner Jeffrey Lurie now knows he picked the wrong guy a year ago.

This time around, Roseman will try to keep the wrong guy out by not hiring a coach who would try to take over, either on his way in the door or after he wins games and builds up equity with the fan base. That’s one of the reasons why Roseman is gravitating toward up-and-coming assistant coaches who will be happy to be coaches, and who can be trusted not to try to launch a coup.

Whether it’s Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase or Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson or Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott or someone else, Roseman wants a guy who can be trusted to work with (or maybe for) the guy who currently holds the cards in Philadelphia. That’s why any coach with an actual or perceived desire to run the show need not apply.


30 responses to “Gruden doesn’t fit with what the Eagles currently want

  1. Howie is soooooooo cool!!! Do you think that he thinks that I’m cool too???

    Jeff Lurie

  2. Can we please put a permanent end to all Jon Gruden rumors? I highly doubt he’s ever coming back. He has the best job in the world on MNF, why would he want to leave that?

  3. Now Hiring: VP of Motivational Bloviation. Main responsibility is using all avenues of media to educate everybody on how much you like all player personnel (not strictly limited to those playing for our Franchise).

  4. Must be getting harder and harder for Jon Gruden to get his name linked with an NFL HCing job. Good thing he has a lot of friends in the media otherwise NO one would mention him.

    It’s been a while since Gruden has been a coach. Let’s face it, all he is now is another talking head with a bit more knowledge and a lot of energy. He had “some” success as a HC, but has a lot more at BSPN. The should stay there. The hours are a lot better, and as he said himself, “I’m undefeated since I left the NFL”.

  5. Gruden does fit with what the Eagles currently want. Oh, you mean winning? All Gruden ever did was dismantle Dungy’s Bucs.

    (The Bucs might finally get that mess fixed in the next year or two.)

  6. Should the “gm” really be hiring a coach based on the probability he will attempt to take his job at some point? Maybe lurie should clean house completely to prevent this type of nonsense.

  7. Gruden does fit with what the Eagles currently want. Oh, you mean winning? All Gruden ever did was dismantle Dungy’s Bucs.
    And by “dismantle” you mean “won a Super Bowl.”

    Gruden would want a coaching job where he’d call the shots and would already have a franchise-type QB in place. Good luck finding that.

  8. So you didn’t consider that perhaps Gruden not wanting to go to Philly has influenced the Eagles position, instead if vice versa?

  9. riverhorsey says:

    Guys that go to the announcers booth never come back to coaching.

    Some come back and win a Super Bowl. Just not in Philly.

  10. Coaches coach, general managers manage. There are some guys that have done both but the list of men who were successful while simultaneously handling both sets of responsibilities is very short. These coaches should check their egos at the door. Parcells’ groceries line is overplayed.

    If I were in charge of hiring, I would want guys that are: 1) knowledgeable of what needs to be done 2) willing to perform as part of a team in order to get those things done 3) capable of leading men (who often don’t wish to be led) towards common goals.

    Any obvious BS lines designed solely to get the job would be enough for me to abruptly look elsewhere. Football is the ultimate team sport. Personal ambition is good but too much of it is almost certainly counterproductive. Find two guys that share the same vision and then let them go about their business. Any impasse should be handled by the owner and if either guy is unable to accept that then you have the wrong guy(s).

  11. Gruden won’t go to a team that isn’t already primed for a SB run….you don’t actually think he was the reason the Bucs did what they did do you? He swooped in at the right time, road the coat tails of the hard work that came before him and bailed before anyone got wise that he doesn’t know what he is doing.

  12. roddoliver says:
    Jan 8, 2016 12:50 PM
    Eagles are looking for an Andy Reid. Oh.

    Andy Reid wore just about every hat in the organization by the time he left. He was head coach, play caller, defacto GM and meal planner (Taco Tuesdays!). He was drunk with power. So much so that nobody stopped him when he thought that it was a good move to convert his 10-year offensive line coach into a defensive coordinator. That was a disaster waiting to happen from the start.

    I’m so glad that the big buffoon took his mad scientist experiments with him when he left. Get ready for a one and done, Chiefs fans.

  13. just tell Gruden that Howie comtrols the roster.
    wouldnt the best method be a collaberation while working as a team? obviously coaches have certain traits they want in players at specific positions.. definitely something the GM should hear and put into consideration. seems ridiculous for a GM to just pick random players with no clue of how they would fit the team.

    and now all of a sudden Howie holds all of fhe cards?? why?!

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