Jets closing in on special teams coach Keith Armstrong


When new coaches put together staffs, they can’t always get the guys they want. But it appears Jets coach Todd Bowles is closing in on his first choice.

According to Seth Walder of the New York Daily News, Falcons special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong is expected to join Bowles soon.

Bowles tried to hire him a year ago, but the Falcons wouldn’t let him out of his contract. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that contract is up now, leaving Armstrong free to go.

The two coaches together three years at Temple under Cardinals coach Bruce Arians.

Armstrong has interviewed for head coaching jobs, and has been with the Falcons since 2008. He was previously with the Dolphins and Bears.

The Jets fired Bobby April on Wednesday, creating the opening.

5 responses to “Jets closing in on special teams coach Keith Armstrong

  1. I am glad that his head coaching interviews have gotten him the interview experience needed to land a job other than a position coach (that’s what a special teams coordinator really is.) Man what would life be like without the Rooney Rule?

  2. ” One small step for man; one giant leap for Jets Special Teams…”

  3. Jets special teams were terrible. Even if a lot of that was on poor personnel, some of that is on the Special teams Coach.
    Maybe Bobby April is great with good special teams players, and bad with bad ones (like 99% of coaches).

    A new Special teams coach (and better players) may improve special teams. It probably wont hurt.

  4. The Jets desperately need that. If they can win the field position battle, with where the rest of the team stands, they’re looking good next year.

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